Weather in Argentina

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  • Hi :)

    I was planning a trip to Argentina from february to april. Bcz of work I have to postpone it till beg. of April. I would like to know what's the weather like in Buenos, waterfalls, and Patagonia. Going to Argentina is one of my biggest dreams and I want it to be perfect. The question is if its still worth going there or it is better to postpone it for next year. I will be grateful for aby advice.

    P.S. I come from Poland and I cannot stand the cold anymore :)

  • Hi Izabelasw , you will be okay in April in all of the locations you mentioned.

    The north won't be so hot so it is the ideal time to visit, Buenos Aires will be warm. Where in Patagonia are you going? Most of Patagonia will be still accessible in early April, but if you can name the places, we can look it up better. We have a serious non-pro meteorologist here, Mr. Splinter !

  • From Buenos Aires, going northward, all Argentina has a temperate weather even in winter (your summer in Poland). It never freezes and snowfall are only up in the mountains.

    Going southward, the real winter begins in April and ends in October.

    One advantage of this country is that we rarely have earthquakes, tornadoes and other dangerous natural events.

    Most of the country has sunny days even in winter.

    Welcome to Argentina!

  • P.S. I come from Poland and I cannot stand the cold anymore :)

    I have never been to Poland, but lived over 30 years in Alaska, then moved to a hot place. If I'm ever cold again it's because someone left the door to the refrigerator open.

    Buenos Aires in April is wonderful - the hot summer has passed but the days are still warm and the nights cool.

  • The weather in BA is that summer is too long, from December to April. It is not a question of temperatures, because also in Washington DC, same altitude of BA, and at 40° Latitude North, has some days with 90°F as BA. But its summer is much shorter, and sometimes winters are very cold.

    Buenos Aires is at 34° latitude South, just like Savannah Ga.

    The geographical position of BA determines these features. The great Rio de la Plata is really an estuary, which collects the waters from Parana and Uruguay Rivers, all coming from Brazil, with warm waters. And a great surface of warm water temperates all the cold that could come from the southern winds. That is the reason why there is no snowfall and temperatures never reach 0°C. Also the compact mass of masonry buildings helps to maintain the warm atmosphere.

    But we have at least one advantage: no smog, not because we have environmental care, but because BA is like Chicago, a windswept city.