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    But if the former administration had had 6 year terms, the damage could have been even greater than it was ....

    It also assumes a single term; the incumbent was ineligible for re-election.

    Carlos, I don’t remember: could a former president run again after an intervening term, or was it one term in a lifetime?

    The flag was ignored eventually as the more important task of imbibing was at hand, relegating any ideas of flags to the status of irrelevant.

    Amazing what a couple of shots will do.

    Proving she was one of those reasonable Irish.

    Not all are.

    I did a birthday bbq recently and invited an Irish lady friend who comes from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and I hung a Union Jack on the wall next to the food table.

    She wasn't impressed. The trouble is with The North, you never know if they're republican or unionist.

    When she left, was the flag still hanging or pulled down over your head? That might be a clue.

    A bit like getting into a conversation with an Argentine about the Falklands' war (something I avoid like the plague) and I say I'm Welsh and then they say, 'oh that's okay then.' as if being English means I was responsible for the whole fucking mess in the first place.

    Yes and they're convinced that the English went to war with them, forgetting that our armed forces are in fact British, prompting me to give them a proper education.

    That must be wearying. Does the average Argentine have any idea of the distinction between England and Wales?

    (“Che, tenés tu propio duque, no?”)

    The authorities could do something, but to what end? No one could claim he did it on purpose, and no one will ever try to emulate him. He certainly never will be again in a position where he might harm kids. For the rest of his life he’ll be “Oh yeah. That guy.”

    Hard to see where anyone gets better by hounding him after the fact.

    See my post above for my whole opinion, but as a practical matter it’s perfectly fine to say “Americans,” because we never call anyone else that to identify them. Has anyone ever called “Canadians” anything else? “Far Northern Americans?” Not in my lifetime, and the same is true for Mexicans.

    So for unique identification, “Americans” is both correct and convenient.

    But that leaves out the emotional part, doesn’t it? And we’d hate to give that up.

    I’m really just guessing because I’ve never done e-commerce in Argentina, but if much of the delivery is by postal service, as it is in the US, rather than private couriers, what are the odds that a large part of the merchandise never gets to the buyer?

    I’ve been to the Valle de los Caidos. “Glory” is not a word I’d use to describe any part of the experience. It might have been, once, for those who idolized Franco, but for most visitors now, “sadness” and “waste“ probably better describe the reaction.

    As I said, it’s up to the Spaniards, but the kind of changes being proposed very much would be trying to rewrite historical outcomes.