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    Here's a brief update on the so called neighbourhood watch solution, so loved by our neighbours.

    The fat man is still employed by the residents at a rate of around $2000 per month, bearing in mind that we withdrew from the scheme practically from the beginning.

    Since my post last May, I've had to confront him on numerous occasions simply to tell him to shut the fuck up, delivered mainly in Spanish and also English for added effect. Last night, past midnight. I couldn't sleep due to the racket coming from his hut, so I wandered over to find him asleep in front of the TV (the windows don't have glass), which was a sight I'd rather erase. "Turn the fucking volume down or else!" was all I managed, but it had the required effect.

    When I was in the UK, Adri's lad parked his car next to the hut and had his number plates stolen whilst the bloke was asleep in the hut. I need say no more.

    Jan mentioned boludeces (idiocies?) in another post and this falls squarely into that category. It's an idiocy to pay someone to sleep in a wooden hut as some kind of vigilante when cleartly they are of no deterrent value whatsoever.

    It's this central theme that I simply cannot understand in the psyche of our neighbours, especially given the current economic climate. Money for nothing.

    Your point is taken Jan and yes, sailing in the opposite direction only makes sense when the objective is financial. That's obvious.

    But this "This definitely has Argentinian level of boludeces...." is insulting to Argentines and implies that they would even be involved in something so awful.

    Also, why highlight the fact that the so-called rescue boats sail in the opposite direction to the nearest shore, when it's obvious to everyone why they don't?

    Nowhere in that video does it say that the fishing trawler dumped the people in a small boat and then returned to 'rescue' them.


    Frontex kept observing the boat for several hours, and all of a sudden people started to emerge from below the deck. A people smuggler jumped on the smaller boat encouraging a group of migrants to follow him. When all 81 migrants boarded the smaller boat, the mother ship was detached and started sailing south while the small boat started going towards the Italian island of Lampedusa. This was a clear example of a “mother boat” used by criminals to carry a large group of migrants across the sea towards their destination before unloading them onto a smaller boat. A Frontex plane and drone kept observing the fishing trawler and the boat with migrants over several hours, alerting Italian and Maltese authorities, as well as EUNAVFOR Med. The Italian National Coordination Centre initiated a complex operation that involved Italian Guardia di Finanza and Guardia Costiera. They caught up with the bigger vessel and arrested the suspected people smugglers. The Italian authorities arrested seven suspected smugglers and seized the fishing

    I don't see your connection with so-called Argentine 'boludeces' whatsoever, because this example is tantamount to a death sentence for those poor immigrants.

    Can you deliberately put 81 desperate people in the middle of the sea? These people can, when they've received payment, because they simply don't care and never claim to save them at all.

    We were discussing this with Adri's lad at the dinner table. He's 22 and says that he and most of his friends don't care about the economy, security, inflation or any of the factors that really impact one's life in a real and tangible way.

    No, they care about discrimination against gays, abortion (or rather the abortion sound-bites), equality and other peripheral issues that won't necessarily turn their lives one way or another.

    Neither do they care for the corruption record of the previous administration, since it doesn't impact them directly. As far as they are concerned it a non-issue.

    They want a beautiful society where we all live in peace and harmony. And believe me, the issue of LGBTQ plays a huge part in their perception of fairness and they do love labels and acronyms.

    Many of them support CFK to the hilt and would probably lay down their lives for her. That in itself made my ears bleed.