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    Yes, family gatherings are very hard work. I am fluent in Spanish, having learnt the lingo back in the 70s when I lived in BA as a teen, but by golly, when you get two or more Argentines together at dinner, it can be difficult to make yourself heard. Personally, I find those situations a real struggle, but of course the same could be said if the situations were reversed.

    Talking of whale spotting, this is a photo I took from a boat off the Valdez Peninsula back in 2006, catching the whale at just the right moment.


    Republican audit backers theorise that if they can find substantive evidence of fraud then it means Trump really won Arizona. If Trump really won Arizona, maybe he really won other states he narrowly lost. And if he really won enough other states, then he really won the election.

    All this requires extreme logical contortions, but it's what they're rolling with.

    The Arizona recount - you couldn't make it up!

    There are very few places in the first world where you would see poverty on such a vast scale. On my travels doing motorcycle courier work I ride through these shanty towns on a regular basis, with horses and other animals roaming free, sewage in the streets, no running water and house made from bits of tin and broken bricks.

    Many household animals live under better conditions, but as Glasgow John said, they keep voting for the very people who keep them in these conditions.

    We've been to PM a couple of times and it's lovely, mainly because it's by the sea. Both times in winter and I still managed to get a few asados going.

    It also depends on the extension. Dot coms seem to be more expensive which is why I chose dot org for this site. On the other hand, a site I set up recently just for fun has a dot online extension, so I expect it depends what's important to you.

    I bought most of my domains through GoDaddy and all at very reasonable prices. Let me know if you need a hand serafina .

    An incredible story:

    Rammed by Destroyer - The destruction of U-93

    On the 15th January 1942 the Type VIIC U-boat ‘U-93’ under the command of Oberleutnant zur See (Lieutenant) Horst Elfe met her end in the Atlantic west of Cape St. Vincent, Portugal.

    The following is from a document titled ‘Interrogation of Survivors’ which is the official and at the time confidential report from the ‘Naval Intelligence Division, Admiralty’ in London. The document was subject to the ‘Official Secrets Act’ but is now available and reveals the history and fate of the submarine according to those who survived the sinking.

    After shadowing a British convoy for several days an enemy destroyer is suddenly heard on U-93’s hydrophones...

    "U 93" maintained contact with the convoy and by the evening of 14th January, 1942, she had probably been joined by two or three other U-Boats.

    A Petty Officer Telegraphist stated that at about 0130 on 15th January a W/T (wireless transmission) message was transmitted to the Admiral commanding U-Boats at Lorient, and he thought that this had given an enemy destroyer an opportunity to fix "U 93's" position. It was at about this time that a destroyer was heard on the hydrophones, and it seems that "U 93" fired one torpedo at periscope depth. No result was achieved, and soon afterwards hydrophone contact was lost. About half an hour later Elfe decided to surface and close the convoy at utmost speed.

    As soon as Elfe reached the bridge a destroyer was sighted on the starboard bow about 100 yards distant. Visibility was very poor, with some fog prevalent. There was also a considerable westerly swell.

    At 0210, soon after "U 93" surfaced, H.M.S. "Hesperus," acting in conjunction with H.M.S. "Laforey," obtained an R.D/F (radio direction finder) contact on "U 93," and one minute later obtained Asdic contact. At 0213 "U 93" was sighted and speed was increased from 14 to 25 knots. Fire was opened at 0216, but this was checked owing to its having a blinding effect on the commanding officer of H.M.S. "Hesperus," and no hits were obtained.

    At 0220 the U-Boat was fully illuminated by H.M.S. "Hesperus" searchlight, and two minutes later "Hesperus" rammed her on her port bow, at the same time dropping a pattern of five depth charges set to 50 ft. One charge passed right over the conning tower, and another landed on the casing. H.M.S. "Hesperus" opened fire with two of her guns; hits were obtained, but fire was checked when it was seen that the U-Boat's crew were abandoning ship.

    When "U 93" was rammed the impact threw Elfe and those who were with him on the bridge into the water. The engines were stopped and many of the instruments were smashed.

    The remainder of the crew who were below underwent what they described as a most terrifying experience. It seems that the force of the impact with H.M.S. "Hesperus" had caused the conning tower hatch to become jammed, so that it was impossible to open it. Some water entered the control room and elsewhere, and the depth gauges had been wrecked, so that the trapped men had no idea how deep they might be. They seemed certain, however, that they were still on the surface, since the water could be heard lapping on the sides of the boat. They worked feverishly to open the conning tower and after hatches. The water had by then reached the batteries, which had been cracked by the effect of the depth charges, and an escape of chlorine was noticeable. Escape apparatus was worn by every man.

    While these efforts at escape were in progress, the boat took a list to starboard and began to sink gradually by the bows. All vents were blown, so as to give the boat the best chance of remaining on the surface

    At last, after some 20 minutes' labour, the bolts surrounding the conning tower hatch were removed and the hatch was opened. The rest of the crew then assembled in the control room and made their way on to the bridge, whence they leapt into the water and were picked up by H.M.S. "Hesperus" and H.M.S. "Laforey." A bare two minutes after the last man had left her, "U 93" settled down slowly with a slight list to starboard and disappeared beneath the Atlantic swell.

    Out of the compliment of 46 officers and men 40 were saved including the captain. During her career U-93 completed 6 tours sinking 8 ships at 43,392 gross register tons. Horst Elfe and his crew became prisoners of war with Elfe passing away in 2008.

    A Mr Nigel Mott, my English teacher at Monmouth School (1973-76) encouraged my writing with enthusiasm and objectivity. Another respected teacher was Tom Penrice at Harecroft Hall (1969-72) in the Lake District, a man who encouraged adventure, mountain climbing and initiative.

    Hi Forum! I moved here with my family last December. We are doing well economically because I keep "working in the US" but the language is a bit of a problem for my husband and 2 kids. How did you guys manage with that? Any tips for adjusting to the new culture? We live in Puerto Madryn, Chubut and are loving the beach and all the cute local stores. Not to mention the churrero who comes by the house everyday at 5. I'd love to hear more about your experiences and what made you come here. We came from New York city. Big change, but I'm loving the quiet!

    Welcome, Laura and I'm glad you're enjoying the change from NY.

    I find that you just have to keep plugging away at the lingo, sometimes to the extent of forcing yourself to speak Spanish and mixing with the locals.

    "His own platform" turns out to be a website that resembles a Twitter feed and contains the same old posts that we had to endure during the last four years. In other words, it's more of the same old, same old.

    For example:


    The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!