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    Lenovo is a very good make and I usually recommend them to my customers.

    In situations like this, I always back up the data (if any), format the hard drive and do a clean Windows install.

    It's possible that it had Windows 8 before and was upgraded to 10, but that in itself shouldn't really cause a blue screen.

    Having said that, one could faff around for hours trying to find the cause, but once everything is backed up, there's a clear path to a fresh install.

    By the way, I'm not suggesting that your man is a crook, but a one year old laptop hard drive fail would be very unusual. It happens, yes, but I'm not suspecting that.

    Let me know how you want to handle it UK Man


    If it's a year old it wouldn't have had Windows 8 installed. Windows 10 would have been pre-installed.

    I'm after two specific British beers - Old Speckled Hen and Abott Ale. Both of which I could find for a limited time time here in Disco and Carrefour, but I have a secret supplier in Caballito now, the location of which I cannot divulge.



    The Argentine highway code might say that, but in my experience the rule book is thrown out of the window as soon as anyone gets behind the wheel in this country.

    The next time you're out and about, see how much respect motorists pay to pedestrians.


    Lane filtering by motorcyclists in the US is only legal in California and Utah, by the way.

    That's just crazy, because when carried out safely there's no reason why a motorcyclist shouldn't do it.

    It's also illegal in Canada, but perfectly legal here and in the UK.

    Oh, it will be interesting to see the videos you shoot!

    Action cams come in hundreds of varieties with most being knock-offs of the original GoPro. Mine is a cheap Chinese version I found on sale for about £40 in Tesco on my last trip to the UK.

    I tested it yesterday and although the picture is acceptable - just - the sound is pretty awful. Anyway, I'm going to give it another go today down Libertador to Retiro and then across to Caballito.

    Saturdays and Sundays are always good days for riding into the centre.

    The reason?

    The Find Beer Mission.

    Splinter , are you sure this photo wasn't lifted from a sci-fi film?

    I'd like to think so, but an Alien rig would probably be a bit more sophisticated.

    It's my gaming rig which requires regular attention and upgrades, which is all part of the fun.


    UK Man if you suspect he's a shark, he probably is, without wishing to sound rude.

    It's unlikely that the hard drive has packed up after one year and the blue screen is usually known as the blue screen of death (BSOD) which could indicate any number of issues.

    It could be a corrupt system file, a Windows update that went wrong, memory problem. Difficult to say without seeing it.

    Make and model number?

    I'd be happy to take a look at it since that's my day job.

    Yes, the pedestrian does have right of way. The point I'm making is that these crossings don't seem to be used in the same way as I've always been used to in the UK.

    Most motorists here keep moving, but the priority is NOT the pedestrian. Wrong, I know, but that's the way it is.

    Pedestrian crossings here are a bit tricky actually and they are normally at major traffic lights, so when they turn red (depending on direction of traffic) it seems to be an unwritten rule that you can drive over the crossing even if people are still on it when you're turning right for example. Otherwise everyone is honking at you.

    Whilst I always give pedestrians the benefit of the doubt and give them room, whilst always going behind them, it's pointless hanging around if the crossing is empty or someone is just beginning from the other side.

    Many drivers, especially taxis and bikes, drive across the paths of pedestrians on crossings, which can be fatal.

    Yesterday I rode to Quilmes but missed the port road at the Lugones toll and ended up on 9 de Julio - big mistake. It was cut off by protesters at the Obelisk with the police watching on as usual.

    But I managed to sneak around them with some other bikers and then hit yet another block further down with hundreds of riot police just standing around, but again, not moving them on.

    Again, I managed to sneak past the blockage, but the police were stopping cars and not bikes. I wish I'd had my GoPro cheapo-look-alike fitted so I could capture the scenes, so I rigged it up today as I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities.

    I simply fail to understand why the authorities allow roads to be blocked every f**ing day.

    Still. the ride was great and I came back vis the newly laid out Puerto Madero route, thus avoiding the 9 de Julio bolonki.

    The saga continues...

    I asked my ex to contact the lawyer mentioned in my previous post, since she had never received an original either, which in my opinion was very characteristic of the unprofessional attitude of that particular lawyer.

    Out of the blue, she received an email from his partner saying that he had located the original and yesterday he couriered it directly to my ex who is now sending it to my contact in Barcelona.

    So we're back to Plan A, where the original can now be apostilled.

    I'll update this as and when...

    I think Argentines, to their credit, have a greater laissez faire attitude with life in general, especially on roads, than we Brits.

    I spend 99% of my time travelling on my motorbike and when filtering, it's not unusual for cars to move a little so that I can get past.

    I wouldn't say they are the best drivers int world, but they certainly have an awareness to keep traffic on the move.

    Most people I talk to in the UK, say that road rage is a big problem, which could be down to too many cars and so little space - not to mention roadworks.

    Mind you, I've seen my fair share of road rage over here, but it's mainly arms flailing all over the place and plenty of gesticulating.