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    It's worth remembering this JAN first post on this subject back on 31st January. I for one was sceptical.

    I phoned the two tobacconists/kiosks in Martinez but got no reply, so maybe they're closed.It does seem that most of them are closed around here, so I'll have to take a detour on the way to see the mil, who's all alone at 85 years old. Adri and her sister are looking after her, but I can too :mask:

    The Chinese will never go tits up because they couldn't give a shit about their customers who will always go to their shops, regardless.

    The one in the plaza in Olivos is selling milk at $78 ($46 in Coto) and cigs at $170 ($130 at YPF).


    I would subscribe but I haven't had a Google account for awhile now. Hope you make the 1000.


    I looked into subscribing to YouTube without a Google account and it's a bit complicated, requiring the install of other apps to get around it which kind of defeats the object.

    Anyway, I'm at 669 subs today.

    I take your point about all that nationalist stuff JAN , but I don't think it's meant like that under these circumstances.

    For example, presidente de todos los Argentinos (i.e. not just some them?) is always used formally, along with presidencia de la nacion etc etc, blah de blah.

    These and similar were also used during Macri's presidency, so it simply runs through the core of the system. I don't like it much, but you know how passionate and dramatic Argentines are.

    At dinner last night, having commuted from the living room (which was quite exhausting), we were discussing the possibility of widespread looting (saqueos).

    The two Argentines of the household insisted that looting would begin within the next seven days because poorer people would run out of money and food, and what could the government do about it?

    They painted a similar picture to 2001 which, they said, was the same situation. I disagreed, as usual. because this time people are not allowed on the streets and would be stopped much more swiftly.

    I believe the government is probably ready for looting and would crack down very heavily on it because, let's face it, most of the looters are usually opportunistic hooligans.