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    I'm not sure how a British company, Leo Labs, managed to install a radar station down there, not very far from the Falklands, but the Argentine MOD agreed to it on the basis that it's being used to detect space debris.

    Now the Arg. MOD wants it dismantled as they see it as a threat to national security, but it's still in use.

    Then yesterday, a fire destroyed some nearby buildings and is being treated as arson.

    Well, surprise, surprise.

    Iniciaron el desarme del radar instalado por una empresa británica en Tierra del Fuego
    El Ministerio de Defensa había solicitado la cancelación definitiva de la iniciativa debido a que los sensores instalados pueden 'ofrecer información analizada…

    But are they not just chicken milanese? My missus makes them as well.

    In theory, yes, but I'm told that crispy fried chicken is a speciality of New Orleans and yes, she does put additional spices in the mix, but we're trying to cut down on salt for blood pressure reasons.

    Well they want to charge a us 5k retainer and charge 2%, legal fees which I don't pay anywhere near in the uk. But they cite the dangers of moving money and paying cash... I am not sure if they're scaremongering to get paid for a service that's unnecessary.

    I wouldn't do anything, certainly not sign papers or definitely not hand over any cash. Sounds like a scam to me, I'm afraid.

    Family and friends' recommendations are the best.

    My baccy has gone down from 40g to 30g, Doritos from 140g to 120g etc etc, but the price pro rata is higher anyway due to inflation.

    Hi I am new here on this forum and intend to look at buying an apartment in Recoleta. I have visited the city several times for months at a time spanning years. I wondered if anyone has experience with a company called buysellba please? Any other advice re buying an apartment here (to airbnb it part of the year and live in the rest of the year) would be appreciated too! I know the basics, like paying in cash. Thanks!

    Welcome Serenidad

    Let's see what we can do.

    serafina is quite knowledgeable about these things.

    Adri made these crispy fried chicken slices again last night and I can't get enough of them. She dips the breasts in egg and breadcrumbs, I think :scratchead:

    For some reason she calls them milanesas, a habit I'm trying to rid her of. We just eat them with salad and mayonnaise, and the following day, when chilled, in bread rolls. It's also a great way of economising because we can get three meals from a good batch.

    I find the whole thing mindboggling. The distances and timescale involved are hard to comprehend nevermind the fact it arrived and landed safely more or less on time and exactly where it was expected to.

    Here I am still waiting on a letter from the UK posted a couple of months ago!! :D

    Would have been quicker to swim over yourself!


    It is in the news today that a numerologist (not a data analyst) was hired by Banco Nación for her services. I guess there was no magician available locally, so they had to rely on the best "made up in the air" number maker available. This sort of news is something that wouldn't be taken for serious abroad, but it is VERY TRUE in Argentina. It literally is a circus. :facepalm:


    This useless woman who lasted one month as economy minister, also hired her ex- husband at Banco Nacion with a salary of AR$9m per month. Yes, AR$9m.

    Fecking unbelievable.

    Love honey (sounds like a great title for a book!)


    A routine control at the border with Paraguay resulted in the discovery of a potent illegal aphrodisiac known as "love honey" that could cause serious health problems.

    This product is presented as natural and has the appearance of honey in terms of colour and texture.

    It contains Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, and Tadalafil, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

    Looks like a monumental task, perhaps exceeded only by a Christmas Eve all-night project taken on by my sister and me: assembling a Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for Santa Clause to leave for my niece.

    At the completion of your project, I hope you didn’t have as many parts left over as we did.

    There were four bolts left over but I have no idea what they are for.

    Anyway, I tested the new GPS yesterday after five hours of farkling and it works like a dream. This latest Zumo is of course designed for bikes being waterproof, tested for vibrations, has WiFi, Bluetooth and more features than I could possibly use.

    The design means that I can quickly take it off the bike and put it in my pocket so that it doesn't get stolen.