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    My warmest congratulations for your marriage. May the love of you and Adri and the possible wellbeing of the country will help you and wife to attain the highest standard of happiness and jollity.

    Yes, but the lower social circles of the UK are higher than those who are in Argentina. Yes, in the debates they tend to escalate the offense and then no constructive conclusion can be found. Remember the weird qualificative that Alberto Fernandez said about the "formidable" debate of the almost monologue of the teacher K with the student, two weeks ago.

    I will try to find some other from your dearest country, Scotland.

    I am afraid that due to your special weather, there will be some clouds and will hid parts of the beautiful landscapes of Scotland,

    I know I will be accused from being a dinosaur. But the reason why these people, in general,cannot debate with kindness, is because they came suddenly from very low social levels.

    And you must have at least two or three generations of families which practices the etiquette of speaking, even controversial questions,

    Of course, a very conservative comment. But is what I see,

    That is spectacularly beautiful!oto was

    Especially because at the moment of the photo the whole territory was without clouds, a very rare thing.

    Also you can recognize de cities because of the light, the photo was got in the night.

    Buenos Aires is in the top left

    Today I had a surprise delivery where I had to collect two portions of Locro from a client in San Fernando and deliver them to a hotel on Av de Mayo, so I took some time to snap a few Independence Day photos.


    Very nice photos.

    The same is happening in the Palladian villas of the Venetian provinces in Italy.

    Now are hired for social events, but still property of the ancient families.

    As an example, the Villa Emo, in Fanzolo di Vedelago, near Vicenza.


    Another Fernandez (we have too many, and all disappointing, to be Kind) who is threating innocent people.

    It is in their ADN, like the pleasure to kill of the scorpion. Also the shouting emphasis of the President is always difficult to hear and support.

    I do not see the hour when they will be crushed by votes.

    I am attaching an example of our best president in the XXCentury. Just look at the difference.

    Mr Splinter wrote

    Turns out that he's a Cumbia star and 'musician', or as Adri would describe him, un negro de mierda. I have no doubt that Alberto wants to harvest all those juicy votes.

    Please tell Adri that I agree completely with her. This is the class of people that I wish to wipe out of my country.

    You strangers look at him with mere curiosity, but for me is a shame.

    No mention of being a flight attendant here....

    There is a gross mistake. There was no British Ambassador in Argentina who was a flight attendant. It is the reverse, we (Argentina) have sent a ex flight attendant whose name was Alicia Castro to be Ambassador of Argentina to the UK. This lady was also a leader in the trade union of the Flight Attendants of Aerolíneas Argentinas. (Always claiming for more privileges, as usual). The decision was taken by the Kirchner administration.

    Perhaps her only antecedent in diplomacy was that she was fluent in English. Only that "brilliant" feature., what else?

    Another reason to be ashamed for my country.

    There should be no place for a murderer in government. But as for Mr. Sola, I’m afraid he was not unique in having a high position in Diplomacy without being able to speak other languages. Look at all the ambassadors the world has sent to Argentina, who have not spoken Spanish! Outrageous. And as for experience in Diplomacy, what about the British Ambassador who was a former flight attendant?

    Anyway, we cannot afford such random nominations. We have an excellent school of diplomacy, very demanding for the students. But the government alway choose people from their party, not related with the carriere (as the French called it) These people arrived only to be consul or diplomatic attaches, never chancellors.

    The last illustrious minister was Jorge Faurie, a real scholar in diplomacy. He organized the G20 meeting in 2017 and it was a success. He was nominated by Macri.