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    Do you feel that enough people understand this problem, to turn the election to the opposition? I am thinking of the enormous numbers of uneducated people who do not have any understanding of economics and seemingly have no interest in the country’s economic realities or future, as long as they continue to get Free Stuff, including payment for their votes. Is there any way to get to these voters?

    That is my fear. I am acquainted that there are generations (at least 3) that had never seen a father with a decent, official job, and also lacks the proper education that I had the fortune to get. Even the argentinean culture had adopted forms and features of irrelevant and inferior countries (Iexcuse my lack of correction). But whay can I do? It is common to say that the last thing that you have to loose is hope.

    One good thing is that the Government of BA (the CABA) imposed in every highschool the learning of elementary economicas and financial management at individual scale. This is a small but significant step.

    I remember the awful fame that had Spain in the 1950, just in her most dark hour.. However Spain was a nice country to stay for foreigners at that time. Now, after a great change, Spain is a very respectable country with a lot of improvements in all fields, especially in infrfasrtructure and welfare for all the population.

    Therefore is Spain could rise again from its ashes, I thing that we can do it as well. The pity is that I will not see this due to my age.

    I fervently hope you are right, Carlos . But to whom do we look for this sudden prudence and good sense?

    At least if the oppositions wins in 2023, there is a hint of hope. Many people, even those voted for the K's in 2019 already knows that subsdies and uncontrolled emission of money is not the way to resolve any problem.

    A thing that it will be very difficult to destroy is "demanding that every necessity is a right". A real contradiction with the work ethic, successful in Anglo saxon countries and attached to the ADN of latin american countries.

    This is the main Achilles heel that I see. If you say the contrary you are considered inhuman, cruel and exploiter of the poor. To be poor does not means that you are good. Neither a Saint. It is only a condition, that could be changed with bravery, persistence, endurance, perserverance. Those virtues are not fueled by politicians nor members of the churches.

    Another mistake of our Foreign minister, fostering the friendship with China, especially. We do not know how are they, and probably they will promise help but at the moment to give that help they will not assist us, in any field.

    They are looking to find opportunities in South America, just to occupy the place of traditional USA. As regards the weapons, we cannot begin any war as we are defenseless after the rout of Malvinas/Falkland. We have too much problems to solve, and not madnesses of having war with any country, Fortunately our frontiers are well defined and there is no danger to have a war between any of our neighborgs.

    That is a great understatement. Despite Argentina’s staggering inflation, year after year, it is still a very affordable country for people earning in pesos, and of course much more so for people earning in foreign currency.

    EU inflation has been much more reasonable over the past few decades, but the cost of living can be staggering. I haven’t been to the UK in a few years, but I assume the same is true there?

    To tell the truth, and not defending irrationally Argentina, you can live as an upper medium class with 1000 dollars per month (not including hiring a house).

    And also for being a such disgraced country, you have a fair medical infraestrcture and care, and a reasonable safety if you choose sure places to live.

    I have serious doubts if you can live with less that 1000 Euros in Europe.

    UK man wrote:

    Been impressed with the coverage shown here about the Queens death. Big headline news reported in a very respectful way. :thumbup:

    I would add that we argentines are whatever you want, but will never be unrespectful with the most respectable Queen in both centuries, XX and XXI.

    Especially with those who passed away.

    I know that Charles III is not very popular, but he was concerned with many important things and in my point of view he was right.

    He criticized the catastrophical changes in Architecture that destroyed many parts of England, especially the outkirst of London in the 1950-1980, the fashion of the New Brutalism. This movement was fueled by Alison & Peter Smithson in the1950-s. Later became a fashion, making popular the brutal surfaces of reinforced concrete and the abuse of metal and square shapes, with no reference to the beautiful traditional architecture of the English countryside and small towns. He got the help of a Luxemburgian architect, Rob Krier, who designed a very nice town, called Poundsbury in the Duchy of Cornwall (Prince Charles had that title). The town resulted a success, and many people built their homes there following some traditional norms.

    I suffered the imposed admiration for the Brutalism as I was a student of architecture in the 1960's, and in a certain way I was never convinced ot that architecture, however I gave up and made many brutalist designs.

    A proof of this is the Robin Hood dwellings, built in the 1970 and demolished in 2015, because of its unbearable ugliness.

    To those who ae interested in these matters, I recommend to see the video made bu Sir Roger Scruto, whose name is "Why beauty matters" in You tube.

    Perhaps because I am always on the side of the unpopular ones, I like King Charles III. And I hope that he will reign with proper dignity and intelligence, as his mother did.


    Why beauty matters, by Sir Roger Scruton

    My condolescenses for the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, to all the UK members of the forum.

    An outstanding example of devotion to duty. Very few monarchs of Europe were like her.

    Great words Carlos.

    As a Brit I've never met an Argentine who hasn't treated me with anything but generosity and kindness. That's all that matters to me :thumbup: .

    Here never was an strong animosity against the UK, only a few group of stubborn nationalists which fueled the nonsensical decision of the military of those times.

    To be sure that there is animosity you must do a referendum, and this was never done.

    I am glad that you never received a proof of hate from us. This, I hope, will never happen. Be at peace, you are welcomed here.

    Very good words of the British visitor to the Museum. A thing that few people remark, is that the Argentine Air Force, as an independent from the Army, was created in 1946, and guess who was the main provider of material? Britain, of course.

    Some of the planes purchased were Gloster Meteor, Avro Lincoln, Avro York, Avro Lancaster, Bristol, De Havilland Dove, all brand new or almost brand new. Some neighboirng countries like Brazil were complaining that due to this equipment, Argentina had the most powerful Air Force of Latin America. Even the uniforms of the Air Force were copied from the RAF.

    Regarding the relationships with the islanders, in the long term, a close relationship will build confidence and welfare for all.

    The failed attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is nothing more than a political action promoted by the Kirchnerists themselves to victimize Cristina and blame the opposition. Otherwise, it is not explained that the assassin who unsuccessfully tried to kill her did not know how to use a weapon, since to fire the pistol the bullet must be in the chamber.

    Everyone repudiates the attack, that is exactly what the Kirchnerists were looking for.

    Cordoba is a good shout for your requirements. While Cordoba itself is a city of one millione people, there are loads of smaller towns around in the mountains and countryside. I think it provides the best "both worlds" living in Argentina. You get the mountains, rivers, forests, and rugged/rural living but are also in close enough proximity to a major city for all the benefits that brings. Your 7k a month will be more than enough, in fact you will be able to save a bunch each month.

    I agree.Cordoba is an interesting city. It has history since 1573 and has many historical monuments, and cultural facilities for cultured people. But the best is the proximity to the hills, which are plenty of rather good roads, not only highways but also acceptable non paved roads. Also many rivers plenty of frech water and several dams who have lakes where you can do fishing or other water sports. Also you can climb mountains, the highest is the Champaqui mountain (2800 m) and Los Gigantes (2300 m), just trekking and no need of special devices. The weather is normally mild (remember our latitude, 30 degrees south) and the humid station is in summer, when many showers helps the rivers to fill with water of excellent quality. Of course, summers can be hot (35 C max) but you can skip going to the mountains which have lower temperaturas.

    Winters are dry with some snowfalls in the mountains, that least one or two days.

    House prices are quite reasonable.

    I know many Dutch and Danes who had acquired properties in Cordoba and most of them lives there permanently, or only in the summer to escape to the extreme cold of Northern Europe. With European or US incomes, you can live like a King in Cordoba. You will be very welcomed.

    Also, you can live like a King with no more that 2400 dollars per month.

    A very good inmigration, we are happy to have these pioneers since 1865.

    They had to fight to great challenges, due to the weather, the indians and the lack of communications with BA.

    I’ve never heard of the nickname Pancake for Massa!

    That is because he changes to the opposite at every movement of the panhandle

    He can be whatever you want,

    Typical opportunist,

    The market is reacting well to the news of a possible cabinet reshuffle and Pancake Massa taking over the economy ministry, although it hasn't formally been offered to him yet. But then who wants that poisoned chalice? And what of his career if he screws up?

    Dollar down to $312 now.

    Does not seem possible that the key word "Adjustment" would appear. It is like the name of hell, but is the only successful way to escape from this economical mess.

    I remember the death of Evita, I was 7 years old. My family was furious anti peronist. And I continue that tradition.

    She was plenty of resentment and hate for the ruling classes of her time. Perhaps, I must recognize, if the ladies of the High class would have been more gentle with her,that resentment would have disappeared. Sometimes is better to swallow a frog than to be intolerant.

    However the propaganda of the Peron regime was always present even in the schoool books of the time. "You must love Peron and Evita as you love your fathers. "Evita cares for you everyday", that was a common phrase.