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    Carlos can tell us, but I believe the architect traditionally oversees his buildings, to prevent this very kind of problem. In this case, you’d have to assume that either there was no architect at all, or the builders chose not to pay the architect for this oversight?

    Yes, theoretically an architect is competent and its duties include to oversee the buildings. But here constructon is a mere business. Normally they repeat typologies of buildings adviced by the real Estate offices (las inmobiliarias) and they obey without objection. That's why architecturequality levels are now not that good from those of the 1930's, which made remarkable buldings as the Kavanagh.

    Many of the architects that builds today are inside a chain formed by developers, investors, Real Estate companies, and many people which lacks even the least interest in doing good architecture. If you are not inside this group, you will not have important jobs. Only small houses received by commissions of close friends, that's all.

    It is a relief that you are more optimist than me. But the main thing is that I saw in all my lifetime, as born in 1943, a progressive decadence without stop. Meanwhile, other countries that we often have seen with contempt, are doing much better than us.

    Perhaps our final destiny will not be Venezuela, due to the fact that fortunately in the good old days the establishment allowed to create a strong medium class, and our social structure was quite different to the rest of Latin America. But now this medium class is shrinking and much more people is in the side of the poor.

    From 1880 to 1945 we make a good decision, however the criticism of the hard core nationalsts. We were attached to the British Empire. Now this is over, and our relationship with the western powers seems to fade. We have now our best client, China, but nobody knows China's behaviour. Ay least, dominant as they were, we knew how the UK way and how much we can expecet from them. At least, they left progress and technology, and were faithful clients of our production.

    Let's see the real, deep thought of our current president. Really dismaying.

    It seems he wrote a book whose title is "Contengo Multitudes! ( I support multitudes) and he make this obnoxious statement:

    "Veo la necesidad de una sociedad mas pobre, y mas primitiva, pero mas igualitaria"

    (I see the need of a more poor society, and perhaps more primitive, but more equalitarian)

    I never imagined that a person who is living in this century can prefer a poor society and a primtive society. The worst is that this type of thingking is supported by a lot of my countrymen. And also, I sadly must recognize, that some part of the Catholic Church support this especially after the II Vatican Council.

    I do not agree with the Max Weber thesis, but sometimes it seems that he was right.

    We need more education and work ethics for the poor. Less lazyness and more fortitude. After all, fortitude and temperance are two of the four cardinal virtues, according with St Tomas Aquinas.

    No good future seems possible to this country. You expats may think to leave as soon as possible.

    I cannot do this.

    It can be a naive question, of course.

    But if a government wished to purchase some thing, why they need an intermediate for doing this?

    For instance, if you wish to buy pasta, why not asking prices to Molinos, Matarazzo, Luchetti or Don Vicente directly?

    For sure, they are hiding a burglar's move.

    The serenity of this scene - you could almost be there.

    Similar landscapes can be found in the highlands of the Sierra Cordobesa thread, especially in the Provincial route number 25 from Carlos Paz to Salsacate, near Los Gigantes, a mountain of 7500 feet high. Also in the route from Ascochinga to La Cumbre.

    This is especially quoted in defense of the landscapes of Cordoba, in my point of view mistreated by the visitor, perhaps because of not knowing the good things that you can find in that province.

    Be aware that BA is in 34° katitude south, equivalent to Morocco and Northern Africa. No wonder that we have quite long summers without the cold effect of latitude. Bogota, in Colombia, is in the equator, but due to its high altitude weather is much colder tham in BA.

    On the contrary, our winter is mild and without snowfall, at least in BA and nearest places. Turist could come in winter with no problems at all.

    UK man said

    To be honest Carlos despite being a Brit I really couldn't care less who they 'belong to'. This country needs to sort itself out before taking over anything

    I agree. We have had a fruitful relationship with the British Empire for almost a Century and more, and both parts had taken advantage of it. The Malvinas Falkland affair is not a vital question for Argentina. It does not move the amperimeter, as we say here. We have many things to adjust before thinking in this affair.

    I respectfully think that including the photo of that sign in Rosario does not add anything pertinent to the thread named "Sierra cordobesa". It is useless and provoking troubles and arguments between the members of this forum. You can find these signs in many places of this country. (in my opinion a real nonsense, as the facts shows that the return to Argentina of the isles will not be possible at least in centuries)

    Fascinating, Carlos . I’m thinking of the Kavanaugh Building in Buenos Aires -

    The Kavanagh building shows perfectly the prosperity of Argentina in the 1930's, when even the powerful USA was inside the depression. The building was built in only one year, it was the first skyscraper built in reinforced concrete (The American ones were in steel), also the first in Latin America to have HVAC in all rooms and apartments, and the tallest in the world of its kind.}The aesthetic aspects were drawn from the Rockefeller Center, (also from the great american draughtsman Hugh Ferris) however the building technique was German, at that time specialists in reinforced concrete. Also its majestic shape is like a prow looking the Retiro Plaza, and its telescopic way of going up is a bit Art Deco.

    A curious thing at that time is that the architects were so good in designing a modern building like this, but also they were able to design Tudor stule homes, Classical palaces and Spanish style residences, They were totally eclectics, with no regrets at all. ( Architecture a la carte!)

    The Irish inmigrants that came to Argentina, after the potato's famine, were perhaps the luckiest Irish inmigrants in all the world.

    Racially they were confused with the English, also because they spoke that language, and they had something very important thing in common: they were catholics. Quickly they were eagerly accepted as future husbands by wealthy young girls from the landowner's class.

    The outcome was that in one generation they were huge landowners (estancieros) and also accepted in the Jockey Club and the Circulo de Armas. (Both high class clubs)

    That is the reason why if you have an Irish family name, your social category grows up inmediately. If you visit Recoleta Cemetery, there are old graves with Irish names: Kavanagh, O Reilly, Fahy, Donovan... and so one.

    As times passed, the economic prosperity of the Irish allowed them to send their children to British schools in the homeland. And quickly forgotten the fights with the English domination of Ireland. That was the reason why the remnants Irish form Ireland were angry with them, because they were seen as traitors. (because of their allegiance to the British rule).

    The place you are talking about was born in 1930's and founded by a german from Prussia,

    Helmut Cabjolsky.s you may see, the family name looks from slavic countries, as it is common in Prussia., The main settlement was called "La Cumbrecita".

    These first settlers were not Nazi, as many people say. They were mostly working in German companies of Buenos Aires during the Weimar Republic and even before.

    Then at the beginning of WWII, many sailors of the Admiral Graf von Spee were interned in Argentina, not as POW, because Argentina was a neutral country. They stay in a place called (El sauces) the willow, but one day in 1943 they get drunk and replaced the argentine flag by the Nazi flag. There was a tremenduous scandal fueled mainly by the allied lobby (and I think they were right). The germans quickly apologized and asked that the place will be called

    Villa General Bel grano as to pay homage to the creator of our nationla flag.

    Nazi or not nazi, they made a delicious place to stay there. Perhaps it looks as a bit depayse (se the french say) but are not comparable to Disney. And I like, as a non german stock argentinean, that these people had come to my country. They transformed a savage place in a beautiful holiday place. Until 1980 the place was protected paradoxically because there were not paved roads to get there. Then they made an excellent paved road and now is plenty of rough tourists, ugly and undesirable. No wonder if the real germans had abandoned the place

    I regret this too much.

    Cordoba was never a place preferred by the BA inhabitants. They do not consider a place for vacation if there are no coast to the sea.

    This made the place an affordable and easy place to have fun in their landscapes, which I recognize, are not popular. Mostly people do not like small mountains and the lack of sea coasts.

    But if you are informed well, you can skip the numerous kitsch towns as Carlos Paz and see nice, homely and charming small places.

    Mercedes, in the Province of Buenos Aires, had been settled by many, many Irish inmigrants which became suddenly rich just after the potato's famine in 1845...

    Not magically, but for hard work and fertile lands.

    I ma considering stocking up the car in Rosario (our last stop) before heading back in Capital. We fear people will assault supermarkets in Palermo by the time we are back.
    However, local prices are not inviting us to shop here. How is the situation in Buenos Aires?

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    Be at peace, Serafina. I do not know why you are so alarmed by the food supply. All supermarkets are open, and you can find everything you need.

    I know that Argentina is a difficult country, but we have not yet arrived to the bottom.

    What a beautiful ship the Libertad is! I am glad to see it in England as well.

    Indeed, it is a beautiful ship. Designed and built in Argentina in the 1960's. It is the replacement of the older one "Fragata Sarmiento" buiilt in Scotland in 1898.

    Maybe Boris will ask for a trip to France?

    Just ask the Captain. He will be pleased to receive him as a honored passenger.

    I am very pleased about the visit of our Fragata Libertad to London. After all, except after 1982, our Navy was mainly anglophile. Our first school ship, the Fragata Sarmiento was made in Scotland in 1898. Our first aircraft carrier (ex HMS Warrior), was provided in 1959.

    A friend if mine told me the mess about not only the Argentinian official currency but also at a certain point each province was issuing their own ones.......think it was by the last crisis in 2001/2. Carlos could you maybe elaborate on this????

    Why not just have, say, 5 currencies in the central bank, physically, and then just swift around each time need for inventing and printing new ones all the time or? Hahahaha

    Yes, in those years some provinces have issued a perticular money, only used in the same provinces. There was the "Patacon" and others with weird names. Then this particular money served only to pay taxes. Then, when the situation went to normality, they disappeared.

    One of the main problem in traffic here is neglecting the sign of a roundabout. Who is inside the roundabout has the priority. There are millions of traffic signs, but people ignore it.

    Normally I let to pass a car who comes from the right. Most of the times the driver give me thanks, a fact that is kind abut unnecessary. He has the priority. It is my duy to let him pass-

    Tornados are really quite rare here. And if they appear, only some roof is destroyed. The reason is that we use mainly masonry to build houses, and walls are 12 inches thick. They resist more than the typical "balloon frame" very popular in the USA. Of course, the masonry is much more expensive and they require more time to be built.