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    As about Boris Johnson, he recently visited Argentina and was very friendly with us and appreciated the influence of the UK in this country. I do not know if he is a good politician or not, I just remember his kind words.

    I presume that in this forum you are allowed to criticize anything of your recent acquired country citizenship, the same as me. Even better, critic, if done objectively, is welcomed. I am sure that we need a lot of changes in Argentina to become better.

    I have observed entering as an alien in the USA, that is very convenient to choose a queue in the immigation procedure where is an anglosaxon or "white person" in charge. They are kind and ready to resolve any problem, and also friendly. The contrary is when there is another kind of person. They do not like to be friendly with a latin american like me . They intend to find some irregular thing in your papers. Perhaps they think that I intend to be an illegal visitor and compete with them in looking for a job.

    The Malvinas/Falklands' war was a proof of mismanagement of a long dispute.

    The Argentinean chacellor (equivalent to a the Secretary of State in the US) did not realize that in those times the UK was the only one country in the NATO that still supoorted the nuclear rockets provided by the US and based in the UK territory.Therefore, no wonder that the USA will support in the last moment the UK.

    Another gross mistake was to engage in a war with a great power like the UK, with long experience in wars in every part of the world.

    It seems that the primary plan was "to touch and return inmediately". A proof of that was that military never did a casualty among the People of the islands, nor the military that were there.

    The problem begun when Galtieri, the president of that time, became enticed by the Plaza de Mayo full of people praising the move.

    Then, the reluctancy to accept the proposal of General Alexander Haig, which came especially to Argentina to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way.

    The sinking of the Belgrano was another move of Mrs Thatcher to give reasons to go to war.

    The only thing positive is that this was the last war where the military etiquette and the Geneva conventions were respected by both sides ( at least in general terms).

    Now it wil take a very long time to set an arrangement. During more than a Century we have had very good relationship with the UK, exchanging our with their technology and skills. Curiously, during that time (let's say from 1816 to 1946) our country was the most developed in all Latin America. Just see the Retiro station, now renewed, and the beautiful Tower, to see how we appreciated this now unfortunately broken link.

    The assumption of Cristina in her last speech about her possible sex affair with the late Manuel Belgrano shows her lack of sense of respect to our historical heroes.

    Imagine Mrs. Angela Merkel telling the people that she would like to have an affair with Bismarck?

    I am ashamed and concerned about the applause of the people gathered in that meeting.

    Our winters are not so cold, at least in Buenos Aires latitude. therefore no concern about the beginning of this season.

    Even best, it helps the city to be "more european"

    than it is.

    African poison-dart frogs,no doubt.

    I never heard about the frogs with poison, but, yes, in Africa this could be possible.

    Fortunately our frogs are welcomed, They eat mosquitos, and they live inside the grass, They are very useful.

    I have experienced these signs of civility to alien or unknown people in West Virginia, where I lived there some years. The common greeting was "God bless you". I was pleasantly suprised.

    Perhaps these customs are not in use in huge cities like NY or Chicago. But it is a feature that I admire from the US, a big country.

    UK man said:

    However in other areas they have got much better especially when it comes to areas of equality.

    I welcome all improvements in equality, but this does not mean to neglect old manners and gentleness. I think that the way you behave, is reflecting the degree of your civility.

    I use as an elemental code of behaviour the "Rules of Civility" written by George Washington in the XVIII Century.

    Thank you for your reassuring words, UK Man and Rice. But what is a shame is that neglected ideal of "being a gentleman", at least in my country, is gaining space and influence in all fields.

    The same happened with the old chapels and small curches done by the Jesuits in the hills of Cordoba. Until the 1960's they were still untouched. Then came the antiques businessmen and convinced the caretakers for a few pesos to withdraw the paintings and sculptures of Saints made in the XVII and XVIII century,

    The concern for Heritage in this country began in the 1970, following the general trend commenced by Jacqueline Kennedy from 1963 onwards. Even in the USA such concern was non existent. That was a "collateral damage" of the triumph of the "Urban Renewal" fueled by the Modern Movement. (Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe and all their followers).

    Some people thinks that this rush for repaving streets relaciong the old cobbles with concrete is not only an attack to preservation, but a good business. They withdraw the century or more cobbles and them are sold in the well to do mansions made in the Gated Communities. Of course, no contractor recognize a credit to the Government for this precious material and the bureaucracy has already made an "under the counter" agreement.

    Most of our cobbles were made in France and England, and came in the ships to allow having enough load when void, and returned full of weight of commodities like wheat, meat, etc.

    UK man wrote:

    Surprised and sorry to hear that Carlos. In what way?

    Unfortunately I must tell you that I grew up was educated with a mandatory beliefs given by my relatives that were young in the 1910's and the 1920's, when my country was definitely in the way of progress, just having the Westerns powers in mind, to be like them.

    In the last 70 years we became progressively more "latinamericanized", a fact that has degraded our customs and behaviour.

    My old relatives, having a Victorian mind, commanded me "to be a gentleman". Now, I realize that trying to be a gentleman in this country was naive and senseless. Look who are those who achieved fame nowadays: Tinelli, Maradona, CFK, Boudou?

    Acting as a gentleman, here, would only suggest lack of sense of reality.

    I am 75 and I can recognize that physically I am weaker than before, but my brain functions without visible changes. I still have a good memory and can describe old facts with the same accuracy that when I was young.

    The only ugly thing is that prejudices became stronger related to certain issues

    petrichor noun [pe-tri-kawr, ‐trahy-]

    A distinctive scent, usually described as earthy, pleasant, or sweet, produced by rainfall on very dry ground.”


    (Who knew this had a name?)

    I do not know in English, but I can recognize the scent: we call it "Olor a tierra mojada"

    Another normal day in BA

    The K money will fuel all the most aggressive uprisings from now until October. They know thatif Macri prevails, they will finish all in jail.

    Ancients Romans used to say: "Mors tua, Vita mea"