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    The composition of this painting is bold, perhaps muted by the near-pastel colors. I think of the Argentine countryside in much stronger colors, and wonder what caused him to see it in softer tones.

    He was only an amateur watercolorist. Mainly he introduced the scots sheeps in our country.

    What is that second building? And that first one - - what was Frank Gehry THINKING?

    What is your opinion of Antoni Gaudí, Carlos ?

    The second building is the Exeter Library of Louis Kahn (1901-1975)

    Frank Gehry is not interested in beauty at all. He likes complexity and the deconstruction of accepted forms and shapes. However, he is worlwide acclaimed.

    Gaudi was a brilliant achitecht who explored biological forms and also made experiments with parabolical arches. His last building was the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona. Unfortunately those buildings cannot be built nowadays. Craftmen and artisans from Catalonia no longer exist.

    But the best proof the quality of his Sagrada Familia is that this is the most visited piece of architecture in Barcelona, Another very well known building is the German Pavilion of the 1929 Exhibition., but very few people are willing to visit.--


    I started to watch it but then I realised it was an hour-long. I will do this at the weeeknd.

    Good idea, it deserves to take a time. The good thing of Sir Scruton is that he says things that a modern expert do not like to hear,

    His production in art philosophy is the best of the last Century at worldwide scale.

    He makes an excellent point. The opening frames calmed and pleased me; the late 20th century transition put me on edge. But what can we do, besides retreating into the past, which is not a good thing to do?

    Yes, turning to the past is not a good perspective. But where can you look for a thing so subtle as Beauty? Not certainly in the current modern art.

    A very controversial issue. We speak Castilian or Spanish, and this is not allowed by the Academy of the Spanish language.

    However, this is a trend that we have to endure.

    If this is applied in the private university where I am a professor, I will resign inmediately. I regret to be manipulated by such ugly and ordinary face..

    Have you see the face of the lady who is the minister of Health?..... That explains all.

    You're the spit of him.

    What exactly does a British Naval Attache do?

    I can imagine that a British Naval attache was very close to our Navy. And also very well received. I remember a time when a visit of a HMS Ship to Argentina was not only because there were good relationships, but also because they wished to sell the ship to the Armada Argantina. That happened in 1957. We received the aircraft carrier HMS Warrior, an a year later we purchased it and changed the name. At that time nobody imagined the Islands war on 1982. Unbelievable due the circumstances.

    I find that it's a great way to break the ice, especially in supermarkets or when doing a paper chase. Most love to practice their English.

    Yes, it is not a surprise that here many people learn English in any way, and likes very much to speak with a person who speaks English in a proper way.

    They know that in any future job, this will be required in a mandatory way. Also they like to hear the correct sound of the words, which have different rules as compared with Castilian language.

    As a professor, some times I ask my students to read some book or article in English, There are ones who acept this, but others do not. To those I say that they are closing their future if they refuse to understand this language.

    It is a pity that this MP had the obligation to resign, At least he decided for keeping high his dignity.

    To go to porn sites now is enormoulsy easy. Just a word and a click and you are there.

    We Christians say

    Deliver us not into temptarion.... but temptation is always ready to attack.

    I doubt that our representatives in our Congress will do the same...

    The enormously loud and very moving ship's horn blowing as we pulled away, the dancing, chatting up the pretty DJ, the formal dinners with the captain, the beautiful weather, swimming, the King Neptune ceremony when crossing the equator, pretty girls and my father donning his full uniform whites and gold braid when arriving in Buenos Aires.

    I'll dig out some photos.

    Yes, I agree. In the 1950's and 1960's the most common way to travel to Europe was the ship, like this one. I traveled from Genoa to Buenos Aires in 1964 and the experience that Mr Splinter told was true. The service was excellent and I were in second class,but since it was a shortage of young people in 1st. class we were allowed to go to the 1st. class ball and party rooms at all times. At 5 pm a string orchestra played classic music while we have tea and sandwiches and after dinner there was a dancing party.

    I remember very well that we argentines had a great prestige among the Brazilians girls, since we were more well behaved and they liked our chivalrous attitude, now lost. Young people of my country are nowadays mostly a bunch of rude people.

    Not only the Italians had good ships. I remember having traveled to England in the "Andes" and "Highland brigade" ( two famous ships of the UK) when being a kid. One of the good things is that the ship stop in a harbor from the morning until the twilight, so we were able to visit the country, In this way I visited the island of Madeira ( Portuguese territory) and we went with my family to see the grave of the last Austrian Emperor Karl, died in 1922.

    I became familiar with the Arthurian Legend reading the comics with excellent drawings from Harold Foster (born in Canada).

    Were published in a Magazine for school children whose name was Billiken, very popular in the 1940-1950

    Then I saw that William Morris and the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood were interested in these marvelous adventures.

    Perhaps also some members of this forum knows about Harold Foster. Much better than the "heroes" of today.

    I think that this interest in the Arthurian Legend was common in the XIX century when in England they were looking for "the englishness of English Art", the same happened in other nations of Europe like France, Spain and Germany. All of them were exploing their respective origins.

    I just realized that the best translation of Gotterammerung is Twilight of the Gods, not as I wrote.

    And to improve hope, nothing better than "THe planets" of a brilliant English musician that you must know, Gustav Holst.

    Jupiter is, in the Greek Mytology, "the bringer of Jollity"

    I wish for my country and also for you, expats in my country, the jollity that will come if we get rid of CFK and her gang.

    Well, perhaps is a willful thinking but if the main source of income of Argentina (The agricutural production) fails, there will be no money to pay the "Planes trabajar" and a permanent chaos will led to a permanent social unrest. What the government do not recognize is that they are cheating the agricultural producers by a 35 % tax for exports (never seen anywhere) and a dollar of 120 pesos when the real dollar is about 200, plus other taxes. They are killing the golden eggs hen.

    The great problem is that we have a 45 % of people who never had a permanent job, never had a good training in some kind of work, and never seen their fathers or grandfathers having a permanent job, specially the young people (mIllenials or younger). And the worst, they never received any good example of work ethics, Also many of them only wish to be deliverers of drug and also consumers of that filthy thing.

    And we cannot think in the "Endlosung" outcome.

    Perhaps is not well translated. Here they called it "Impuesto por Ganancias inesperadas",

    It seems that when you have an exceptional rise of the price of your crop, due to unexpected reasons (i.e. a shortage of corn or soybeans) you have to pay a tax on the difference between the initial price of the projected crop and the current price of the crop when you have this in your warehouse.

    Therefore if you are lucky, you deserves punishment. Is the institution of the ENVY, a capital sin which can be defined as the sadness for the alien's fortune. (tristeza del bien ajeno).

    Perhaps you are not familiar with this, but this is common now and you will hear and read this in the forthcoming news.

    The main reasons for this "tractorazo" are not, as the government likes to say, the retentions. The productive people of this country fears the introduction of a "tax for unexpected incomes", a real menace for the possible improvement in the prices of the agricultural production, This government is hostile to the landowners, but to tell the truth, the unique competitive edge that Argentina has is the agricultural production. And through the retentions the government gets money to give them to the so called "poors", in my point of view a huge bunch of lazy people that disappears when you show them a showel or a hammer. The government likes to be your associate when things are going well, but it does not help when there are bad years, mainly by draughts, floods or other disasters.

    The "pobrismo" (the sacralization of the poor people) is now a fashion. I never see this kind of things in the anglosaxon countries. Perhaps this is the reason why we are not yet a developed country