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    I once shipped a tracked mail (Carta plus) to Patagonia. The delivery time should have been from 3 to 5 working days and it took ten days, between a paro, a puente and excluding the day it was shipped. In the end, it really took 5 working days, the issue was that there were so few working days in Argentina...

    And the tracking was only at the starting point and at the arrival point, with no updates in the middle. I called customer service and they explained me that the cheapest tracking works like that. :/

    I just received my mail from the US!

    Yesterday there was no movement on Correo's website, but this morning it resurfaced in the system and there was a line saying it was in the hand of the postman.

    I was subscribed to USPS tracking, but it was late to update compared to Correo Argentino website. I was (compulsively) checking Correo's website, the news on my parcel was posted at 9 AM and the postman rang my bell al 10:30.

    Correo doesn't offer an alert system for shippings, you have to manually enter the tracking code each time.

    Still a farce then. :rolleyes:

    Yes. The interesting thing is that the 12:39 tracking says it has cleared customs on both Correo Argentino website and USPS website, but it says it is in process of being classified in customs on the Correo Argentino app.

    Digging a little further: on the Correo Argentino website appeared a second part of the tracking history under a local tracking code.

    The same 12:39 tracking is about my item being classified (like it reads on the app).

    So, USPS sees it as 'it has cleared customs' when, in facts, it is about to start its custom process.

    Talking about double face!

    After the long weekend, also Correo Argentino finally admitted that my shipping has arrived. It has cleared custom, and it's being sent to its destination (...) which I don't know if it means that there will be nothing to pay (like last time) or else.

    The app gives slightly different results: it says it needs to be categorized (!) so the hardest part has yet to come.

    And the app also says that there might be something to pay

    Question: in this economy, who are all these people with money to burn on cosmetic surgery?

    We were just discussing this at home over Sunday lunch.

    My husband is giving classes to an Argentinian physician who told him, as an anecdote, that one of her grandmother never threw away leftovers.

    Since she is going to visit her relatives in Italy soon, my husband advised her to not throw any food or leftovers when she is at their place , since this is considered rude and inconsiderate (after all, you are throwing in the bin their hard-earned money!).

    This was one of the things that surprised me the most in Argentina - people (doing far worse than me) throwing away food. They sit in La Farola or other place, order a giant junk food, and leave half in the plate (especially kids too). Lately I have been observing more people asking for a doggy bag to bring the leftovers home, but will they eat them?

    At my in-law's, things usually get abandoned in the fridge until they are no longer edible.

    My husband's grandfather explained me that in Argentina nobody ever suffered of hunger, so they simply threw away the excess. In fact, rumors has it that a lot of Italian recipes were (terribly) altered here because hungry immigrants loaded traditional dishes with the over abundant and cheap meat and cheese available here. Truth or tale, it is true that here people who are claiming to be doing worse than in Europe are more careless about food.

    And food is just one cost item in a family bill - then there is AC on even when people are not at home, lights on even during day, ready-made food being ordered every night, drinking beer when eating out (it costs twice as much as in the supermarket and it is the same Quilmes).

    I'd say that spending is not a skill most Argentine excel in. So I guess that plastic surgery trumps a lot of other things we would consider more important.

    It funny to see how many teeeeeerrible bad Botox and facial rehauls people have gone under......just taking a walk around av. santa Fe u will see plentiful.

    How can anybody really do that freely????

    I thought they were either all related or went to the same surgeon.

    I have binge-watching Bonsufamilijen, a Swedish TV serie on the story of Martin and Lisa's family.

    Both were previously married, both have kids from their previous relationship. Now they moved in together and started their own family, but it is not as simple how it looks.

    Besides being real and not at all sugar-coated, Martin and Lisa also seek couple therapy to deal with the issue of their bonus family: not all of their kids are not easily adapting to their bonus dad / mom / siblings and the new family arrangement (the kids are with them on alternate weeks).

    And their couple therapy is done by a couple of therapists (husband and wife) who might need a therapy of their own.

    It is three-season long (for now) and very engaging. It is also good to see how Swedes live.

    I don't understand why I cannot attach the movie to this post. Anyway, it is available on Netflix, as well. In English it is "Bonus family".

    I think there was a comic US movie with a similar title, but it is really another genre!


    Think about having 4 them......:)

    Cats u cannot explain's not like a dog.....with my dog I never have any issues.....I just tell it not to do this or that, or tell it to go to bed or downstairs....always obay.....but a cat .... difficult! Is there a classified section her on the board ? =O

    I used to have three when I lived with my mom in Italy, but it was a piece of cake because they were free to go outside and so there was no litter to clean, no door to open/close. The only thing to deal with was fur (which I didn't clean anyway, since it was my mother's doing the cleaning, ahem...)

    They were also going along very well, so it was fun having them around. They were all different in food preferences, but nothing out of this world: one only wanted dry food, while the other twos enjoyed fresh food now and then.

    Once I had 5 foster kittens plus Serafina for a long weekend- the vet shop asked kindly if we could take care of them for the weekend (and maybe find them a home) and I happily complied... I fell in love with the bunch of them, and even delayed of a day returning them to the vet store :whistling:

    But I was cleaning the litter every hour, and it was supercool to open a can of tuna and having a hoard of small kitten coming onto it like rats.

    It was also nice to observe the different characters and attitude: one was the alpha, VERY smart, always ahead of the pack. The black one was his vice - always in an awe of the alpha, always behind him.

    Then there was baby cat who was a wimpy micro kitten, the younger of them all. He had the strongest will of them all, but since he was limpy and smaller and undernourish, he had his limits so I was always looking after him. He was adopted by a Brit expat and is living a great life in Soho.

    Then there were two little long-haired brother-and-sister, all fluffy and clumsy. They slipped on their furry paws and were just TOO CUTE. The female was the dumbest of the bunch: when the alpha had already scoured a plate of tuna and was going after the other ones, she barely noticed that 1) there was smell of tuna 2) everybody had left to have the tuna.

    This is me covered in 5 kitten (the black one is hardly noticeable, on the left)

    We have one resident cat (Serafina) and currently little Telma as a foster cat and it is almost a full time job.

    I like having them around, but it is too demanding to have two cats.


    At least there's always Philadelphia!


    Ubiquitous like dulce de leche!

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    Maybe we need to start doing with toilet paper like with wine: having a during the week roll, and for weekend, another more exclusive one....:D


    Save the best for the most important occasions, like diarrhea? 🤢

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    I ordered a payoneer debit card last month, arrived without any delay directly to my house! Some time ago I had important papers regarding a house sale mailed via UPS, also arrived without slightest problem or delay.

    Would I order a package????? Naaaaaa, no way!!!

    I am waiting for my Transferwise debit card. It is in the parcel I am writing about. :)

    I agree that I wouldn't play my luck with a package.

    In 2014 I had my mail shipped from the US. However, part of the shipping contained a cardboard with new checks from my bank. Boy! That thick cardboard box ticked the AFIP radar. My parcel was held in custom and I had to go to Retiro's aduana to collect it.

    I didn't have a DNI back then, but everything went smoothly. I paid a fee, waited some three hours, a scientist in a white scrub scrutinised the content of my parcel carefully. He first asked me if I knew what the content was and I replied "my mail, documents!" and he looked at me like I was a narco. Once he was done mingling with my stuff he told me I could go. 8)

    Another time I had documents sent from Italy by courier. I asked my mom to put a rubber kitchen accessory in it (a silicon tie, like a cord) and it was held un custom and I was told I needed to hire an importer or obtain an import authorization for 'Other' kind of forbidden good. Vaffanculo! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I have another document shipping coming in from the US. The shipping method was USPS International Economy (the cheapest available, about 32 USD) and my parcel departed this Monday from Florida. I just received an update from USPS stating it has arrived in Ezeiza!

    Now I have inputed the tracking code on the Correo System ( but the arrival in Argentina is not yet recorded there. Finger crossed - now is the hardest part!

    In March, it took 4 days from Ezeiza to my door.

    Toilet rolls are a ridiculous price....mind you, so are many other non food but necessary items.

    From time to time, Farmacity/Simplicity has 2x1 offers and when these are on toilet paper, they are a bargain. We bought about 25 packs last time, 'raiding' about 3 Farmacity stores in our area. The price was the equivalent of slightly less than €1 per 4 rolls (double ply, the good stuff, 30 meters).

    Dia toilet paper, even if 2 ply, has deteriorated so much in quality that it is no longer worth it.

    Carrefour is our choice, otherwise.

    UK Man , weren't you shopping at a mayorista store in Pilar/Escobar? Or am I confusing you with someone else?