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    Yeah, we are so superior we need vaccines, antibiotics, shelter, agriculture, tools, technology, science etc. or we would be as vulnerable as the next animal. I am leaving this thread for good because there is really no point in discussing with someone who doesn't believe in science and bases his knowledge of the world on himself alone and his experimental and limited observations.

    I think your theories are far less believable than those produced by centuries of science and checked by thousands of scientists.

    Another act in my travel during the pandemic.

    I went to visit a friend and her family at the sea. I decided to take the train because it was safer than driving. The train ride is 4 hour long, and the car ride is 2:15 under normal traffic conditions, however in summer it could easily mean a 4 hour drive by car - so I gladly took the train to relax and let someone drive me there.

    The first train was to Turin and it had a/c and we were seating alternating. It was not mandatory but just what everybody was trying to do. The second train to the Ligurian riviera was full of holiday makers and it was more crowded. It was no longer possible to seat alternating, but more or less it was a comfortable ride. Some youngsters (teenagers) were sitting with no mask on at all and chatting throughout the trip. The train conductor didn't bother to check tickets nor to make a remark to wear a mask. I think she was afraid of being assaulted and outnumbered. And the same scenario repeated along the cars, so she would have spent the entire trip trying to make passengers wear a mask. Not to mention adults wearing the mask under their nose.

    I was expecting to see policemen on the train (as it is customary to do on some trains), but there were none in sight.

    The return trip was far worse. The train from the riviera was so crowded that there were people standing for the whole ride (2:30) to Turin. The a/c was broken in my car, and I didn't mov to a different one because when I got on the train, there were barely any seats left. The guy next to me, about 17-18 years old, kept his mask down for the whole trip and wasn't even bothered to fake to wear it. It was under his chin for the whole time... which explains why the seat next to him was still empty. The lady to my left was wearing hers under her nose, the girl in front of her at a certain point took a maskless nap, the other two seats behind was taking her off to chat with someone else etc. I think the same would have happened in another car.

    The second train, heading to Milan, was empty and with AC. Still, teenagers wore no mask and chatted during the whole trip. Again, the train conductor didn't say a thing except to keep it down a notch since they were screaming.

    If this was a decent country, I would file a suit against the train company for not being able to ensure my health safety during both trips. Meanwhile, the other day people crowded the streets of many big cities to protest against the obligation to be vaccinated to enter some places from August 6 onward. Ignorance is never blissful... it is a plague!

    And to finish the post in big style: my travel agent informed me that my flight to Argentina was cancelled. She offered two return options: 1600 euros for the next day and 800 euros for the next week. Thanks, but I'll pass.

    KLM also offered to refund me for the return, but there is no way I can find a one-way ticket for the same price. I'll wait..

    I am afraid I don't follow the logic(s) in your post, richietog .

    Most animal species aren't monogamous, sexual acts between same sex animals happens, the man is the only species that has sex for fun.

    It was Darwin who said that the more a male mixes, the highest chances of their offspring survival are! I don't think he was involved in the LGBT community or had an agenda to get financed by private groups because public funding is low... But of course you are feel to think otherwise.

    I also hope we can do better than role modelling animals since there is such a big variety and our comprehension of them is still small. However, we can observe our own species, and unfaithfulness, same sex couples/intercourse, and gender issues are observed across the world, regardless of the country of what their psychiatrists/psychologists say.

    I also don't think one "becomes" gay or non-binary by imitation / external influence, since it doesn't seem an easy position to be in, even in 2021.

    Semigoodlooking you wrote a great post. However, some of what you call 'gut feelings' are indeed the product of our culture.

    For example, we condemn polygamy because someone told us that it is a despicable practice. However, it is perfectly acceptable in other cultures. We morally condemn promiscuity, too, although biology would say that the more varied the mating, the higher chances of survival of the offspring born to it.

    When I was a kid, I learned that the male mates with one female only, and that they are united for life once they got married. Then, whether my religion liked it or not, or whether society saw it favourably or not, I came across same sex couples, divorced couples, remarried people that had children with different partners or out of wedlock etc. So I no longer think bad about those people a priori... and I am a child to divorced parents.

    I judged those people hastily for many years, and my gut feeling is still that it is wrong. However, with years I came to know many and many cases, and realised that, for instance, people who remarried didn't it to hurt their former spouse or because they had ill intentions in the first place, or because they were unable to control their 'got feelings' for another person different from their spouse...

    So, our society / culture / religion told us that it was wrong to unfaithful, although people have been doing it since ever... it was just better concealed for a while. If we look further back, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing (I am thinking about Greece). So, the way we look at the world, isn't exactly with pristine eyes but already through a few lenses, whether we realize it or not.

    He wasn't effeminate because he played with Barbies (which are static objects), he was effeminate AND he liked to play with Barbies. So, he didn't *learn* to be effeminate, it was just how he was. Which is exactly my point: we are what we are.

    To be born with both genitalia is considered to be an abnormality or aberration, we have seen this with people who are born with defects, how can it be considered normal? I'm not advocating any discrimination or any harm done to intersex people, that is wrong

    We can, and should question any psychologists "findings", because its hard to believe that someone could "feel" a female when that person has male genitals firmly attached, let alone vice versa

    When I was in elementary school, a classmate of mine was born a male but he behaved, felt and had the interests of a typical girl, he was very feminine / effeminate in the way he moved, talked and walked (much more than me). He loved to play with Barbies and his parents let him do it. This is how he was, beyond his male attributed and the sex stated on his birth certificate.

    He was obviously being bullied by the whole society, and later in life he went to study fashion/textiles because this is what he was attracted to - I don't know about his whereabouts and what he did with his life. He was always very kind and approachable to me, we played together and I don't have anything bad to say about him. Yes, he was 'the odd one' in our cohort and it was not an easy situation to handle for his parents, either - and school teachers were old school and not prepared/educated to handle someone like him.

    However, if at 5-10 years old he was already that way, I don't think we can use the modern psychology argument - he was naturally that way, his way, since early age. And just to complete the pictures, his parents were farmers, so not progressive parents with a degree in psychology.

    Likewise, some children were bullies, others were submissive, some were brighter, and some were whiners. I still know a lot of people from elementary school and they are more or less the same.

    In our small town, everybody knew those few individuals who were 'not the norm'... some were even grandparents who later in life decided to stop faking who they were and expressed (limitedly) their true self by dressing differently or moving/talking/walking like they felt natural to them. They aren't doing any harm and they deserve to find happiness as much as any of us.

    richietog : you are mixing up things. Sex is what your biological organs tell about you. Gender is what you feel you are.

    So you can be born with male or female genitalia (and with a mix of both, whether it is showing or not), but growing up you may identify/feel of the opposite sex, or none, or both or at times once, both or the other! The former two are binary (either male or female) and the last ones are non-binary.

    I admit it is a different thing to "understand" deep down unless it interest yourself, but rationally we can't ignore that there are people with different bodies, minds, and feelings.

    Personally, I am okay with the topic itself but I don't like how these language distortions are being imposed. If they were the result of a reasoned solution, I would be happy to adapt. But these seems random and spot-on decisions which are just causing confusion. Furthermore, being native of a Romance language that revolves around the gender male and female (just like Spanish), and the male used to indicate an assorted group of male & female nouns, I never feel excluded... I consider language a convention/custom, and as such, the gender of a noun has NO correlation with the gender or the connotation of the thing the noun describes.

    In fact, if we look at Romance languages, most common words have different gender across them. For example, in Spanish and Italian, the sea is male (el mar, il mare), but in French it is female (la mer). The salt is male in Italian (il sale), but female in Spanish and French (la sal).

    Likely! Today I was supposed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but instead I was told that to print my DL it will take 2-3 months.

    I was told "one week" earlier... Kill-me-now.

    Reading today Australians even doctors are having problems getting back to Oz due to the number of travellers allowed in being drastically cut.

    Yeah, except that the comparison between Argentina and Australia, that has been heavily used to justify the measures, only stops there.

    And Australia is doing far better than Argentina, so it hardly justifies it in Argentina, imho.

    The most surprising part was that on the FB group I am checking regularly, some Argentinians are even bashing people for having travelled at all. The same angry social divide I see on Argentinian social media... It seems the old say 'you can take and Argentinian out of his country but you can't take Argentina out of an Argentinian" holds true even if replacing Argentina with Peronism/Peronia.

    Just a little update. I am halfway through my vacation and I am enjoying summer, although so far I spent my time here just to run from public office to public office to renew my documents.

    As you know, Argentina still has a cap to limit the number of passengers entering the country from abroad. Although it was gradually raised from 600 travellers per day to 1000, it is still considerably less than what was sold by airlines.

    The Government published a list of authorised flights until August 6. Of course, I leave on August 8 so I am still in the limbo.

    I have joined a local FB group of Argentinians where stranded ones are reporting their experiences.

    Apparently, not only there are just a few authorised flights, but since they arrive in Argentina at different times, they might not even allowed to fly at full capacity because the cap was met before they land. Hence, there are people whose flight was NOT cancelled who are not allowed to board the plane anyway. They sleep at the airport waiting for the next authorised flight, often the next week. A guy and his family of 4 are stranded in Paris and a couple of Belgian tourists asked if they were Syrian refugees. NO COMMENT - inclasificables HDPs......

    So, they did the PCR test (which costs €100+ in Europe), travelled to the airport, stood in line and were denied boarding. Airlines are giving priority to people residing in Argentina, elders, at-risk subjects, disabled people. Like it is a war. A war against civilisation.

    It would be interesting to know whether the 'reason for travel' checked upon leaving Argentina plays any role in the passenger selection. I had to select Tourism since there was no Health option.

    Of course, this girl (me) has a connection flight to take before boarding her international flight (in Amsterdam).

    People flying the same route as me, with KLM from Amsterdam to Ezeiza, were told by the KLM call center operators that flights may resume in September. MAY... They expect these restrictions to be extended throughout August, at least. Hence, don't hold your breath!

    KLM has also stopped selling tickets TO Buenos Aires.

    Now, I don't pay to stay here longer and I am able to work even from Italy, plus it is summer and it is glorious, so I'd gladly move my return flight of a couple of weeks. However, I am also afraid to postpone voluntarily my flight back home since I may miss my chance to return for God knows for how long. I don't want to arrive in Amsterdam just to find out I have to go back to Milan, PCR and all.

    Argentina, you really outdid yourself this time...