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    I agree. the government makes their call based on their people... In Japan there was no lockdown and they went over it with just 850 deaths. Japanese simply had to follows the government instructions... and they did. But that's a nation that historically is very compliant to rules, so there was no need to display an army and force people inside.

    In Argentina, instead...

    I think the following: IF the people had really observed the strict quarantine/lock down rules enforced by the Argentinian Government as of March 19, this would already be over. Instead it's only getting worse.

    News of the day: a pregnant girl and her boyfriend decided to have a baby shower in quarantine. About 20 people attended, none wearing a mask nor distancing. 12 out of 19 have tested positive to covid. 3 of the participants work as nurses and in retirement homes. Article on La Nación here.

    I will refrain to comment because I wouldn't be holding back...

    Maybe, but right now considering what has happened, what would be a more sensible lockdown? The only way I see a sensible lockdown is keeping vulnerable people isolated and opening the others. At the moment, that would mean focusing on the spread in poor communities and those in vulnerable risk groups. However, when something similar was attempted last month (telling old people to stay in), there was uproar and it was scrapped.

    I agree. the government makes their call based on their people... In Japan there was no lockdown and they went over it with just 850 deaths. Japanese simply had to follows the government instructions... and they did. But that's a nation that historically is very compliant to rules, so there was no need to display an army and force people inside.

    In Argentina, instead...

    I think the following: IF the people had really observed the strict quarantine/lock down rules enforced by the Argentinian Government as of March 19, this would already be over. Instead it's only getting worse.

    By worse, I don't mean critical, I am just reading at the graph and seeing the number of currently infected people is still growing (the light blue area is growing larger as time goes by). Of course, more infected people doesn't mean more people in ICUs, just more tests being performed. The ICU occupation rate is what I think we should be concerned, but that's just us from the Forum. There is no graph of no. of people in ICUs because... Argentina.

    Also, you can all observe by yourself that a lot of people going outside are not wearing their mask properly, but until it's merely a few, that is not an issue. When it's 10 millions going out at once...

    Remember that a PPE not correctly worn is no PPE!

    nothing is sure, but it is the general understanding that u r immune for one or two years if u have had the virus.

    All the ones that got tested a second time infected was people that had used bad tests.

    Can you please provide a reference?

    I was left with the same news as Splinter - no evidence on the immune memory of this virus, nor if this immunity covers against multiple virus strains/variations observed worldwide (RNA virus mutates quickly, which is why it's especially hard to develop an effective vaccine - by the time the vaccine is ready and tested, the virus has already mutated). In Italy they have been using plasma transfusions from recovered patients to infected patients to help fight the disease, but there is no evidence if that will last forever.

    On La Nación there was an article on the cost of getting tested depending on the kind of test , but it also added that you need to have a doctor order to get a test because there are limited supplies. It would be interesting to know how many times have your friends been tested and with which method, as some seems to be a hit or miss.

    In other words, you cannot get testes simply because you feel like to.

    In Italy, they are starting mass testing by PCR on blood samples and they collect 2 blood samples 24 hours apart to avoid false negatives. They are checking IgG and IgM, although it is not yet hard rock science for how long they can be observed/detected.

    Our prick neighbor, the one throwing parties during the quarantine, had Coronavirus ‘with no symptoms really’. The common areas of our building haven’t been cleaned since the start of the quarantine because the cleaning lady is over 60 and severely overweight, so she is at risk.

    The administration has not done any disinfection nor else. I think they’ve not been informed about the sick neighbor. My husband just eavesdropped the conversation.

    I am pissed because he’s been holding it for so long. My husband and the other neighbor on our floor took turns to clean the common space of our floor (palier). It would have been more appropriate if they had taken extra caution because of a sick neighbor using the common areas.

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    Exactly the point made in some of the reader comments, Splinter - “Let’s not be a nation of Curtain Twitchers!” While most of the comments centered on the cavalier attitude attitude of city folks who don’t seem to care whether they import contagion to their summer communities.

    The back & forth of the readers seems to be a microcosm of the national discussion about what British values are, in the 21st century.

    The article about New Yorkers heading to the Hampton’s or nearby had also a paragraph on how the local residents were afraid of getting infected by them and tried to scare them away telling them there are no medical facilities like in New York - and less ventilators!
    Knowing the scare tactic was probably not going to be successful, they prayed to leave the ventilators for the locals.

    However, the spending power of those coming from The City is so much more, everybody knows that the locals don’t stand a chance.

    I was able to find the article:…g-nyc-vacation-homes.html

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    I would say it's a little bit late to get in the idea to move to countryside,if it's only because of quarantine.....

    Just read that the escrituras in total was 7 last month in CABA....... about being f@$#$d

    The real estate and escribanos make most of their money on sales.

    So it's obvious they are behind the "news".

    I think a lot of people went into 'survival mode' for 24 hours and cussed because they didn't move to the countryside and practice self-subsistence because the Apocalypse was about to come.

    Then they realized that there is no hospital there, and historically the Argentinian countryside is unsafe.

    Further later on they realized the only places which will be restocked and properly served are the richest neighborhoods of the Capital.

    A lot of (mental) fluctuations in just two months and without the actual ability to go in one direction or another because we were all blocked in a place and notaries were not working.

    But in places like NYC a lot of people flew the city as soon as things started getting bad, whether they went to the Hamptons, upstate or to a different State. There were wealthy New Yorkers who threw money at real estate agents in the Hamptons to seek shelter in one of the mansions/properties up for rent, packed their car and pretended to find a property ready for them by the time they arrived to their destination.

    Don't forget that the commission of the escribano is on the actual amount paid, not on the amount stated in the contract. So if the report on real estate sales will be based on the registered values (valores escriturados), they were already lower than the the actual ones.

    On FB some expats are looking for properties in gated community far from the Capital 'to spend the quarantine'.

    Pilar and Escobar are the New Hamptons! How posh!

    When Italy entered the lockdown, soon followed articles on how properties in the cities (like Milan or Rome) with some open-door space (big balcony, terrace, especially if private, or garden) were going to benefit the most from the virus.

    Many people who live in the city have a second home either on the sea or on hills or mountains as a vacation home. Italians were caught by surprise and didn't have time to flee to their second homes, but a lot of porteños went or tried to go to the Costa Atlantica as soon as the lockdown was announced.

    Personally, I don't think a huge drop will happen given the current situation, but if Alby & Co. manage to really destroy the Argentinian economy, this will be reflected in prices, garden or no garden.

    every day that go by I'm more and more impressed with the scientifiKKos running the country.....Now after locking up 45 million people for a few months and more in sight, they realize that its time to isolate the more vulnerable barrios that have high density of people and low hygiene standards etc. Great! They are really starting to circle in the problem well!!!!

    I think Larreta played this one well and that 'the Trio' (Fernandez, Larreta, and Kicillof) is starting to crack. Even if Fernandez was well intentioned to make it work, Kicillof is another hot-headed leftist, albeit with a decent shirt on. He started by blaming Vidal for what's happening now under his watch, and then he's blaming Larreta at the same time for not doing like him in Capital.

    El gobierno bonaerense destacó el aislamiento de Villa Azul y criticó la ciudad de Buenos Aires por no hacer lo mismo con Villa 31

    Nobody wants to be the one who points the finger at the naked king, i.e. nobody wanted to say 'the people in the villas are not going to self-manage' because they would have to explain why. Are they uneducated? Irresponsible? Inconsiderate? Savage? Fearless? Hunger-driven? These questions would make any politician tip-toe because any answer could be considered 'violent, classist, prejudiced'.

    If Larreta did in Villa 31 what Kicillof is doing in the Province, they would have called him a dictator. Well played, Larreta. Let el profesor step in and take the toll for deciding to act on the Villas of the Capital.

    I myself realize what a weird film I'm in, when I sometimes say something to someone and they look at me like I'm an alien..........say if u would state something that is perceived in the world as a fact......I'm not talking about ignorant peronchos, I'm talking about people n general......

    Imagine the challenges for foreign diplomats stationed in Argentina - they have to fake they are taking them seriously, and even correcting their bogus math.

    Now the official 'excuse' is that they mixed up Chile with Peru.... it's like mixing Germany and France when you're Spain!

    @Ukman & JAN, you seem to be obsessed with reality and objectivity, facts & figures! It looks like you didn't get the brochure 'Welcome to the Twilight Zone' at Ezeiza when you moved here!


    i dont think there is going to be any choice for those of us who live in the province ........

    Where I live, they have further restricted businesses that can open, going back to essential businesses.

    Para evitar aglomeraciones se restringe la actividad comercial en las zonas más transitadas y se limita el comercio solamente a los negocios esenciales.

    Es en las zonas que representan el 80% de la aglomeración de gente en la Ciudad, como Once, Av. Avellaneda o la zona de Scalabrini Ortiz y Córdoba.

    Se mantiene el comercio barrial, el de cercanía, al que se puede llegar caminando.

    Estos son los ejes comerciales y centros de trasbordo involucrados en la restricción:

    • Microcentro, polígono entre Av. Leandro N. Alem, Rivadavia, Carlos Pellegrini y Av. Santa Fe.
    • Once, polígono entre Av. Rivadavia, Boulogne Sur Mer, Lavalle y Larrea.
    • Av. Avellaneda, entre Bahía Blanca y Terrada.
    • Av. Belgrano, entre Jujuy y Entre Ríos.
    • Av. Boedo, San Juan y Pavón.
    • Av. Cabildo, entre Maure y Céspedes.
    • Av. Federico Lacroze, entre Conesa y 11 de Septiembre de 1888
    • Av. Córdoba, entre Lavalleja y Thames.
    • Av. Jujuy, entre Cochabamba y Juan de Garay.
    • Av. Santa Fe, entre Cerrito y Uriburu.
    • Av. Callao, entre Marcelo T. de Alvear y Arenales.
    • Av. Santa Fe, entre Uriburu y Laprida.
    • Av. Pueyrredón, entre Arenales y Marcelo T. de Alvear.
    • Av. Santa Fe, entre Sánchez de Bustamante y Jerónimo Salguero.
    • Av. Coronel Díaz, entre Beruti y Güemes
    • Av. Scalabrini Ortiz, entre Lerma y José A. Cabrera.

    Av. Scalabrini Ortiz, entre Aguirre y Camargo.

    • Calle Aguirre, entre Scalabrini Ortiz y Thames.
    • Calle Libertad, entre Rivadavia y Lavalle.
    • Calle Paraná, entre Rivadavia y Lavalle.
    • Av. Cabildo, entre Virrey del Pino y Olazábal.
    • Av. Corrientes, entre Julián Álvarez y Acevedo.
    • Av. Corrientes, entre Cerrito y Boulogne Sur Mer.
    • Centro de trasbordo estaciones de Retiro, Av. Dr. José Ramos Mejía, entre Av. del Libertador y Av. Antártida Argentina.
    • Centro de trasbordo estación Plaza Constitución, polígono entre Lima Este, Brasil, Lima, O’Brien, Santiago del Estero y Constitución.
    • Centro de trasbordo estación Plaza Once, Av. Rivadavia entre Av. Pueyrredón y Jean Jaures, Avenida Pueyrredón entre Avenida Rivadavia y Bartolomé Mitre, y Av. Jujuy entre Av. Rivadavia e Hipólito Yrigoyen.
    • Centro de trasbordo estación Chacarita, Av. Corrientes entre Federico Lacroze y Maure, y Federico Lacroze entre Av. Corrientes y Av. Forest.
    • Centro de trasbordo Plaza Italia – Pacífico, Av. Santa Fe entre Gurruchaga y Av. Juan B. Justo.
    • Centro de trasbordo estación Liniers, Av. Rivadavia entre Timoteo Gordillo y Av. General Paz.

    I understand you can't always be 100% accurate since everything fluctuate......but to present a number that is 10 times wrong is just not serious!

    Had they ever been serious in this country? Either the government or the journalists...

    Even if they are proven wrong by a large factor, is not that they will refrain from committing these inaccuracies in the future.

    Check out the pictures of life returning to normal in parts of Europe, especially the UK where hardly anyone is wearing a mask.…salen-de-sus-cuarentenas/

    My Facebook feed is finally showing pictures of my friends having an aperitivo in piazza (seated at distanced tables, with their masks on except to sip/eat) or sitting on the beach for some fresh air (with mask and distance).

    My mother got a hair cut last Tuesday at a saloon within a mall. She said they are now taking temperature upon entering the mall and upon entering each store. Her jacket and bag were put into a plastic bag upon entering the saloon. The hairdresser wore a face mask and gloves all the time.

    My mom had to wear her mask all the time. When the hairdresser had to cut her hair near her ear, she slipped off the mask rubber bank and held the mask into place with her hand.

    The hair saloon only attends by appointment and max 2 people at time, keeping them as distanced as possible.

    This is the first week of re-opening in Italy. On June 3 they should open again the border, but not to leisure travels, only to citizen/residents with a valid reason to travel.

    Funny you should mention it...I told her today that Argentinians get all worked up and vocal over issues that are unimportant and ignore matters that are really important. She said it's the Italian blood to blame for that. ^^

    serafina strongly disagrees.