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    Whether it’s not a bad idea depends entirely on his plans for replacing the admittedly horribly corrupt system. Does he have a stated suggestion, or is he relying only upon riding to power on a wave of discontent and anger?

    He has some economical ideas, however he poses as an Economy professor and not as a politician. I don't think he talks to the kind of people he should be talking to. He is angry and everybody is angry with the political situation, but that's not enough to really shift the majority of votes he needs to be elected.

    I think he wants to run for the presidency. He won't win. But he will stir up the waters a little bit. However, I am afraid that once in the pit, he will be like anybody else, forming alliances with a side or the other. He has to.

    Thank you for the tips.

    My husband advised me about the imported stuff I'd be getting here and I am keeping my expectations low and my wallet open.

    Argentinian wines are very strong for my taste. I had a couple of whites while I traveled to Italy last time and they are from another planet.

    I have been craving for some Italian white wine and I remember seeing mentioned somewhere a sort of MercadoLibre for wines in Argentina.

    On ML there isn't what I am craving for.

    Update: I had a call with Apple Support and went to an authorized support center in Capital. They said that it is likely a fallacy of this series of computer - they can't manage well video output if it is too high res. We tried in-store with a "simple" HD monitor and it worked flawlessly. It seems the issue is that my LG monitor is too good of a monitor, which is VERY disappointing to hear.

    We also checked the specs on the website and the technician agreed that "on paper" my solution meets the tech specs. I asked for the exact tech specs to buy the best monitor that my computer support, but they were unable to help. They said it is a trial and error process.

    Sometimes I send to the printer 10 pages and the video disappears!

    I've never been a big fan of sharing the mate pipe with others anyway, but that's just me.

    Or anybody's with a basic understanding of how diseases spread, for what matters. :rolleyes:

    I have always drank my mate alone. I started by sipping my husband's mate, and I have also asked him to not share his mate with anyone else. Not even his families.

    I remember that on the Subway in NY many years ago there was a campaign to raise awareness on cavities passed from mother to child when she "cleaned" the pacer by sucking it.

    Rice , consider it like coffee. Once you develop a palate for it, you can discern good from bad and have your favorites!

    Smoked mate (barbacuá) is stronger, average mate is just mate, softer mate is "suave" and then there is flavored mate (mixed with herbs, fruits, coffee etc.)

    Incidentally, the tea produced in Misiones is used extensively in 'iced tea' drinks and...Coca Cola

    Interesting! I visited Oberá last October and I loved walking in the tea field. The day was grey with a fine rain...very British! I saw hares' holes in the ground and there was nobody except me and the machine harvesting tea leaves.

    The mate tree used in farming is purposely kept short so that it is easy to collect leaves. Whereas in nature it is a very tall tree and indigenous people used to climb them to collect mate.

    I bought about 18 brands of mate when I visited. Some were made in Corrientes, which I didn't know had a mate tradition. It was interesting to see mate from Corrientes sold in Iguazú. I liked it very much.

    I was explained that the plant is the same, the curing is what determines the different flavors across brands. I don't have a favored brand, so far.

    My last mate packed was Jardín de la flor and it was pleasant but faded quickly. I am now drinking Indumar.

    Imagen 1 de 2 de Yerba Mate Indumar X1kg (pack X6 Unidades)Imagen 1 de 5 de Yerba Flor De Jardín  Sin Tacc  500gr.

    I drink mate unsugared. It is less strong on my belly than coffee and I can drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    Coffee used to give me a high but then the down made me sleepy. Mate seems to be more consistent. And then it fades the more you sip, so it gets weaker and weaker.

    That's an interesting question. I have seen produces and manufactures goods that are labelled as "Organic" but I am not sure if this means that they are GMO-free.

    I also doubt that the average farmer has any control over a GMO or non-GMO seed they plant, and we can't check the chemicals used on the produces sold to us.

    Many big names of farming have used / are using Argentina to do things that cannot be done elsewhere, so I am not sure if there is any way to be sure to get non-GMO Organic produces here.

    I suggest to check the work of Pablo Piovano here. It is about RoundUp and chemicals used for farming in Argentina.

    I have recently purchased ($5) and installed AdBlock as an extension of Chrome. The reason for that is that I was being displayed gruesome advertising when I read an Italian newspaper. After comparing my Chrome window with my mother's Chrome window on her computer, I could not find a way to get rid of the extra ads I was getting.

    However, now many websites can spot the AdBlock and will go blur, showing a popup that explain that they live on advertising and that with AdBlock enabled I cannot navigate their website. The newspaper to which my mom is subscribed (and where I was seeing the gruesome ads) has an extra paid subscription for ad-free reading, but many other websites do not. You either disable AdBlock or you can't read them AT ALL.

    I am quite disappointed to have spent money for a lesser result than before. It is true that I was was getting the annoying ads, but at least I could access the (paid) content. Now I can't even read the newspaper!

    Do you use any AdBlocker and if so, are you experiencing the same issue?

    If anybody is interested to reproduce the issue, just install AdBlock and then try to access…-del-naja-massive-attack/ or

    Today I spent a solid 2 hours with the Apple Support (included with my new purchase). They have been useless. According to them, I should reinstall the OS. We did it and nothing changed. We just wasted one hour of our time.

    At least, now I have calculates that it takes exactly two minutes to wake up the monitor. I will try to order a USB-C to DisplayPort cable next week, hoping this will resolve the issue.

    The computer-monitor signal is working, however the monitor stays black (as in: the screen turns on but the image is black) and only after 2 minutes I can see the mirror image of the notebook.

    Sometimes the monitor goes black after 20 minutes, sometimes after 5 minutes after I am not touching the keyboard or mouse.

    Hey Splinter. Thanks!

    Ok, I think you have to have a residency card to post on Mercado Libre.

    Do they do apartments and houses for rent?

    You need to have a DNI to buy/sell on Mercadolibre. They also try to prevent direct contact between sellers and buyer :(

    Not sure how they manage real estate listings, though.

    My suggestion would be to look on Airbnb and exchange phone numbers by message or to use Booking com. Some remote locations advertise on their tourist office page, and you can find their email and phone number. If the location is very remote, the signal may not be good, so don't worry if it takes them 2 days to reply to your email or if they don't pick up the phone.

    I will cry a little more over this cable/monitor issue. It seems that a OS update did improve a little bit the situation.

    However, sometimes it seems to lose the settings, and connect the external monitor as an Extended monitor instead of a Mirrored monitor.

    Thank you for linking that article. I will have to find out how to solve this for good when I regather my zen. Since my new Macbook Air is new, I should have free technical support for the first three months. But I need to find the time to do a looooong conversation with them and I am already behind with work.

    So much time lost for this bloody monitor, cable and computer. I feel like an ape visiting the NASA.

    I am always offered a seat on public transport by old and young male Argentinians, or to step on the bus before them even if we are standing in line and they arrived before me. This is something that I have never witnessed elsewhere.

    The weather and the nature are the main reasons why I am staying it here. If it had the same weather as in Central or Northern Europe, I would never live here, regardless of how nice the people are.

    I like the lively society, the many events. In north Italy we mostly live indoor and we are not gregarious. Here people are non-competitive and very relaxed most of the time. I also like the way the locals can fight and be humorous at the same time.