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    I noticed the oranges were going cheap yesterday. 29 pesos a kilo.

    Because they are old! Oranges are ready at the beginning of winter and those sold now are old. That said, they are still good, but just for juice.
    I guess they store them somewhere to have a continuous supply throughout the year. This is no season for citrus fruits.

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    That’s because Argentina takes care of their people. It’s for your own good!

    And jokes aside, I have never eaten more fruit and vegetables since moving here. Going to a plant-based nutrition was natural in Argentina, given the crappy processed food.

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    Not taking things seriously seems to be the way this country is run.

    The wife is just back from the Renault dealership where the car still sits in the same place waiting to be repaired....been there for days. When she asked when they would start they replied ''don't know it'll soon be Christmas''. :rolleyes:

    Always better than ‘Why do you need the car anyway?’ 🤣

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    This is aA question that has been asked endlessly since charges were brought against her, even when she was president and regardless of whether you think she may be guilty of the crimes she has been charged with and more importantly recently, the crimes she has been implicated in, but not charged with yet - she's not going anywhere without a fight.

    These are the only bars she'll ever see!


    Anyway the amounts we are talking about here, I think is reasonable harmless and of no interest to the authorities.

    The amount is of no interest, but the information that you have potentially undeclared accounts abroad is.

    I have no intention to pay Argentina a yearly tax for having to keep my savings away from their draconian and unreliable banking system, especially if these are savings from my work done abroad before even moving to Argentina, on which I was already taxed abroad.

    I just sent a transfer from my Glasgow account and got 94.5 to the Pound.

    Can you please expand a little?

    Do you have to bring in paperwork to WU to be able to collect the money?

    Is there a restriction based on residency/citizenship?

    I have never used WU, but I was always told to never send money to yourself from your accounts abroad as it involves loads of paperwork on the origin on funds.

    About tipping the delivery guy, I am at a quandary with these new delivery app where you have to pay already for delivery. For example, last night I ordered pizza through PedidosYa. Delivery was $45 and the final figure came short of $700.

    I didn’t want the change though I had specifies I’d be paying with $700 and the delivery guy had the change ready for me (less than $30).

    I am not sure if these $45 were all for the delivery guy or else, and I also suspect it’s $45 gross. Remember that to be a delivery guy for PedidosYa you need to be registered in Monotrobuto.

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    I would have given him $200 and I am pretty sure my husband's would have given him $120.

    I am terrible at tipping because it is considered rude in Italy, so I am afraid of giving too little and offend the recipient and giving too much and self-rip myself (if there is such thing). I can manage to give 10% when there is a bill, but when it is free offer it is really a call of pity.

    Every time I am faced with free tipping, I always tip out of guilt and never out of heart. Or out of fear in the case of trapitos and window cleaners...

    Last time I was at the waxing salon I tipped the woman doing my hair for the first time. I go to a big salon where they have 7-8 booths and I rarely get the same lady twice. This one was grumpy all the time but she did a thorough job. She also pretended she didn't understand me well.

    But when I tipped her $100 over a $500 she finally smiled and was all cheery.

    I wondered if she was grumpy because I had a reputation for not tipping among the employees. It never occurred to me that I had to tip someone doing their salaried work (at least, I think they get a salary at the waxing station). I am still wondering if tipping at the hair salone is expected / correct.

    The Scold’s Bridle was a torture device used during medieval times on women accused of talking too much, which was then feared to be the work of the devil.

    Not yet available on Amazon.

    And, funnily, even if it was, they wouldn't be shipping to Argentina.

    I bet it's be on pre-order ;-)

    Better than going to India itself?

    Safer, for sure!

    The second night on our Indian trip we had a rooftop dinner with live music, but we were very surprised that it consisted of a percussionist and a woman, whose head was covered by a veil, both sat with crossed legs on the floor, with naked feet, and she was emitting was sounded like a long series of wails... sort of wolf howling, which left us very perplexed.

    Either they have a different taste in music, or we were being scammed.