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    But with military control in the big conurbations.

    I don't think that Argentina has a military force big enough and prepared enough to deal with it. The ghost of the dictatorship is still alive here, and over the years they did everything possible to dismantle the military force as much as possible.

    I too think that in late Autumn we will see another huge lockdown. I am considering enrolling into school just to have something to invest while locked up.

    While it stops clubs and bars, it doesn't really solve a problem.

    I am in a local facebook group where people ask for advices from plumbers to TV series to watch. Yesterday, a lady asked suggestions on where to host a party for 18 people. She was inundated with comments and they were divided between those thinking it was selfish, idiotic and criminal to host a party of 18 in the middle of the pandemic and those who think it is an exaggerated hoax by the government.

    It really feels like these last 10 months have been for nothing.

    During the holidays, we went 4 times to family gatherings and I was the only one keeping a distance and wearing a mask inside. One family member who had covid arrived unmasked after having hung out with friends for a weekend (of course, unmasked). Other elder family members were kissing and hugging her. I was asked if I am a hugger and I said 'Nah, I'll pass'.

    Another elder family member, who also had it, was very very careful and she wasn't so careless and tried to warn the people that she is still suffering from the consequences of covid (she gets tired easily, her blood work hasn't returned the same, etc.) but the other family members tried to dismiss her as 'but you had many other comorbidities' and told me 'not to listen to her because she is depressing with her story'. But I believe her because I heard the same thing from people younger than me in Italy who had it (and daughter of two MDs, no leww). Perhaps people who get their news from the local trash TV think of it as a European problem.

    Of course, they had group karaoke (unmasked, of course) and group pictures (unmasked) and used personal cutlery to help cut pieces of meat to be served to all, or served themselves a forkful of salad with their own fork. Basically, the poster picture of what NOT to do at a family gathering during the pandemic.

    And then, of course, arrived the teenager friends of the host's son to play football and hang out in the pool.

    So, it is a Netflix issue! I have never had the same issue with the Amazon Fire stick we bought a few months ago, but admittedly, we don't use it as often as the Apple TV. We also switched location of both devices because we initially thought that it was a poor connection issue (the Apple TV was farther from the router than the Fire stick), but of course nothing changed.

    I will try to reboot the device. I usually keep trying and after 5-6 attempts it works again... but can stop at any time and for no reason.

    Since the holidays, we have been experiencing this error message on Netflix 'Couldn't load this content. Try again later', but only with the Apple TV 3gen. We have resolved by connecting the computer to the TV, and watching Netflix from browser. I thought it was because it is peak season, but the issue still remains.

    Have you also experienced it?

    When I arrived here, I wasn't aware that here they had also the unión civil (civil union) and the unión convivencial (domestic partnership), so I went with the wedding. They are all enough for residency purpose. I don't remember being asked if I wanted a community property marriage or a separate property marriage (this can also be changed subsequently) when we went to the Registro Civil.

    For foreigners, it is also important to check the legislation of the country of origin, to ascertain how the civil relationship will be recognized in our home country (if it is recognized).

    For example, in Italy we have civil unions and marriages, however the former are exclusively for same-sex couples whereas the latter are exclusively for haeterosexual couples - hence, a foreign gay marriage is transcribed in Italy as a civil union.

    You may well have stumbled onto a solution, Splinter . If you had been seeking a church wedding and had to settle for a civil one, that would be one thing. But if there is more than one way to have a legal civil wedding, why not?

    In Argentina Church marriages have no civil value. You have to get married in a civil ceremony regardless, and if you want you can do a religious ceremony for you own private beliefs.

    I have been looking to book an appointment at the Registro Civil in Olivos to request vital records (online, nothing is coming out for older records), since my husband still has residency at his father's place in Olivos. I have also been looking in San Isidro and San Fernando (where the event likely took place).

    However, no appointment is shown, ever. I had read online that a lady was able to get her records in Olivos, after booking an appointment, but when I looked for one it seemed impossible.

    Some months ago, when life was still normal, I was discussing this face to face with an Argentinian lady friend about my age. She told me that at her school, sed-ex was 2-3 classes at the age of 12, held by nuns. Their teaching was pretty simple: abstain!

    Definitely the discussion over abortion is stilted: those who are against it think that it is an easy fix for scantily dressed bourgeois girls who like to party hard and think they should not be granted this 'caprice'. They lack to understand that with abortion people with limited resources are given a chance.

    I have my reservation that abortion will change things for the better for all of the poors. First of all, if someone doesn't know how they got pregnant, I doubt they can understand symptoms of pregnancy and seek medical help. Second, the level of medical help they may have access to is definitely not the best and I am not sure they can get a safe abortion anyway. Third, abortion was already legal in case of violations, but in Argentina it was de facto made impossible by delaying the administrative and medical process as much as possible. So even if it is now legal, the chances of it actually happening are still slim for some people.

    I also think it is unlikely that someone who cannot take control of their life will actually go through the hardest route consciously.

    On La Nación there was a piece about a guy who talked on camera to his mother who had TEN kids, asking her if she would have aborted some if abortion were legal. And the mother named a few names of 'unwanted' children. He was outraged because he loves his siblings and used his mother's answer to make a point about how making abortion legal was 'damaging to people'. Instead, he should have asked himself how it is possible that his mother got pregnant ten times... basically, all her fertile life she spent it pregnant.

    The niece tested negative but she has a temperature and other symptoms so the family have called it off for tomorrow which is the right decision. The doc thinks it may have been a false negative.

    What kind of test was she given? And had the doctor any influence over the testing method? I.e. could he order directly a PCR test or the standard procedure is order a swab test and if it is positive, order a PCR one in a few days?

    At our xmas dinner and lunch, one person over 70 had the virus and is still suffering the consequences. This person already had health issues, but was warning people that it wasn't a walk in the park like they said. Everybody in the family tried to dismiss her account because 'she already had health issues' and 'she is like a broken record'. I tried to support her POV because I have heard the same complaints from people younger than me who had it (prolonged fatigue even after months), but the family simply ignored me.

    I found it so childish!

    Wow, so there is no physical to renew it?

    My Italian DL expired last year and I have up to three year to renew it, before I have to take the whole exam again.

    Of course, I counted on traveling to Italy this year, so now I am a little worried I won't be able to meet the three year deadline.

    We cannot renew it from abroad, but we can get an extension valid for 10 years and then renew it when we travel home. We have to take a physical locally (here in Argentina), though. The service has been suspended unless you can prove it is an emergency.

    Is your new DL without the EU flag already? Did it revert back to its old format?

    I meant to ask this earlier: what does “curb your Spanish mean?”

    She said "le sugiero reveer su castellano", which I interpreted as 'you should review your Spanish' and understood as "you should improve your Spanish" (so that you can make yourself understood) or perhaps that I forgot some accent or subjunctive. I don't know, but that's no way to speak to a client, especially in a country like Argentina where many people are not very educated and write terribly.

    My husband says that 'reveer' doesn't exist so I am not sure what she meant... to read it again? I don't have my original message because I contacted her through a form on her website.

    I can't still understand WHY. WHY do they treat you like crap? Why do they ignore you?

    I needed a sworn translator (my usual lives too far away and without public transport it's complicated) and I went to the official directory. I started contacting them in order of distance because I wanted a practical solution to use in the future. I wrote to SIX and NONE didn't reply. I was dumb enough to treat them with the same care I wanted to be treated, i.e. I wrote to one at time. One week later, I hadn't made any progress.

    The 7th replied asking stuff I had written in my first email. She clearly wasn't going back to read my first inquiry, and she was not replying to my further questions, insisting on hers. Her reply became the same question twice, three hours apart. So, at the end of yet another day I was still with no one helping me.

    I told her it looked like we couldn't communicate and I was going to look elsewhere. I was writing stuff and she was asking about stuff I had already written! She got upset and wrote I should curb my Spanish more, to which I replied in Italian (just to make sure my Italian is good enough for her) that I am not a native Spanish speaker and that when I am client, my Spanish is none of her concern.

    She quoted my reply where I wrote I was going to look elsewhere describing it as "very Argentinian". FFS! Stop insulting your prospects!

    Oh my goodness!

    After so much debating, countless hours spent discussing about it among the two of us, and a resented hunch from my husband's family, we decided to go 'as usual'. According to La Nación, if there is one of us sick, 4 will become sick (I think we will be a party of 20).

    I'll bring focaccia, hummus, wine, and salsa criolla.

    It's been nice meeting you guys.


    In Argentina there have been 1.5million cases reported, 42,000 deaths and 1.4million people have recovered from Covid, at least according to the health ministry.

    I receive emails by concerned friends/acquaintances since the numbers of Argentina have surpassed those of most Latin American countries. Yet, I fail to see the same state of despair observed in the more modern and technologically and medically advanced Europe. I too thing/thought the weather factored in, however in Brazil and in California they didn't do so well.

    We all have seen the pictures of the mass entombment in Brazil, so I tend to think that it was/id bad over there. Is Argentina so good to make it look as business as usual?

    In Italy, the prime minister locked down the whole country from Dec 24 to Jan 6, when the holiday season is over. They are allowing family celebrations with up two guest families.

    Whereas here I have no heard such limit. Indeed, La Nación has also a risk calculation tool