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    I don't think the government really cares of what people think.

    They pandemic is just helping them getting where they were planning to head anyway.

    My husband and others have said they won't close down because they know the people will protest etc. However, I think the people here protest for so many reasons, that it has become ineffective.

    Products sold at Falabella are mostly imported and you won't find them elsewhere in Argentina. The discounts are (for once) REAL US-style discounts where you can really score deals over deals. This is like Black Friday!

    I wouldn't stand in line for 5 blocks, but there isn't much else to do on a rainy day...

    I know someone who failed their university dissertation presentation recently because they did a study on teenagers and did not use inclusive language. I don't know if they can re-do it or whether that's five years of study down the toilet. I also don't know the extent of the language, whether it was offensive or not. Still, I found it very concerning because the universities are really becoming a one-sided thing. Anyone without a far left tilt (I mean batshit crazy side of the left) will increasingly be shut out.

    A recent post on a FB group about an Italian to English translation for a corporate magazine was unanimously in favor in taking out the adjective "black" in reference to an African newborn's head that popped out from the colorful mother's vest (they were describing some donation made to an NGO in Africa, probably).

    Everybody seemed to agree that the adjective black was uncalled for' and 'should be left out'. For me, it should be flagged but included until the client agrees to take it off.

    And, it could have been used to described the visual (was the head more visible because it stroke against the colorful pattern of the textile? Or was it the opposite? Anyway... was the visual effect being discussed? Would they have written 'pale head' in relation to a white newborn? If we call it a 'bald head' are we insulting the baby's appearance? Where ones draw the mark?

    However, it seems that 'preventing the (unconscious?) spread of racist language' was a priority and a duty of translators, whereas I think about it very differently. If interpreters left out racial slurs during a hearing, it could hinder a case. So why a translator should 'fix' politically not correct texts?

    There are some texts I wouldn't accept translating and I understand that we only skim through the text when we decide to accept the job or not, and this details came up only during the actual translation, after accepting the job. However, even thinking of removing a word because it doesn't sit well with my value is a disservice to the author's voice. I am not there to judge the author and I can make a suggestion on a copy based on my knowledge the target market/audience.

    For example, in the US it is customary to speak about 'ethnicity' of a person, whereas in the EU the GDPR prohibits to ask such detail. So whenever I translated market researches from the US, I had to flag the question about the respondent's ethnicity as possibly in violation of EU regulations. However, I still translated it. The client had the last word. Not me.

    His Apple technician custom builds them for his clients. Apparently, his lab is the cemetery of old Macs and he is pushing Hackintosh. Very wise of him. He also had one for display and my husband said it has the same look and feel, however you have a standard computer case and an external display that take more space and are less nice to the eye.

    Due to a technical issue, I have switched computer with my husband and I am now working on his 27" iMac and he is working on my 21" iMac. His computer is older and the graphic card failed, so it was fixed but the tech guy soldering it said to avoid resource-demanding applications (such as Music softwares). I only do document processing so it should be fine, at least for a while. I have never worked on a screen so large and I can keep many windows open at the same time without having to bend.

    My husband is surprised by the power of my iMac 21" - he thought it wouldn't handle is Music softwares. Should he need a new computer, the tech guy recommended he gets a a Hackintosh.

    I remember before buying my first used macbook that I tried to build a Hackintosh but the OS was not working on my machine. Basically, it is a Mac OS working on a computer assembled with non-Apple components. The cost for a top notch Hackintosh is around 1200 USD (160,000 ARS) at the moment.

    There are several for sale also on Mercadolibre. They are for people doing graphic, video editing, music, cinema etc.

    The screen should be bought aside. I am not sure what's the screen offer in Argentina and if there is any screen comparable to a Retina screen by Apple.

    Anybody has a screen they would recommend?

    I tend to do my reading from a mobile device (either my phone or iPad) to take a break from sitting in front of the computer. I work on a Desktop computer and I rarely use my laptop because I need a larger screen. However, if the weather is nice and the specific projects allows it, I can use my laptop while lying down on the terrace or on the couch.

    I had the pleasure to see the new hut with my own eyes today. I was afraid I would get caught leaving a suspicious bag in @Splinter's front garden. However, the hut was empty, the advertising TECHOS was very neat and highly visible.

    I was quite disappointed I couldn't see also the man... perhaps he is not appreciating the gift he was given...?

    I'll see you on Friday or Saturday - I'll coordinate via whatsapp. Do you want also passion fruit (Passiflora caerulea)? It has fruit falling, and they contain seeds. I can bring you the unbroken fruits and you can plant those. The seeds are jelly and I can't think of a way to preserve them except than keeping them in their natural 'womb' (shell) until they are planted.

    I don't think this is the passiflora aedulis, but I have eaten the fruit and I am still alive. However, this year it is flavorless. This is a climber and grow easily. The stem is frail at the beginning, very tiny, but can grow rapidly in hot humid days (when it showers in summer it can grow 10 cm in two days!). More on passiflora caerulea here:…hp?id=Passiflora+caerulea


    I have a bag of Sterlizia seeds, aka Flor del Pajaro or Ave del paraíso for share.

    I have approximately half a kilo of seeds, collected from a plant last month. The seed can be planted in a pot / bottle and the plants grows over two meters if planted in the ground. It needs a lot of light and it is an outdoor plant.

    According to the internet, it should be planted in Spring. However, if you pot it, you can do it all year long and transplant it in Spring.

    Who is up for the challenge? I'd be happy if I had something like this in a year or two, but I don't have a garden so it would be a just for fun project.

    UK Man , can you please let me know how big a seeder should be? Should I pick a small one and move it to a larger one as it grows? Or should I pick one already pick like in the picture, and patiently wait?



    My mimosa pudica made seeds (if anybody is interested, they're up for grab).


    I don't have anything here either, but owning a property is mandatory unless you want to move every two years to avoid random rent increases!

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    The more you want to spend, the more you are punished. That tell it all.

    I don't have anything here either, but owning a property is mandatory unless you want to move every two years to avoid random rent increases!

    I don't have anything here either, but owning a property is mandatory unless you want to move every two years to avoid random rent increases!

    I don't have anything here either, but owning a property is mandatory unless you want to move every two years to avoid random rent increases!

    Have you got any recent pictures of the Mimosa serafina ?

    it is doing rather poorly since Serafina the cat rated it 5 starts on piss advisor and piss on it daily. It is a pity because it even had flowers at some point.

    It would be a good quality if it didn't permeate through the whole culture as a general apathy to progress. Any form of progression or reform is frowned upon here, making it impossible for anything to get better.

    When we commissioned the new kitchen cabinets, I had two very specific requests: 1) that the door hinges opened more than 90 degrees (we have a narrow kitchen, I am a clumsy person and I am always afraid to know my head against them) 2) that the drawers had soft closing hinges, so that I don't need to accompany the drawer to close it while I have my hands dirty when cooking.

    The carpenter's wife said that it was physically impossible to get a door opening to more than 90 degrees and at the same time close against the cabinet. I pulled out my phone, showed her that on Mercadolibre they sold these hinges, and the husband agreed they'd put those.

    The carpenter's wife said that the soft close drawers were more expensive like to discourage me from choosing them. How many times do we make the kitchen cabinets in our lifetime?! I want the best I can afford.

    So they quoted for those 'upgraded hinges' separately, added that for uniformity we should put the same door hinges on all cabinets (some are next to the wall and it doesn't make sense). We agreed to pay the extra for all the fancy hinges and paid.

    When they installed the kitchen, there were no fancy hinges and the drawers didn't soft close - they just close. I don't know if the downgrades was my husband or the carpenters. We aren't talking an expensive upgrade - maybe 50 USD, it is a small kitchen. When they installed it, I told them that was not a soft closing drawer - it was a closing drawer. The wife said that's a soft close - that's what the hardware store told them and that's all you can get in Argentina.

    I told them I wanted and paid for all fancy hinges and the soft close. They said 'we can't remember, it's been too long'. Luckily, it was a voice message conversation on whatsapp and my husband found a voice message where the wife said we should have all fancy hinges for uniformity and that they would put them.

    At that point, they had their back to the wall... However they started asking if we could buy the fancy hinges because they could not find them... while in Mercadolibre they are sill available. I told my husband it was a slick move to have us pay AGAIN for the hinges.

    So we asked them t forget about the hinges and come rotate the cabinet doors (yes, they managed to make all doors opening in the wrong direction compared to the drawings we gave them - also witnessed by Whatsapp messages). After postponing the date to fix the furniture 3 times (this was in the last 6 months), of course at 9 PM of the day before the date, they were finally going to come... but they didn't really want to.

    So, on Saturday at 9 AM, when they were due at 10AM, they said "obviously, this is a paid visit".

    WTF?! At that point, my husband listed all the wrong stuff they did: the hinges, the color used to paint the kitchen which was not the one we brought them (they lost the paint can during the pandemic!!), the continuous delays, the doors opening in the wrong direction, the missing carved line on one cabinet door the delivery which we paid twice....

    Twice, because when we confirmed the order and went to give them the money, I made it clear that I wanted a hassle free job and that I would have ordered the kitchen only if they had come to install it (some carpenters won't to that!!!!! - only in Argentina!!) and I wanted an 'all included' price.

    They delivered a piece of the kitchen cabinet at 10 PM after 4 weeks of delays and lies on missed appointments (we had sold the old one the first time they had announced they'd be coming in 3 days with the new kitchen) - they had to bring the rest the next morning. Of course, the next morning their minivan broke down.

    So we told them to hire a flete... and they asked us to pay!!!

    Now, last week they wanted us to pay for their "third visit" because they count the day they came with the flete to deliver the rest of the furniture as EXTRA.

    So, I am being punished for having ordered too much?

    Now I am really tempted to write a thorough review on the internet, but they know our address.

    We have been trying to hire another carpenter for one month now. Most don't even reply. Some say they'll send in a quote and never send it. The truth is nobody wants to work in this F***UP country.

    But in Argentina, making money is actually seen negatively, unlike in the United States.

    Argentina is a country that created their national identity into whining because they are poor (it is the Capitalists' fault, whether domestic or foreign), where getting subsidies from the State is considered a right to all, and consider getting money for free an achievement.

    When talking to colleagues, nobody seemed concerned in thriving, just to have enough to pay the bills and get by. Nobody had ambitions to grow bigger, start a company, and nobody talked about their professional achievement (important or big job they did). And these were business meetings. They looked at me like I was crazy.

    I am a heavy Adobe Pro user and I subscribed to a paid plan in 2020. The monthly subscription rate for Argentina is significantly lower than for the rest of the world, however, they only accept Argentinian credit cards as a method of payment. Since we have none, I used my foreign credit card with the official rate. Still cheaper than subscribing as a first world user.

    Today I received this email from Adobe (sound like an April fool's joke in the first world, but very credible in Argentina):


    Con los recientes cambios en las leyes fiscales de Argentina, a partir del 1 de abril de 2021, Adobe se ve obligada a aplicar un impuesto del 65% junto con tus próximos pagos. El 30% corresponde al impuesto "PAIS" y el 35% al impuesto de la Resolución 4815/2020. El precio base de tu plan de Adobe no sufrirá ningún cambio.

    My current monthly charge is 581 ARS. The new amount will be 958,65 ARS, which means 10,43 USD per month.

    First world users pay 180 USD /year or about 14 USD/month if billed monthly.