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    I had read online that this is what they call the act of flashing headlights to each other (among bikers, when riding, for a sort of brotherhood of the two wheels)

    In the video he proves that the lights come on automatically when the ignition is turned and that it's impossible to turn them off when riding.

    Are you allowed to 'lamp' other bikers or is this feature disabled?

    I don't have a problem with sharing my opinions on this forum. Given the level of scrutiny at border crossing in the US, I don't think it is wise to be vocal about one own's positions on US politics or cross-border policy on the Internet. Especially if you are a foreigner.


    You are a student of Maimonides or Duns Scotus, ben ? Occam’s Razor is not a common reference.

    The journalist in question presented a cocky visage to the all-powerful agents, who decided to show him who was boss. (I’m thinking of Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke) The agents undoubtedly felt empowered by the outrageous pronouncements of the current president, that the press is the “enemy of the people.”

    But his was a special case. This could easily be the fate of anyone picked out of the crowd for bullying. For those of us who remember the US as the Land of the Free, it is heartbreaking to realize that members of this forum do not feel free to express their opinions for fear of governmental repercussions under a repressive president.


    Ben’s wealth of knowledge spans across several disciplines - that we know! But we study Occam’s razor in high school, don’t you?

    Now, remembering what that means after all these years is another thing 😅
    Luckily we were given Wikipedia!

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    I don't feel comfortable to comment publicly on the article in question, given it could be used against me one day.


    The other day I was reflecting on how we are vulnerable the most in our home country, as there is nobody else to call for help.

    My reflections was on having acquired Argentine citizenship and the desaparecidos.

    What if someone decides to hold something against me, now?

    I did pursue citizenship to not be separated from my husband ever, and to have the right to stay here indefinitely (in case of war, in case of my husband's death etc.). and never pondered the downsides. They looked the same the residency ones.

    I suppose you don't get to choose, but the other kind of avocado (Hass or palta negra) is creamier and perfect for guacamole.

    Yours is great for salad because it won't get smashed easily.

    I do avocado sauce for pasta which you could try if you are short of ideas: you simply cut the avocado, add a clove of garlic, salt, pepper EVO and put it in the blender. Cook your pasta and mix (do not cook the avocato sauce!).

    You can add red pepper flakes to give it some vibe, or diced tomatoes or fresh red bell pepper dices for a spruce up.

    Avocados are not common in my home country (and expensive), so I became accustomed to it only recently. Exotic fruit was pricey and foreign to me, so I wasn't able to choose it properly and didn't develop a palate for it.

    Here I love papines andinos (sort of new potatoes, small, tender and round, to be baked with their skin on), mandioca, and a sort of topinambur.

    I like to try out all the weird stuff from Perú and Bolivia found in the Central Market, whose name I will never learn.

    I am not a fan of foreign fruit (mango, papaya, guayaba) but I do well with veggies.

    More than variety, I love the price of the fresh produce available here.

    While I am also full of heavy coats never worn here (except once in Calafate, and sweat profusely because it was sunny and the sun is very hot, regardless), and heavy-knitted sweaters, I have also became very sensitive to the cold since moving here. I am often covered a lot more than the locals. For example, I can see people going out in flipflops, shorts and t-shirt in the morning to run errands (I suppose to buy medialunas or cigarettes), while I am wearing long socks, wife-beater and padded shoes.

    The assumption of Cristina in her last speech about her possible sex affair with the late Manuel Belgrano shows her lack of sense of respect to our historical heroes.

    Imagine Mrs. Angela Merkel telling the people that she would like to have an affair with Bismarck?

    I am ashamed and concerned about the applause of the people gathered in that meeting.

    Welcome back, Mr. Carlos !

    I was too shocked and found it distasteful, to say the least.

    Who is interested on who she would have had an affair with, anyway? X/

    What about haggish? I am just curious to see if it is too odd for my palate.

    I imagine it as a sort of mix between geese salami and morcilla.

    Ahahaha! That was wild! We all know how expensive extra food onboard can be.

    Well, now that you make me think about it... It was 2007 and I was boarding a flight to NY.

    I am already sitting on the plane, passengers are boarding the plane... arrives a passenger dressed in some Eastern clothes, with a long beard, etc. like an imam.

    He arranges something on his seat, puts something on (like preparing for a ritual) and then start kneeling or bending... I thought he was trying to put a bomb somewhere (under his seat?) and got pretty scared. However, nobody else paid attention, so I played it cool.

    On our flight to India, people where going to the loo barefoot, even if the bathroom floor was covered in liquid and paper. I caught also a whiff of cigarette smoke.

    To reduce the garlic power:

    1) Remove the sprout in the middle

    2) Cut the garlic clove in half and remove it once the oil has heated and the garlic released its aroma. Burnt garlic is disgusting, so better take it out before it is too late.

    3) cook it thoroughly

    The strongest form is fresh mashed garlic. Once I made garlic bread in an attempt to reproduce some Irish or British garlic bread recipe... it was delicious but we smelled like garlic for days!

    There like 3-4 garlic cloves for a 1 kg dough of bread. The garlic was mixed with parsley and salt, if I recall correctly.

    We banned that recipe after the first successful attempt.

    La Nacion published a list of three recipes/places where to have Portobello mushrooms.

    Personally, oil, garlic, a tad of white whine, sauté and once done, salt, pepper and parsley... et voilá.

    Or simply fried. Yummy!

    But it is pretty boring that in Capital portobello and champignones are the only two options available.

    Sometimes, also girgolas, but I have seen them only twice in a gourmet fair.

    I wonder if in Patagonia there are wild mushrooms available. Maybe JAN can answer to my question!

    In order: girgolas, portobello and champignones.




    I love Rita. I loved that series so much I thought I should be learning Danish. Then I started reading the alphabet and said... what the heck?! ^^

    It was (is?) available on Netflix. I am unable to attach it here, for unknown reasons.


    Electricity never been worse than now, thanks to MM! This was just one, many more to come. Yellow balloons and happy

    Electrons used to do what they wanted under the Ks. Now Mr. M. had them straightened! =O

    But if Fernandez wins they can go back to smoking joints and living la vida criolla.


    Back to the original topic, yesterday I was having a chat with a local engineer who tried to explain me 'the political failure' of last Sunday's power outage.

    I told him there are failures all the time but we don't even notice because they are caught on time. It is really native to think that the network works like a clockwork for 30 years straight and then a black out and we are all poor.

    I have ready many irritating comments by the people, including Prez. candidate Fernandez asking Macri to "return electricity to Argentines" since they had to face price increases in their utility and the result was this blackout.

    Thinking that in 4 years you can really fix a national network is also naive to the utmost extent.

    First of all you need a national energy plan, which spans over various decades. Then you need money to decide how many, which and where to put power plants. Then you need to work on transmission network and finally on distribution. Production, transmission, and distribution are the three key element to power supply.

    Since here you have to oil the right gear, I don't think changes can happen freely since Macri's day 1 in office.