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    One of the guys I know said that they had been warned to expect some action this morning and he closed - But still doing "delivery"

    After viewing the video for the second time, I think it was all staged and the guy filming was messing up with their plan to simply put a check next to "raided cueva in Florida".

    Is the Indec now involved in virus data collection?

    I don't know but it the first word that popped in my mind when I read this. I think these are data from the Health Ministry, so it is just one more example of discrimination from the Capitalistic world against the free people of South America!

    Wow! The people who thought BsAs in 2018 was as expensive as other cities never tried living near Milan! Or, I suspect, any of the cities that were held up as suddenly so reasonable compared to BsAs, which at that time WAS reasonable by all the standards you mentioned, serafina .

    (I would add that in US cities, parking garages are much more expensive. In New Orleans, you’d pay $35-45 and in NYC, possibly double that.)

    Well, for example we had far less vegetables because they were expensive. Of course there was more variety and, on average, they were in better shape. However, spending 20-30 USD in vegetables... we considered that expensive. We bought vegetables at low cost supermarkets and never in vegetables stores, unless there were good offers for seasonal fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelons etc. which could be bought in bulk.

    Meat was very expensive, a steak can easily be 10 USD in a supermarket, which is cheaper than in a butcher shop. Minced meat is usually a cheap alternative to make patties at home and still tell you've had meat. When we did BBQ, we bought poultry or pork because it is cheaper. To make a BBQ for two, using poultry we kept it on 15-20 euros for the both of us, while using veal or fish it would be double than that.

    I remember an episode when I was a kid and I wanted to invite over a couple of friends for lunch. I asked my mother to make her milanesa and she yelled at me 'Are you crazy?! Do you have any idea how expensive meat is? I'll cook you you all a plate of pasta and I'll make big portions! ". Here they invite you at an asado and it is okay if you show up with just a couple of bottles of wine... ^^

    We paid 500 USD per month for a 1br in the middle of the countryside of a medium town (medium in Italy is 10-15,000 inhabitants). During winter, it was common to spend €400-500 in heating over two months. We used heating from October to April.

    What was cheaper was traveling by plane due to low-cost airlines. And for this very reason, many Italians have their holidays abroad: Prague is cheaper than going to the seaside in Italy, Germany is also cheaper than visiting Florence or Venice for a weekend. Flying with a low-cost airline is cheaper than taking the train and visit somewhere in Italy.

    Housing is definitely a big thing, but also everyday items can be expensive and it gets frustrating.

    When we were living in Italy, we lived 30 km from Milan, so it was VERY close. However, it was almost an event to go there because every item added up.

    The highway is about 15 USD both ways, free parking can be hard to find, paid parking on the street is about 2 USD per hour if not more, a garage is at least twice as much.

    An aperitivo is about 10 USD, dinner is 30-40 USD per person, a night cap is another 10 USD. Add gasoline and it was easy 100 USD for a night out. With that money, I paid the electricity bill for two months.

    Every time we were invited out to celebrate somebody's birthday it was not a pleasant news because it would set us back of at least 60 USD.

    When you make €1000 per month, it quickly adds up.

    For international mailing to the US, DHL offers great rates which are on par with Correo Argentino, just much faster and better service!

    You can get a quote online. They have their rates set in USD, to be paid in ARS using the highest official exchange rate at the time of the transaction. Given the blue/official gap, it is darn cheap.

    I mailed documents on Friday for 2800 ARS (35 USD at the official rate), which was actually 12 USD using the blue rate. Delivery in three days, too!

    If you have hard currency, it's a good time to buy stuff after you've been to a cueva of course.

    There an iMac somewhere calling me... ML used deals are not so convenient. Upgrading from a 21" to a 27" Retina is just 1000 USD nowadays.

    And we need to buy chairs! We need to go out and try/buy them, but most places receive by appointment only.

    If you have hard currency, it's a good time to buy stuff after you've been to a cueva of course.

    There an iMac somewhere calling me... ML used deals are not so convenient. Upgrading from a 21" to a 27" Retina is just 1000 USD nowadays.

    And we need to buy chairs!

    This is completely unbelievable to me.

    I don't have many numbers to throw because we aren't obviously going out a lot. We also have a very modest lifestyle, and all we spend is for food.

    A fancy factura is now 40 pesos (last week it was 35). I am talking international-pastry level. A mini-cake at the same place is 250 pesos for a simple cake like an apple crumble, and 480 for a chocolate, mousse elaborate type. Prices in average bakeries should be half of that. I no longer go there given that the best one is closer and cheaper. I have been living in Soho for three years and this is the second time I am buying there, and I never ordered more than 6 facturas in the past! Now I visit there on alternate days and I buy a different cake every time!

    A pizza slice on Av. Corrientes is 75 pesos. A bottle of simple wine is 200 pesos (nothing fancy, let's say entry level from a wine shop).

    An American coffee at a fancy café in Soho is 150 pesos, quality comparable to the best coffee I used to drink in Italy.

    Smoked artichokes in oil was 250 pesos at the dietetica.

    Sushi delivery can be as low as 500-600 pesos and one kg of artisanal ice cream is 700 pesos.

    We tend to exchange as close to our payment deadline as possible. Especially in these fast-changing scenarios, waiting a few hours means money.

    I 2014 we often had 1-2 USD worth of pesos for days. At the beginning, it made me anxious (what if we have a vet emergency?!) but now I know that the loss we suffer from exchanging on a Friday afternoon instead of a Tuesday morning, over the years, is anyway higher than the potential veterinary charge at the official rate on a weekend.