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    So the president made a deal with Arroyo to steal public funds so that he could line his own pockets? Is that what you're saying JAN ?

    While I am on the fence about his involvement (I 100% think it was a scam, however), just by asking this question it seems as if you think what Jan is saying is fanciful. You think its not possible for a president of Argentina to be up to his neck in it?

    Terrible effort by the UK and US for sure. It will be interesting to return to this in a couple of weeks. It seems those countries would have got their act together by then and we see those numbers much higher. Argentina? Probably not.

    Imagine not knowing that everyone in the room thinks you're the biggest moron in the room. I am not sure if it's a blessing or a curse to not know you're an idiot and everyone thinks you're an idiot. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

    I agree this was a scam and cover up. I am unsure how high up it went, but it seems unlikely Alberto did not know about such a big expenditure. The only benefit of the doubt I would give him is he possibly was told the lie too and simply signed off on it without doing his homework. That said, there are 1KG bags of pasta readily available. I am sure someone will do the math and conclude whether those kilo bags would make up the price difference. I'll bet a peso they don't.

    JAN yep, I find it hard to believe the president had zero knowledge of this deal, even if he didn't ultimately greenlight it. It's implausible that he was not aware of the finer details before going ahead. It is amazing how they would try this under the spotlight they are currently under and it speaks to the way corruption works here, as detailed excellently by serafina on the previous page.

    Just some basic stuff: when u buy large quantities of something , u normally get a much better price, plus the price in the supermarket is marked up for the transport costs, middlemen and the supermarket profit.

    How on earth, can it that be that much more expensive buying directly from the producer in large quantities????

    It doesn't work like this in Argentina. Have you ever noticed how multi-packs of products are often more expensive here than single units? Or, there's no reduction for buying multiple. Yogurts and dessert pots are an example. One Ser Flan (for example) costs 35 pesos for one pot. They come in packs of four, but four literally cost 4x35, 140 pesos.

    It's not like that anywhere else in the world but in Argentina it happens. Luckily, multi-packs are not really a common thing here.

    hairyscotsman .....

    I fully agree on this.....

    It was concluded that it was a lab made virus, buuuuuuut, it was not proved where the virus come from and why exactly it escaped.....the idea was that it came from bad handling of food, bat soup or whatever.....but how do we know it was not with purpose allowed to get "created"????

    Like with an experiment with bats and other animals in a lab!

    The Chinese was extremely proactive....why? And what happened to the few meds and experts that warned about it? Suddenly gone with the wind and the virus!

    Haha Jan ;). Please point to where "it was concluded that it was a lab made virus".

    This has been proven by virologists to be a man made made virus. This virus happened to be being studied in the level 4 bio bio hazard centre in wuhan.

    If this was an accidental escape or deliberate is neither here or there now but one thing is for sure..The chinese knew immendiately what they were dealing with as there control of the situation shows.

    Its not my place to speculate further however there is a load of good information from esteemed proffesionals at the top of there game about the make up of the so called pandemic.

    Interesting. Can you provide some scientific sources about this because everything I have read points to the scientific and medical communities confirming this is not man-made. You are talking about proof, which seems conclusive to me. Let's see what information you have. Although, I have my doubts about you.

    We had Telecentro to our apartment on Saturday. The internet has always been terrible from them even though we pay for 100 megas. Since the lockdown it has become worse and I work with it, so, we decided to call. They told us it is physical and needed someone to come out. We cancelled the first time debating having someone come in our house when the whole point at the moment is to be socially distant.

    Ok, it continued to be poor so we relented and booked someone to come Saturday. He tipped up wearing a mask, but no gloves (I don't know if that's good or bad but I didn't really care). In our apartment he made very little effort to not touch stuff. Obviously he has to touch all our internet infrastructure, cables, router, and maybe the TV. No, he was fingering the backs of our chairs, moving furniture (I had moved it enough for me to enter at 6ft 1 and 90KGs but he was massive so had to move it more.

    Then "I have to back to my car to get a replacement router". I did not understand why he didn't bring it the first time. Whatever, i took him down again. Btw, only one person a time allowed in the elevator now so I sent him back up first. When I got back around a minute later, he was nowhere to be seen. I asked by wife. "In the toilet she said, I didn't know how to say no". He came out of the toilet and I asked him directly why he thought it was ok to use the toilet during the current situation and obvioulsy he said "I asked and your wife said it was ok". Fine, move on.

    He then connected the new router and phoned Telecentro to connect it. He couldn't get through. So, he waited sitting at my table for 20 minutes before giving up. He couldn't get through because our internet is so bad he couldn't even connect. He said we are getting between 10 and 15 megas and advised us to make a claim on it. He was shocked how poor our connection was.

    So, he left having done nothing at all and having sat around, and touched a lot of stuff. Oh yes, he also didn't flush the toilet. Rubber gloves and bleach time for an hour after he went, trying to remember everywhere he was. Needless to say, as soon as the opportunity arises we will be saying goodbye to Telecentro.

    I run a couple of simulation buys and it seems to change depending on how many you buy. I tried 10 units, which allowed me to go through the purcahse process until it told me the same, it won't deliver to my location (it also told me to change the quantity).

    I then tried 1, 3, and 5 units and received the no stock notification. Crossed out part is my email, obviously.

    Jan, do you work for Coto's PR team by any chance?

    Every supermarket chain works on this basis: some stores are better than other. This is the same anywhere in the world but in Argentina there seems to be a wider swing to the extremes. You can get a Coto store that is good and well-stocked with plenty of products and you can get others that are awful and not well-stocked. This happens with Carrefour too.

    You need to go to the bigger stores (Cuidadala) for Coto and San Martin for Carrefour, for example. In these stores you will find the most variance of products, included imported. Go to a smaller store then you'll have less luck.

    However, Coto tends to be generally dirtier when you get to the smaller stores. Carrefour Express locations are generally new and clean, whereas local Coto's are usually worse for wear.

    One thing I have also noted is that Coto's staff are typically terrible, even by Argentina's standards. We're not expecting stellar service anywhere in this country, but Coto's apathetic and unhelpful staff take it to the next level. If it comes to products, after Jumbo and Disco I find Coto to be the best followed by Carrefour. However, I would prefer to shop in Carrefour over Coto.