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    I honestly doubt the 80,000 per week number too. What would the average fare be? Not every trip is a long one, so you have a bunch of 3-400 pesos fares. Some of what you earn goes to Didi (at leat eventually). If you can earn 80,000 a week I guess many people will be doing this too, so competition will be high. Also, a major subset of the population simply won't want to travel by bike. Having said that, it can probably be a nice little side earner for you if you are willing to have several random strangers clinging to you daily.

    The comparison between UK and Argentine shopping ignores that people in the UK earn more. My salary that allows me to do very well here would barely be enough in the UK, even in a small town.

    That is really nice looking, and I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with the rude nitwit.

    I would say, though, in defense of all the Argentine people who are honorable, punctual, generous and kind, that without our rose-colored glasses, we can all remember people in our own home countries who were not exactly stellar folks to do business with….

    My father bought scores of used bikes and cars when I was younger and the second-hand vehicle market in the UK was/is incredibly efficient. People expect a certain level of smoothness either as a seller or a buyer. You always get those who are different, but the ratio towards generally poor punctuality and basic respect skews higher in Argentina, I find. In terms of why sellers are so shoddy in the second hand market, I cannot put my finger on the reason. The second-hand market in Argentina is booming and has much value, but the quality of service around it is poor at best. At least with direct sales.

    Somethings make my left eye twitch and send me back into my older mindset where I say move your car to the street and smash their car up before you leave. If he knows where you live smash him up too when he comes around.

    That is the kind of blind rage Argentina brings out sometimes, turning me into some kind of animal.

    Of course, you are probably better off just moving your car and getting out of the situation altogether. If you think there is some course of action to be taken against the vandalism (I doubt it), pop a GoPro or something in there to catch them.

    I'll go too because I didn't get a story on the news.

    Back in 2007 I was visiting an online chatroom (when those were still a thing) for philosophy of all subjects. It was a small but active community and I was new. I had recently moved from my home town in Wales to another village and didn't have many friends, so was bacially killing time on this and other chatrooms. PhilosophyChat had a system where you could choose to hit the camera icon to see members in the room. It was clear when I entered this was a close group of around 10 regular posters. I slowly integrated over the next few weeks, but never really used the camera function (or put my own webcam on).

    There was a user there known as MeMe, who I had not interacted with much but got into a conversation with one evening. For the first time, I decided to hit the camera icon to see what's what. Let's be honest, I knew MeMe was female and I wanted to see the situation. Superficial yes, but I was still 23, so. I couldn't believe what I saw and honestly something changed in me. Anyway, I quickly killed the camera feed within seconds of it coming on.

    That evening we spoke until 4am just the two of us in the private room feature on the chatroom. From there, we talked daily for hours, setting alarms to meet, etc. After around another week we both started using the camera. What was interesting is sometimes the conversation would stop, I would be playing my Xbox or she would be doing her own thing, and the camera would still be on. We were falling asleep in the early hours (I was getting up 5:30am at the time for work and was getting an hour's sleep a day) on camera together.

    After around 6 weeks, I did what was obvious and told her I was in love with her. It was a bold move because internet romance was still fairly novel in 2007. Honestly, just two months prior I would have laughed at a friend telling me they had fallen in love online. I was six months out of a three-year relationship, so it wasn't the cliche cannot get a girl in real life, let's look online. It simply just happend. So, I told her and she told me she felt the same.

    She was in the middle of moving from Argentina to Madrid, so she agreed on the way to Madrid she would come into London where I would meet her. Stupidly - in what remains one of the worst nights of my life - she was not allowed to enter the UK. A few weeks later I went to Madrid and we met for the first time in person. Needless to say it all went excellently. Although, her moving to Madrid was as much an escape as it was a desire to live in Spain. She was going through a messy divorce with an ex-husband of questionable mentality (following her around, threatening to kill himself, the classics). Over the next two years I went and spent weeks or sometimes months with her in Madrid, Barcelona, and finally when she moved to Toledo.

    Eventually she picked up the courage to go back to Argentina to face her ex husband (it took two years for the divorce because he was not playing ball). Her desire to be close to her family trumped the potential of living in Wales or anywhere else. I agreed with this because I am not close with my family and cut all my friends out before meeting her. So, she moved back in 2010, I then joined her in 2011, and we got married in 2014. For a long time I was still embrrassed to say we were an internet romance, but a 15-year relationship, 8-year marraige, and a new baby on the way as I write this kind of proves to me online romances can work out.

    Obviously not cool if it is real. I will give the benefit of the doubt, but it all looked a bid suspect.

    I have no idea why there is a national holiday today. Strange other than this is the sort of thing that will further appeal to the feckless demographic that supports CFK.

    Edit to add if true, it was only a matter of time really considering what has been happening recently. Crowds outside the house of the VP and her acting like she is Evita. I really hate the cult of personality world we live in and in no sector is it more problematic than in politics.

    I might be missing the joke here, but that image is from the 2012 women's final (In think the famous game where she hit four straight aces) and is photoshopped. She is stacked in that department for sure, but that image has been stretched.

    These big tournaments are where the future of women's football lie, and will be the path towards growth for the game. They should be organising them more frequently than the men's game.

    I think with level 6, you also get 50% off HBO Max and 50% off Paramount Plus. That is what I got. Disney+ is almost exclusively kids stuff. If you don't class the MCU and Star Wars as kids stuff, then it also has them.

    Mileage on Star+ will vary. There are loads of shows and movies on there, but I never watch it. My son likes Family Guy and The Simpsons and they are on there in their entirety, which is why I keep it. Ah shit, I just remembered Star+ has ESPN, so you get full access to all sports events. I was lying, I use it all the time to watch ESPN content. It is handy if you like sports becaue it will show live events that are not on the main sports channels on TV. For example, every Premier League match of a gameweek will be live on Star+, while only around four games will be on TV.

    By the way, that is better than the UK where broadcasters are not allowed to show all games on a weekend.

    Are there two Washington Post papers? I though the Washington Post is a broadsheet and libreal, so not a Trump supporter?

    Hulu is Disney, it is the platform the company uses to stream adult content (although it has family content too) in the United States because Disney+ is kids only in the US.

    I believe Disney now uses Star+ in a similar way in Argentina. I think in other global countries there is mature content on Disney+.

    It comes back to the point that Rice mentioned in another thread. We creally are tightening our belts, so anything that isn't used to the full has to be jettisoned.

    I do like Spotify, it's brilliant and yes, it's cheap, but when you add it to everything else, it's a question of priorities.

    Oh for sure, I know that we have to pick and choose what we keep and let go of. No argument at all on that. Like I said, I have been questioning the worth of Netflix recently but at the same time it is still - along with Prime - a place that collects content rather than the likes of Disney+ and HBO that apread the content around in an endless cycle of streaming bills each month.

    I also found it is very easy to put these services on direct debit and mostly forget about them. I checked a couple of months back and I had Spotify, Netflix, Prime, HBO, Star+, and the fecking football pack Telecentro (clever bastards had it for three months free and I simply forgot to cut it out). Add a VPN on top and that all amounts to around $60+ each month. I had to pick and choose what to keep.

    Aside from games, YouTube has become my visual entertainment almost exclusively.

    Btw, I also noticed a few days ago that the Xbox games I was dicussing last week on this forum are charged in dollars on my credit card (despite saying pesos in the store), so I will be paying higher taxes on future purchases. Still not complaining though, I spent the same as 15,000 pesos last month and I got over 50 games. Unheard of in both Argentina and the US, so thanks I guess to Microsoft!

    This is where the concept of unanchored expectation comes in (see the ‘Inflation in Argentina’ thread).

    Because we earn in dollars, it is virtually impossible for me to see a figure of 463 pesos without thinking “that’s about $1.50/month.” But in actual on-the-ground fact, for Argentines and expats earning in pesos, 463 pesos is a completely different calculation. The practical translation of two cans of beer (thanks, GlasgowJohn ) helps.

    But it is still only two cans of beer or one cup of coffee for a whole month's worth of music and podcasts. I get it for people who don't listen to music often, but we have become so accustomed to having our entertainment on tap that we think even the US price of $9.99 is too much. I listen to a lot of music from a lot of different bands/singers, so to have all that at my disposal for 463 pesos or 10 bucks is excellent to me. I would also say for the casual user, Spotify's free version is perhaps best.

    Netflix is the same, under 2,000 pesos for thousands of shows and movies that are avialable whenever you want them is a bargain, no matter what currency you earn. That doesn't mean everybody can afford it, and it doesn't mean everybody should pay for it. For example, I am considering my future on Netflix because I am simply not using it enough. But I am not going to pretend these services are expensive.