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    No, the registrations costs are not included in the purchasing price. When buying a used car, the title ownership transfer should be paid by the purchaser, anyway. No idea about the amount of title transfer vs. new registration.

    It is kind of hard to find almost-new used cars since the local market it is what it is... high demand, low supply, and in general a slower economy. People don't buy cars on the spurs of the moment since ordering, paperwork and sorting the payment is not very swiftly.

    A friend bought a new WV car by bank transfer. He did the transfer to the dealership, and the bank blocked it until he could prove the source of the funds. They asked him THREE YEARS of pay slips. he had no issue in providing those, since he is a public servant. But this just proves how it is damn hard to spend money in an economy that claims to be starving for fresh cash.

    Madness, I am freelance and while I can provide three years of income proof, they are hardly payslips. My bank declines my debit card every time I want to make a purchase of around 50,000 or more, which is about 210 dollars so hardly a massive amount. I end up having to call them. Jokers.

    I almost wish they had let him (not really, but). Imagine him running around the breached Capitol pulling down curtains, pushing over chairs. A sitting president. I sometimes forget what a shitshow this guy brought to the White House. It is almost hilarious until you realize the all too real consequences.

    I am going off second hand knowledge that I was told once several years ago, so I may be well off base. Used cars - as in almost brand new but used - are more conveient and cost-effective because once you get a new car the registration costs are high. Not sure if true or if such costs are included in the kind of plans Serafina is discussing.

    I never understood the system here for financing cars. I remember in the UK going into the dealer, getting finance and driving off the lot with the car.

    The installments circle for cars here never was appealing in the slightest, simply because you don't get the vehicle. How does it work if you buy model X and it is to be delivered in 3-5 years, but in that time the manufacturer discontines the model or updates it? Do you get the replacement model or simply what is by now an old car?

    I understand why you went for this though serafina, they sold you a deal that looks amazing, a classic scam actually. You just don't expect such things from a major car company. Unfortunately, finding proper bargains or good deals in Argentina is not easy.

    We get them coming around regular, a couple of times a week. Usually it is a man or a man with his kid (different each time) asking for money because they have no food. It's tough to judge the legitimacy of it. Sometimes I give but other times I just don't answer.

    A couple of weeks ago I seen a man and a woman digging through the bin at the end of my street. They found some remnants of still edible food and both their faces lit up. I gave them money because that was obviously people in need. Those people knocking the door, though, it is much harder to know.

    I have also had the bonus schtick from the guys who collect appliances, old furniture, and trash for the government from outside people's houses. I was out with my dog one morning around 7am and they were collecting from the house next door. All three of them started nagging me for money, saying everyone gives them something. I told them the next time they are actually collecting from my house and not my neighbours I will slip them something. Cheeky f'ers.

    My father-in-law often says Argentina would be in a better state if British influence had prevailed and not Spanish/Italian. He speaks of his father and grandfather who would remember the efficiency and quality of English companies/work compared to latin-influenced alternatives.

    Yet another shooting frenzy and to be honest it's news I don't take much notice of as it's become so usual.

    Biden of course read the script with the usual predictable pathetic response. :rolleyes:

    All Biden can do is issue those pathetic response. Let's not forget he is on the side that wants to dramatically change gun laws. However, wanting something isn't the same s making it happen, especially in U.S. law. Most the other side doesn't want those changes and are backed by powerful and corrupt lobbying groups that have brainwashed 25% of the nation and paid off another 25%.

    Then you have to consider the American people. When Australia suffered the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 (?), the people of the country and lawmakers were outraged enough in a majority to make sweeping changes. For some reason, there are enough Americans who do not get similalry outraged... enough to prevent any meaningful change. And make mistake, mass shootings are an American problem that the rest of the world barely ever deals with, but Americans themselves are unwilling or unable to detach themselves from the gun.

    So Biden - a president admittedly adept at making predictable responses - is tacking this subject with one arm tied behind his back.

    All the talk of Kit Kats got me on Asda. Aside from being cheaper than here, the variety just made me sad. Orange, dark mint, peanut butter, honeycomb, Kit Kat ice cream, white chocolate, standard, chunky, bites. Depressing.

    Honestly, I agree with you, Splinter . It has always seemed strange for one country to own and control islands so close to another country.

    Threatening, even.

    I don't think Splinter was saying what you think he was.

    The French island of Corsica is significantly closer to Italy than it is France. It used to be Italian, historically Italians sought to have it back. France still owns it, but I don't think France's ownership is threatening.

    No naivety. They know what the Blue rate is, they know it is not the official rate. Just doing basic math in their head would tell them they are ripping Serafina off.

    This is why I am wary of doing these kinds of things when I travel. I have done for family but am always clear about the exchange rate at that time.

    Without losing your friend, is there no way to explain this situation to them? Then if they disagree all bets are off and you may be friendless here again.

    Bizzare all round, Smith laughing at the joke and then kicking off. His wife was not too pleased. Either it didn't understand what was said at first and was just laughing along with the crowd, or Jada's reaction sent him loco. Either way, just strolling up and slapping someone seems strange, especially as Chris Rock seemed to roll with it and actually took the slap well. He only gets flustered when Smith starts shouting. All I see is a bunch of morons doing moronic things.

    It's madness, isn't it. Like taking out a massive personal loan, not paying it, and then borrowing another massive loan from the same bank... not paying it again, and then borrowing another.

    I mean, the IMF only has itself to blame for contiung to deal with Argentina. Either way, there is no really good outcome for Argentina here so I expect another few years of economic hijinks.

    It is obvious that European and North American leaders know more about what is happening in the Kremlin than we do. Considering the haphazard invasion of one (not especially well defended) country, it cannot be a war that NATO is a afraid of. So, I don't believe when they say they won't put troops on the ground or place a no-fly zone in fear of escalating it into a war with Russia. Surely it is because they know without doubt that war will be nuclear and that Putin is not just threatening.

    The problem with that is Putin is now acting with impunity. Sanctions are severe, yeah, but the USSR allowed its economy and people to rot during the Cold War. In other words, Putin does not care about the financial ruin of Russia neccesarily. So, he is essentially now operating outside the law and being allowed to. There are calls for him to be put on trial for war crimes. He will laugh in the face of it. Russia has been removed from the international community, but what that really means is the West. The country spent four decades removed from the West. I don't think Putin cares if Russia is a global player.

    I see a general erosion of mental wellbeing. A quick gander through social media platforms shows that many people are just not well. Whatever the reasons are (probably the demise of proper communication and the rise of constant commuication), people are not well. So, it is no surprise that this would also come to our world leaders. Check out CFK at Alberto's speech last week, a woman who is clearly not mentally good. Once the people in charge are mentally unstable, all bets are off.

    I think it is becoming a situation whereby the West must somehow stop Putin eventually using nuclear weapons. Whether it is on Kiev if he keeps facing resistence for weeks-months, or in the middle of the sea somewhere just to show he will. Putin is now engaging in nuclear terrorism, using the threat of nuclear war to warn everyone in the world. I guess the end game has always been this since the birth of the atomic bomb, a madman with access to nukes finally decides to go loco.