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    I always liked this live version of Highway Star. Ritchie Blackmore only bothers to come out for the guitar solo, appearing from beind the amps. Then he notices a camera man on the stage, walks over to him, stops playing and throws a cup of water on him. Apparently he only agreed to do a live VHS if no cameramen were on stage.

    Neither do I Rice. ^^

    When buying something here I roughly work out what it costs in £'s. It stays more or less the same despite inflation here being rampant. I suppose that's why those who earn in dollars don't have the same worries about inflation others have.

    Solving the inflation problem is the biggest problem they have it impossible? I'm no expert but it would seem to be without causing even more damage further down the line.

    That is mostly right, or at least it was until this year. Things are moving so fast that the difference in price re pesos and pounds or dollars has changed. Just take any normal product, like a 2-liter of Coca Cola, which I think I saw in Carrefour this week for 124 pesos. That's barley 50p, which is much cheaper than what that product costs in the UK. Throw in the 50% of the second unit offer this week and you are getting two bottles for less that you would pay for one in other countries. No wonder major brands are jumping ship.

    But then you are correct about the people who earn outside. All I am really worried about is now whether I have to pay what Coca Cola is really worth one day or whether I can keep getting it cheap.

    Nothing is behind the wall. Literal nothingness. Of course, you could explore the multiverse theory but even that must have the boundary. Beyond that boundary is nothingness. Ignoring the possibility of a literal or figurative god, of course.

    That's based on the latest belief our universe is not infinite. If we assume the old belief that the universe is inifinite, then there is no wall.

    GlasgowJohn - As you say, there's something strange going on, and I am not really pointing to conspiracies or underplaying the virus. It's just seems weird that numbers are out of control according to the data, but there is so little evidence of it.

    News is not reporting the front line, like happened in Italy and the UK (amoung others).

    Where are the overflowing hospitals, the COVID wards that are bursting at the seams? If they exist, why don't we ever seen them?

    I still don't know many people who have it, did have it, or have died from it. I want to be clear, I do know someone who died within a week and someone who recovered after a couple of weeks and is a shadow of the man he was before. Again, not doubting this virus exists or anything stupid like that. However, I am not hearing about mass cases as the numbers suggest.

    Where are the families affected by lost loved ones, there's no coverage on it?

    I find what's happening in Argentina puzzling to be honest. It would be nice if there was a level of press here that could probe and question to provide some answers. I

    serafina - I wasn't doubting what happened in Italy, but more wondering why the coverage was so in-depth and not elsewhere. First major western nation badly affected and hit hard and fast are probably the reasons, but it was clear even Italy was ultimately not as bad as originally thought. The UK surpassed Italy just six weeks later in terms of deaths, and while COVID dominated the news agenda in the UK, it was never the kind of warzone reporting we saw from Italy.

    An extended family member who has been a nurse for 40 years said it's the worst she has ever seen. But at the same time, I have other medical associations who say this has been the quietest year they can remember.

    Throughout this pandemic, one of the big feelings has been this is not as bad as is being made out. Whether you agree with that or not, I think it's interesting to explore why this differing opinion exists. One clear reason could be that while COVID is killing tens of thousands in some countries, it is still not really killing "that many". What I mean is, tens of thousands are not that much when you spread them around a country. In other words, the chances of you knowing a large group of people who have it/died from it remains small. That number is not going to make a health system collapse, but it may make a ward dedicated to COVID patients look like a warzone.

    Remember when this was all taking off and the coverage of Italy. It was as if the country was falling apart, images of hospitals like warzones, etc. I am not sure if that early coverage was over the top and Italy has bounced back fine, or whether the country was unique in that it was hit hard and fast.

    Regarding why Italy gained so much attention (just weeks later the UK was beating Italy's numbers), I think it was when COVID was dominating the news cycle. It just seems the media has mostly moved on on a global level. However, I do find it interesting that in Argentina there is very little "front-line" coverage of what's going on. Are the hospitals overflowing, is the health system buckling? I don't know because the news does not report on the front line of the virus. Strange.

    And as mentioned, he also invented the D-Tuna, which is patented by his EVH guitar brand. This is a significant invention and it would be even more so if it was available on other brands. Many people may not know that most heavy metal and a lot of hard rock is not played in the standard E A D G B E tuning. For a lot of these songs, the guitarists would d tune the thick first e string so the tuning would be D A D G B E. If you are wondering why, it simply produces a darker and heavier sound.

    Doing so is not especially hard but does require having a ear, an electronic tuner, and fiddling with the machine head (tuning peg). For guitarists who maybe switch from standard to d tuned songs, it is a hassle. Van Halen’s D Tuna product allows the guitar to be de tuned and brought back to standard by essentially pushing a button.

    As I say, he also had at least a major role in inventing the Floyd Rose floating trem system. This is also known as the whammy bar. In the image below you can see the D Tuna in red and the black bridge of the Floyd Rose.

    You’ve caught that well, Splinter. “Eruption” was literally a warm up exercise EVH used to do in the mid 70s. The producer heard it and insisted it would be on the first album in 77. Van Halen did not get why that track would be so interesting considering it was just an exercise. In the end, “Eruption” became perhaps the most famous musical guitar track of all time.

    The extended live solo above is a combination of all musical interludes from Van Halen’s earlier records. It is not a song but rather a collection of guitar parts he would play live while the singer (David Lee Roth and later Sammy Hagar) took a rest.

    Incidentally, that guitar in the video is the one I discussed previously.

    There are some other examples of famous warm ups. When Randy Rhoads auditioned to join Ozzy Osborne’s solo band, he began by doing his regular warm up routine. Ozzy was impressed enough just by the warm up that he hired him.

    I'm afraid Argentine beef is nothing like what it used to be and I'm really not keen on it any more. Much prefer some nice pork and all the other asado stuff.

    Besides, a burger is a burger and Burger King's are far better than McD's. Having said that, Burger King do a lovely lomito in a sandwich, which is delicious.

    I actually love quick food.

    Me too, I am a sucker for fast food. I have tried all the so-called amazing burger places here and I would choose a Burger King everytime. I also like Mostaza.

    I disagree, both clearly fill a role in the market. Whether one person likes them or not is unimportant and considering many independent cafes and restaruants are also collapsing, I doubt there will be anything replacing them, just an empty building and job losses. Truth is, many people prefer Starbucks over a normal cafe. Those people, such as teens, who went to Starbucks just won't go and sit in a regular cafe. In other words, their business and role in the economy is gone. They also won't replace Burger King with an independent restaraunt. The only problems Burger King leaving solves are problems for McDonalds and Mostaza, making their life easier.

    Edit to add. Love them, loathe them, or indifferent, those companies leaving Argentina is another indicator of what's happening here and where the economy is heading.