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    Meat Loaf, who has died aged 74, was a remarkable singer and actor. I never got to see him live, but I'll always remember that my late father in law who only ever listened to classical music, often said that if he had to listen to rock/pop, it would be Meat Loaf.

    I never did discover what it was that he wouldn't do in I'd Do Anything For Love (But I wouldn't Do That). A legend.

    While I moved onto other music, Meat Loaf was a big part of my teenage listening habits.

    It explains in the song what he won't do.

    Everything he says in the song "never" those are the things he won't do.

    Before the chorus he says I'll never stop dreaming, that's another thing he won't do.

    When the lady says "sooner or later you'll be screwing around" and he replies "I won't do that".

    Turns our there were many things Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love.

    This one is especially dangeorus because the US cannot bully its way to a peaceful conclusion. Russia seems intent on taking Ukraine and if Russia invades the only thing that will prevent a full conflict is if NATO nations ignore it. The question is can they ignore such a bare-faced invasion? Probably not. Calls of World War 3 are often thrown around during global flashpoints, but this has potential WW3 event written all over it. Of course, I do not personally think it will get there because I think Putin senses the West is impotent and will just let it happen.

    I find it interesting that while NATO nations were chasing the tail of the US into conflicts in the Middle East, China and Russia were allowed to (re)emerge and grow into real threats. While I don't neccesarily care about the waning influence of the US, and indeed welcome it, there is obviously a problem if the influence is going to China and Russia.

    In my neighbourhood they have started putting white papers on some doors. From what I understand, the specifics of the paper (not usre if it is the size or what) highlights which house are empty, or when people are out etc. I have a five-month old Newfoundland who needs to go out regular, including around 1am and then 6am each day. Unfortunatley, that involves unlocking my door, checking up and down as if I am crossing the road, locking it when I get out, he pisses for 30 seconds, checking to see if anyone is around, then unlocking my door again. Just a complicated process for taking a dog out for a pee.

    37c showing in my garden thermomoeter which seems a lot more accurate than the 40c and 44c the weather sites are showing. Breezier today which is a bonus. Looking forward to a cold beer or three later.

    Yeah, there was a woman on the news lunch time out and about with a thermometer. She showed it was 38c but went up to 43c when the thermometer was on the floor.

    I go to some sites and it says 31 degrees, others then say 35, some say 38, and the news says 40.

    I have one app that says it is 30 now, and by 11 am it will be 41 (I am wirting this at 10am). So, in an hour it will increase 11 degrees according to the app. Also says by this afternoon it will be 44 degrees. All I know is, scratching my nethers has become an underwater mission.

    It is more than the weather for me. Sure, I get that disconnect too, but more the issue is the Christmas tradition is just so different. Like it or loathe it (I am somewhere in the middle), the classic Christmas of santa, trees, presents, snow, carol singing, up at 7am for the presents bla bla bla is engrained in people from western Europe and North America. I guess I miss some of the pageantry despite the fact I didn't think I cared for it when living in the UK. That does not mean Argentina should change, although the country's increasing obsession with copying others (especially the US, those they profess to hate) is creeping in and you do see some of that classic Christmas slowing coming to the fore.

    Speaking of the weather at Christmas, the Christmas week always seems to be that invisible line where the weather shifts from hot but ok to boiling and uncomfortable.

    Seeing more of this in football players. It is a sport that provides a massive cardio workout. Sprints, jogs, constant movement, constant stretching. Not only are top professionals running 10km each game, they are also doing complete HIT sessions during each game. Add to that the 4-5 times they do training each week. While it makes you supremely fit, the science is not complete on how good being supremely fit is for you. Or to rephrase that (because fitness is obviously good), is there a point where you put too much work on your heart?

    As I said, I have some problems with him, mostly surrounding how sometimes he is purposely vague (not on this subject) when he could clarify and ease tensions. However, when he speaks common sense it usually gets drowned out by people who think he is Hitler. I am not even sure he is right wing, but more classical liberal or centerist.

    I agree with you. Live and let live as far as I'm concerned.

    On the other hand, rendering the non-use of preferred pronouns as a criminal (?) offence is a step towards lunacy, as Prof. Jordan Peterson eloquently states. In fact, he himself was hauled over the coals at his university for NOT doing just that.

    Why not make it a criminal offence for not referring to me as him or he? Same thing really.

    I sometimes have problems with Peterson but boy did he throw himself into the lion's den on this subject. What was annoying about that whole epoisode is no-one was listening to what he was saying, instead going to the lowest denominator argument. His whole contention was about the ramifications of compelled speech through law. He never really discussed the issue of transgenderism at all, but everyone else wanted to make it a conversation about that. Of course, he became a nazi because it is easier to label someone and dismiss them rather than engage with them to find a common ground.

    He also modified his stance - which some call flip flopping - but I call learning. For example, when the protests against in Toronto University started against him, he said he would not call a trans person by the pronoun they chose if asked in a personal interaction. When asked months later he admitted that indeed he probably would call someone by whatever they want to be called. By the way, that video of the students cornering him outside during the protest is an infuriating example of why those on the far left are as bad as those on the far right. Peterson trying to discuss the subject and his opponents getting angry, emotional, and reeling off triggering words and basically looking for a scalp.

    He says bizzare things sometimes, but he was sport on and I think the winner during that sage. I doubt he is complaining anyway because it made him rich.

    My daughter has a friend who was a girl but this year has started dressing like a boy and wants to identify as male. Great for him, why would I have a problem with that? I do think we have not explored the mental health side of what's happening enough, but if someone makes an individual choice I am all good with that. In fact, I think I am the only one treating him like a guy when he comes to my house when everyone else steps around it or still treats him female.

    Still, I think government's need to stay out of this. If there is to be a shift in society and the language we use, it must be done naturally and not by legal force. It must also be allowed to take its time. If the future is to be one of multiple pronouns, it will take a long time but we will get there. For example, calling a gay person a "f*****" was ok even around 10 years ago, now not so much. Still, some people will use that word. It takes time to make these changes and you will probably never eliminate it totally. But forcing it through government and law is not the answer.

    Rather than try to approach the situation with sensitivity and understanding, it makes me angry and reject what change people are trying to make. I don't care if someone wants to be known as Zhe, and if asked I would call that person by that pronoun. However, I hate the idea of being forced to do so by a law.

    Thanks for the update. Where does the isolation for 8 days happen?

    Three years for me since I last went to the UK too, and I am also on Sputnik.

    I wish there was a way to get another vaccination. Funny thing is all my family here had vaccines that are approved in the UK. I am the foreigner who needs it more and I get Sputnik.

    With new strains and lockdowns, I am increasingly feeling like it will be years before I can visit the UK. Who knows, I may have to say goodbye to my father on a Zoom call.

    I had a cold a few weeks back and it was a stinker. Some of the stuff that came from my nose and throat was like from another planet. Still had to go about everyday life and I was surprised I was not burned at the stake by a mob thinking I had COVID.


    Like putting out a fire before it has even started!!!! I have had three jabs already for covid, when will enough be enough? This will turn into a yearly thing,

    just like the flu shot, before all is said and done.

    And I would be fine with that, if those yearly shots did allow for a normal way of life. It would certainly beat going into a lockdown every winter. Remember, what happens elsewhere during the COVID crisis comes to Argentina 3 to 6 months later. So, pay close attention to the UK and Europe because they show what will be happening here soon.

    The media do love to hype disasters and potential disasters. But do you remember how we all dismissed covid 22 months ago? Jan was the only one saying the sky was about to fall, and he is generally very dramatic.

    I am staking an arrogant claim here. I did not go against Jan and was calling for Chinese borders to be closed in February before the world woke up to this being a problem.

    By the way, I am now going the other way and think we are making too much of a problem about it. That may just be fatigue, though.