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    Me neither, but I just love the engineering and precision. I have an Omega automatic which I bought about 20 years ago and it's almost indestructible.

    This. high-end watches such as Rolex are wonderful pieces of engineering. That said, I don't think I have ever seen a Rolex that I liked on an aesthetic level, or at least not more than other watches.

    Do you have some inside information about his physical condition, UK Man ? I don’t remember reading concerns that his morbidly obese predecessor, 3 years younger, might not make it.

    I get what you're saying, but I don't think it's unreasonable to think about Biden's health. I presonally think he should be too old to be president, Trump too. Just like there's a lower age limit for becoming president, there should be an upper.

    He was able to become a celebrity President because of who he was. That's why Biden comes over as being a boring and predictable old codger. I'll be surprised if he lasts four years.

    What do you mean surprise he lasts four years, for what reason? I presume health and yeah, considering his age who knows where that will go. If you mean he won't last for political reasons, that's almost impossible.

    While it stops clubs and bars, it doesn't really solve a problem. One of the biggest problems has been mass gatherings of teens in parks and the inability or lack of desire from police to break up these groups. Those teens and other people will simply go to the park earlier. Unless police are willing to go to war with these people in the parks and now on the beaches and remove them, the curfew is all for nothing.

    There was a very good chance this was going to happen. It's lamentable and the people involved reprehensible, but why oh why was there not sufficient security prepared for this?

    We know Trump's support is a minority and now they have lost all sympathy from many people, including Repblicans, who were still on the fence or simply ignoring the situation. As if there were any doubt, Trump's actions over the last days have ensured he will be remembered as the worst U.S. president of all-time. Sure, his supporters will cling on and contradict that, but in the decades to come when these people fade away, Trump's legacy will be set in stone.

    Problematically, the U.S. has to find some way of correcting its course to calmer waters. While civil war remains a distant worry, it is still not outside the realm of possibility if this situation is allowed to fester.

    Outright hostility is very unlikely, I think in the 10 years I have been here I only had one person who did not like I was a Brit, and it was only a minimal situation that I handled. Most people don't care about asking where you are from if they notice you are from another country. Expect to be defined entirely by the sterotype of being British, and if you outwardly advertise it (the England shirt), you may find the problems you would be looking for.

    See, that's a good example.

    Even in the 1990s Alf Garnett was viewed as a dinosaur. I find it painfully unfunny and always did, I also find it offensive. That's opinion but what I don't want is to pretend like it never existed. You know what I do because I find it offensive? I don't watch it. I also don't want any TV network to be bullied into never showing it again. It did exist, it was of its time and that's how it should be remembered.

    Try as some groups may, they simply cannot erase things from existence. Only Fools and Horses became popular because it showed a larger than life protrayal of benefit-class society in during the 80s and into the 90s. Is some of it problematic now? Sure, some of those jokes or attitudes don't work today, but I never understand why this is a problem. It's like these people forget that something is of its time and of its place. Besides, Only Fools was not massive because it made some insensistive jokes, ultimately it was just a very tightly written sitcom with excellent set pieces, at least at its best. If I were to watch today, and I remember enough of it, those jokes that may push the boundaries just wouldn't be funny to me anymore. Fine, but that does not mean remove it from ever existing.

    I mean I doubt there's a show that exists from the 80s and 90s that stands up to the scrutiny, and forget about the 60s and 70s. Every show from those decades, and plenty into the 2000s will all need to be cancelled. Even something like "Queer As Folk," which did a lot to bring subjects of gay culture into the mainstream.

    What does this amount to? Are we now to assume that every piece of artistic content made in 2020 will automatically need to be cancelled by 2040 because over the next 20 years attitudes will evolve? Are these people trying to reduce art to only the here and now?

    Like most things with the woke culture movement, it breaks down on a basis of logic. Luckily for them, they abhor logic and common sense so can brush it off and look for the next TV shows to target.

    In my house, I'm now being labelled paranoid for questioning numbers of people to invite for Adri's birthday next Saturday.

    The youngster's attitude is, "I'm prepared to take the risk." And please don't question a millennial or worse still, become forceful in your arguments lest you be accused of aggression.

    The fact is, if I hadn't forcefully questioned the bizarre 25 people plus birthday party, it would still be going ahead.

    He's going to cancel you if you carry on arguing. Or call you racist, feminist, transphobic or something like that.

    Seems a hospital visit by my father in law a couple of weeks back is what took down the immediate family here. Luckily, the worst sympton between any of them was a sore throat, even said father in law who is over 70 and with heart issues. I guess my wife and the other younger members fell into normal, but he got lucky to be without many symptoms. All already out of isolation now too.

    So sorry that so many family members are COVID-positive, Semigoodlooking . I hope you and your two children can continue to avoid getting the virus, and that your wife and her family will continue to be without symptoms.

    The more I learn about the lockdowns, especially the apparent fact that there wasn’t exactly universal compliance, the more I tend to share your skepticism.

    Please keep us updated, and know that you have a concerned group of friends here on the forum.

    Thanks Rice, I think it's safe to assume someone burst our social bubble :D.

    I think if the goal posts keep moving, ie now 20 feet instead of 6, I will increasingly just take my chances. I think most people are coming around to that idea too. It's an interesting question, when does the world throw its hands up and say, we just move on with our lives, for better or for worse? I don't care about going out to eat, but if you cannot be within 20 feet of people, that could be trickly in just about every situation, unless your Batman:

    Everyone in my immediate family got it so we have been dealing with that last 10 days. My wife, her sister and husband, their kids, her parents, and her brother. There was barely a symptom between the lot of them. Only ones not to get it were me and our two kids. Now, my wife has been isolated in a bedroom but even so, the idea of anywhere within 6 metes being infectious puts a lot of my apartment within that limit. Doctors tell me that I should not have another test unless I display symptoms. Fair enough, but surely there's a chance living with someone infected, albeit isolated, means I have caught during those 10 days and have been spreading it what I go out? It's all a mess and I am still not convinced the lockdowns have worked at all.

    Debenhams has been on a sprial downwards for several years, closing locations, cutting staff, etc. I guess the COVID accelerated the situation, but not really by much. In fact, I think administration was looming over the company in January.

    Sheesh. I am far from being for the current woke movement and cancel culture, but these comments were too much. It is easy to say "you cannot say that these days" but these tweets would be out of line in an era. Idiots.

    Could have gotten away with murder in Argentina, he was that loved. Failed or fallen hero everywhere else and a fairly poor example of a human being too.

    Magical player, but not in the top 3 for me. Messi, who I am not a fan of but it's just obvious, is everything Maradona was and more.

    Also, why is the OP tweet calling it world championship football? Sounds like an American or someone who does not know football. World Championship Football was an old game between England and Scotland.

    And there will be a lot of shouting.

    I have been mega critical of Biden and knew exactly what Trump would attempt to do. I take back my comment about not voting for Biden. It was too militant and on reflection if I were able to vote in this election I would have. Biden would have had my vote. Trump has always been a curiostiy to me. I know he has bad intentions and hate his politics, but he also interests me because in many ways he has overturned what we expect from politics. He showed up the institutions and I hoped it would create major change in the Democrat party. It sadly did not at least for this term.

    Those are where my concerns about Biden come from. I actually like him but think his time is past because he represents something the DNC should be moving away from. That said, after Trump has confirmed my predictions this week it is very clear he had to be removed. He is possibly the most dangerous person in the world at this very moment. Let's be clear, he does not care about upholding democracy, making America great again, or any of that. He cares about himself. That would be fine, I guess, if he could actually play the game and deliver... but he cannot. So, because he is so selfish he wants to tear at the fabric of American society. What a loser he is. Worse are those who actually believe him. Never trust a politician (Biden included), especially one who lived his life proving he is a selfish liar who is only out for himself.