Where do you get your Argentinian news?

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    I am subscribed to La Nación, but overall there aren't in-depth interviews NYT-style.

    I would be interested in reading in-depth interviews with prominent politicians and people, but I have never seen and interview where the vice-president/minister/president of.... sat down with journalist X from La Nación to discuss the new policy / issue etc.

    How do one actually get to know what they think about current issues and what they are proposing to do with their new legislation?

    When I read news about Fernandez & Fernandez on La Nación, they ALWAYS quote what they commented with some other TV channel or newspaper.

    For example, there is this article on La Nación first page today:

    Alberto Fernández habló sobre la charla que tuvo con Cristina Kirchner tras el escándalo del vacunatorio vip

    I am curious to know what he said and what she said. I read the article, and all I can see is that the unnamed article's author has read someone else's piece on Página 12.


    "La llamé yo, para felicitarla por el cumpleaños. A la tarde, cuando estaba todo resuelto. Me apoyó en todo pero no le pedí consejos previos", dijo en diálogo con Página 12 el mandatario.

    Ese todo al que hace referencia en su frase el Presidente resume el escándalo generado el viernes por la mañana,

    So, what are the president and vice-president planning to tell to the Argentinian people about it? A ministry responds to the President... so I think the President owes the people an explanation...

  • You raise a very important question about industry standards and the country’s expectation of journalists, serafina . Inaccuracies and wrong impressions tend to multiply when all sources are secondary or tertiary.

  • I'm much more interested in the UK daily news and for that I get it from bbc.co.uk for free.

    The missus keeps me informed about the latest shenanigans going on here.. Even then most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other.

  • Probably a good approach, though it would help to know who owns/influences the big ones. When we first arrived in Argentina, several people we trusted told us that TN was the most independent of the Kirchners, but that may not still be true -

  • I usually take a quick look at TN because there's no paywall and Clarin/La Nacion very rarely now because even in a private window or VPN, they insist on the paywall.

    Infobae is pretty good, but in general, journalism in this country is so partisan that it can't be taken seriously.

    I have Clarin free for a month, so if you need anything, let me know