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    Is anyone else disturbed by the low number of tests given in all of Argentina?

    I’m encouraged by the small number of covid-19 patients in ICU’s, and the low number of both cases and deaths. Why am I waiting for a dam to break? Let’s hope that Argentina will escape the overwhelming hit that much of the northern hemisphere is having. Is quarantine going to do the trick? When can we exhale?

    Yes! We have both Sony and Warner Channel in BsAs with Cablevisión. (In Miradas guide, Warner is just called WC. Totally different meaning in English, so I still call it Warner.)

    We may need to look for DVDs, though these days they are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

    Nota de una empresa de USA a su personal en Argentina

    It has been brought to our attention by several officials visiting our office in Buenos Aires that offensive language is commonly used by our spanish speaking staff. Such behavior, in addition to violating our policy, is highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and staff.

    All personnel will immediatly adhere to the following rules:

    1. Words like carajo, la puta madre o me da en el quinto forro de las pelotas and other such expressions will not be tolerated or used for emphasis or dramatic effect, no matter how heated a discussion may become.

    2. You will not say la cagó when someone makes a mistake, or lo están cagando a pedos if you see someone being reprimended, or qué cagada when a major mistake has been made. All forms and derivations of the verb cagar are utterly innapropiate and unacceptable in our environment.

    3. No project manager, section head or administrator under any circumstances will be referred as hijo de mil puta, forro, sorete, es una mierda or es una bosta.

    4. Lack of determination will not be referred to as falta de huevos nor will persons who lack initiative be referred to as cagón de mierda, pelotudo or boludo.

    5. Unusual or creative ideas offered by management are not to be referred as pajas mentales or pelotudeces.

    6. Do not say cómo hincha las pelotas nor qué denso de mierda if a person is persistent; do not add cagó fuego, if a colleague is going through a difficult situation. Furthermore, you must not say cagamos (refer to item #2) nor nos rompieron el orto when a matter becomes excessively complicated.

    7. When asking someone to leave you alone, you must not say andate a la concha de tu hermana nor should you ever substitute "May I help you?" with ¿Qué mierda querés?

    8. Under no circunstances should you ever call your elderly industrial partners viejos chotos.

    9. Do not say me chupa un huevo when a relevant project is presented to you, nor should you ever answer sobame el nabo when your assistance is required.

    10.You should never call partners as puto de mierda or vieja tortillera; the sexual behavior of our staff is not to be discussed in terms suchs as viejo trolo, la mira con cariño or mariquita.

    11. Last but not least, after reading this note, please don´t say me la paso por el orto. Just keep it clean and dispose of it properly.

    Thank you.

    I never watched Spin City, serafina . Is it on Sony or Warner Channel?

    JAN , we love those old British ones too.

    REALLY SILLY Comedies:
    Keeping Up Appearsnces,

    Are You Being Served.


    Death in Paradise (Netflix)

    Midsomer Murders (Netflix)

    Prime Suspect (Netflix)

    Father Brown (Netflix)

    We must have seen every episode of Cheers, Friends, and Two and a Half Men, somewhere between 5 and 10 times.

    To your point, I loved 2.5 Men for about the first 4-5 seasons. Then there apparently was a change of writers, and the show changed from clever-funny to raunchy-funny only. After that, probably more enjoyable by an audience of single men.

    A common expression among gamblers and (other non-trump) con men: There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute.

    Beyond that, I cannot explain the gullibility of Americans.

    Excellent point, Carlos . Surely these companies would be happy to sell directly to the government at levels equal to or less than the prices they charge to wholesalers.

    As for how far up the chain this goes, a US president of 75 years ago called Harry S. Truman kept a sign on his desk saying “The Buck Stops Here.” Overlooking current bullying leaders, the world expects honest leaders to accept responsibility for the actions of those below them in the chain of command, and take responsibility.

    Isn’t this the way of the military? Who would have respect for a commander whose defense was “I didn’t know there was any corruption among the troops in my charge?” No. His job is to know what is happening, and he will be disciplined for any lack of control in his ranks.

    He is a living shitstorm in a dumpster fire.

    Last night, he fired the nonpartisan Inspector General in charge of overseeing the emergency spending package passed by Congress for humanitarian relief and help for small businesses, to make sure the money goes to the intended recipients. He will replace that man with someone very grateful and beholden to him for the job.

    If you can stand one more count site, this one has live updates and has a country-by-country chart showing all the main categories, including number of tests administered, a number that can help explain some large discrepancies in reported numbers of cases /deaths.…utm_campaign=homeAdvegas1?

    Can it be possible that Argentina has given fewer than 12k tests, or 261 per million population? By comparison, tests per million population in other countries :

    Italy - 12,495

    Switzerland -19,346

    Germany - 10,962

    Norway - 29,001

    USA - 6,271

    UK - 3,929

    Argentina - 261

    Shame on the USA and UK for having done so few tests, and so late. And shame on Argentina for pretending to have any knowledge AT ALL, of how many cases/deaths there have been.

    We were lucky enough to have had Carlos and Ambra as our guides, so we had the benefit of their knowledge of architecture and history, as well as their lifetime of familiarity with the entire province.

    Carlos , if you can personally serve as guide to each forum member, you’ll have us all so converted that we will all move to Córdoba!

    The knee-jerk reaction of any anti-Peronist when they get a sniff of this kind of activity is to say that they're all at their old tricks again, without backing it up with any actual proof.

    I’m included in the slight minority in the country who have this knee-jerk reaction. Knowing the Peronists’ reputation, Alberto really needs to go ‘WAY out of his way to demonstrate that his administration is squeaky clean.

    This gambit is a real black eye for him.

    Splinter , I think the main point JAN is making is that, regardless of where the corruption lies, at the very least, SOME official approved some prices so high that the taxpayers are being fleeced. If the persons in charge of procuring/approving the procurement aren’t at the top, then the top people need to very publicly decry the situation and fire the rotten apples.

    if that isn’t happening, the problem is more serious.