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    This is magnificent! I wanted to read about it, and saw this in the Telegraph;

    “When the lion jumps onto the pitch patches of turf erupt into 'flames' where the lion's feet touch the grass.

    Moments later the lion rears up onto its hind legs, swings its claws and gives one final roar before it is engulfed in flames and disappears as beams of light dissipate in the air.”

    Edit: just found the ending footage on YouTube!

    Food for thought about the Morales gov’t possibly having taken a lesson from the K’s creative accounting practices. If that is the case, a new administration should uncover that very soon.

    Unless the eventual new boss turns out to be like the old boss. Right now, with #s 2, 3 and 4 resigning, it looks like all of the people in elected office are fleeing from the job.

    We just enjoy the rustic aspect of wooden plates, UK Man . I can’t say we’ve ever had a really greasy meal on them; pizza probably comes closest. Usually use them for sandwiches or a kind of ploughman’s lunch.

    Rice just like our queen....the longer in power, the more time to arrange what u need to arrange......

    U can't scam and rob a country quick, would b to obvious.....but with more than a decade, boy o boy......

    That's probably why they all wanna stay in power.....not because of being alpha leaders that just want to lead, but more to finish of all the stuff prepared.....

    Seriously ask yourself: which person want to put his own life and life of family in danger just because of being a patriot????

    Sad but true. In earlier days, there were plenty of actual patriots who would gladly have given their lives for their country.

    When a restaurant claims “fine dining,” you know it is the opposite. Likewise when a person refers to himself as a patriot, he isn’t.

    We love using wooden plates, but after years of constant use, ours are starting to look a bit weather beaten. Any tips for maintaining them?

    Do they need to be sanded and oiled from time to time? If so, is oliva ok, or will that eventually turn rancid?

    Very sweet. When they aren’t available, people sometimes make them by adding a LOT of sugar to ordinary sour (not dill) pickles, letting the pickles marinate in their own juice with the added sugar for a week or so.

    Hi, Peter -

    Welcome to the forum. We hope that you and Maria will enjoy your time in BsAs and that we can help with your questions about life here, both while you are planning your visit and when you arrive.