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    The BBC report got it exactly right. Especially the section “Here’s where it gets interesting - and weird.”

    Their conclusion foreshadows what we’re in for:

    The Arizona audit may be less a cause of growing distrust in elections than a harbinger of what's to come in American democracy, where every election is viewed with suspicion and every result subject to seemingly endless challenges.

    Completely agree. serafina. Even at my halting level, I appreciate leisurely reading the written word but dread having to rapidly produce words.

    Welcome to the forum, Laura. I’d love to hear more about daily life in Puerto Madryn.

    We are only part-time expats, dividing our time among Buenos Aires, Lake Michigan, and New Orleans. Three months after we left BsAs, Argentina closed its borders because of the pandemic, so we’ve been away for an eternity (17 months). We are aching to return when both countries get the virus under control and throw the borders open again.

    What brought us to Argentina initially? Wanderlust and Curiosity. Our first trip to Argentina was in 2005, and until COVID hit, we were spending our full visitor allotment every year. Can’t wait to be able to resume our part-time expat life in such a gorgeous place with welcoming people. I hope you and your family love it as much as we do!

    For those of you who have already received the Chinese vaccine, good news today:

    The W.H.O. has approved China’s Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use.

    NYT, 7 May 2021

    I say BRAVO! We accept that we can’t edit our own writing, but we definitely can critique it after enough time has passed. And, unfortunately, after publication.

    I hope they gave you a reward for being a brave fellow, UK Man !

    In the US, there are pockets of people who are “vaccination resistant,” who may very well prevent the country from ever reaching herd immunity. Reasons vary from being completely anti-vaxxers to being afraid of needles to distrust of absolutely anything the govt recommends. There are also the tinfoil hat people who are convinced the vaccine contains electronic tracking devices (I am not making this up -)

    To entice holdouts to get with the program, a few states are now offering $100 to anyone who gets both doses. Various companies are giving a free coffee or pastry to those who get with the program. In New Orleans, there’s a strip joint offering free admission and a drink. (“Honey, I’ll be home late tonight; I’m going out to get another vaccination!”)

    From The Times today:

    Holidaying families face paying hundreds of pounds to prove they are safe to fly because of delays in the development of a health certificate for overseas travel, it emerged yesterday. Many Britons are likely to be required to take a costly PCR test despite having been vaccinated. The bill could double the cost of travel to some short-haul destinations.

    And this surprising finding:

    A third of Britons admit they have preferred lockdown to normal life and one in ten want restrictions to last for ever, according to a survey. More than a quarter of adults (28 per cent) say they have enjoyed "having more time to myself", while a third (32 per cent) say lockdowns have given them more time to relax.

    I can’t help with the kids question, PCLocal , but can tell you that Cordoba is a lovely city surrounded by beautiful countryside, mountains, small towns. If you’ll be driving to see other parts of Argentina, it’s a good base. (If you’re flying, BsAs is the only hub, so you’d be routed east through BsAs even if your destination is west of Córdoba.)

    BsAs has an incomparable variety of museums, concerts (many if not most are absolutely free), cultural events, beautiful architecture, restaurants, etc., and it has the excitement and energy that go along with a capital city. In 30 minutes you can be at the international airport (Ezeiza), and in less time than that, you can get to the local airport (Jorge Newberry, called ‘Aeroparque’) for nonstop flights all over Argentina and to Uruguay and other nearby countries, depending on pandemic border closures.

    Hmmm - did you ask how they knew your reputation, UK Man !?

    Here’s good news for India, Africa, South America, in this morning’s NYT:

    “The Biden administration also announced Wednesday it supports temporarilyremoving intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines. The U.S. will proceed with international negotiations to waive those protections.