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    Trump announce that USA is stepping out of WHO!

    Great, someone that put his actions where his mouth is!!!

    People should never forget why we are sitting locked up for months and why the whole freaking world is in a serious financial mess....not because of yellow haired monster.... because of the chinos and the collaborating partners!!!

    The top man at WHO hasn't exactly inspired confidence from the start. He should be first to go.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that doesn't like them. I have to grate a small fortune in parmesan cheese over them and drink a gallon of wine to get the buggers down.

    I can eat spag bol now and again but find pizza hard going.

    I think Argentina will just carry on as normal....a dysfunctional country everyone knows will always be a basket case. It helps that they don't rub-up certain countries the wrong way as they'll continue to feel sorry for us instead of giving us a kick in the goolies.

    As usual we were stopped at the police road block when coming back from the countryside place on the main road back into town. When they started the roadblock all they wanted to do was check our ID cards and ask where we had been. Over the past couple of weeks however they've added some changes. A drive through shower of disinfectant spray was put in place and this evening we had a temperature gun pointed at us. The lovely female officer told me mine was 36c plus two bars which left me somewhat confused as I hadn't been in one bar never mind two!!

    Not one case has been found here of it and already the authorities are patting themselves on the back for implementing the quarantine/lockdown and curfew rules earlier than anyone else.

    I can guaranteee over the coming months they'll also be taking credit for the large drop in crime as well. :rolleyes:

    I agree the measures have worked however as it's impossible to prove otherwise I still believe it was all done with ulterior motive.

    I'm afraid, UK Man , that you might be surprised at the state of government in the UK now. I know that I am daily shocked by the slithery creatures under every overturned rock in the US government, and even under Nixon, I never felt that way before.

    Back in the 60's and 70's nepotism was very common at local government in, houses and favours for those who knew the right people. It had been going for years before the media started to name names.

    I'm sure it still goes on to a certain extent but nowhere near as much as it used to because they know they'll get found out.

    Here it seems to be accepted just as a perk of office.

    Here at local Governemnt level I could write a book about such things.

    In the UK these practices would be headline news and the offendors shamed. Whereas here it's just seen as normal and accepted.

    It's really the land you're buying rather than the house. Most houses here are falling to bits and the newer ones are very poorly built.

    I can't see prices coming down.

    Was thinking this morning it's time for a visit to Tati. I get mine cut about every 2-3 months so not worth the risk getting the wife to do it. Especially after seeing her clipping the dogs and the torment she puts them through. ^^

    Goes without saying it's sad for those they leave behind. However I'm afraid I now believe sod all of what I read and hear about what goes on in Argentina....the weather forecast is quite accurate at times it has to be said.