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    We did have several but now the only one we have left is Tigre - although she's female. She has lived outside all her nine years I think she is now. She has her own outside room with bed and has a great life coming and going as she pleases. She has a fantastic laid back nature. Molly our Jack Russel who also lives outside in her own room is the only dog we have who gets on well with her. The inside dogs can't stand her so she keeps well away from them. ^^

    I was just a tad too young when that film came out so never got 'into it' as much as my older brother did. Must sit down and watch it sometime. He was a nice chap by all accounts.

    I've just had to suffer four nights of TN political argument, where the bias is clearly skewed. Last night after about 30 minutes of Leuco The Younger rabbiting on like a freight train, I couldn't bear the showmanship any longer.

    Adri likes to watch this stuff because well, she's Argentine. I think they have this awful habit of hyping up the viewers into a state of frothing at the mouth and all that drama.

    Independent and objective journalism in Argentina doesn't exist.

    Anyway, today is Friday, so I can avoid all that and light a fire for choripan instead. It's good for the soul.

    You must have been bored if you were watching that. I'd rather go pooper scooping in the garden. ^^

    UK Man

    Yep got the coffee with me and some other small things.....after waiting 4 hours and paying a fee of course!!!!

    Beside that, MM promise of door to door was really an empty promise.......I know people have success stories, but still it's so encreible complicated that no one really wanna bother unless it's HIV medicine ...=O

    It was a tester just to see what would happen....thankfully it wasn't something expensive. I wouldn't do it again so in that respect they won.

    The worst part was not having your tea, of course. But next to that must have been that video looping in your mind, of the pencil pushers at aduana sitting around sipping your tea.

    Yes indeed....wouldn't surprise me.

    It's not so much the loss it's the farcical procedure ....not to mention the expense of it all to the country. Funds they should be using for something 1000 times more important like upgrading hospitals and schools. That's what pisses me off. I just don't get it.

    There are huge multiple roll packages in the windows of some of the little stores that sell mops, brooms, cleaning products etc. Perhaps the prices in bulk are better than 4-packs sold in grocery stores and pharmacies? I don’t know anything about the quality.

    Quality is usually poor. I'd use it but my wife is very fussy.

    Did you leave with the coffee after paying a fee?

    That must have been around the same time I was sent two packets of tea from the UK and they turned up 8 months later. They had the bloody cheek to ask me to make the 200 mile round trip to go and collect them.

    Fucking laughable....tells you why this country's in such a mess.

    Argentina must be one of the only countries in the world where you still sell toilet paper without separation between the sheets........why not do the same with the plastic bags in the can then decide length yourself and then you knot it together hahahaha

    What u say UK Man ????


    This bum only buys the best...with perforations every 4''. 172 pesos for 4 the other day and it was advertised as an offer!! :rolleyes:

    UK Man , weren't you shopping at a mayorista store in Pilar/Escobar? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

    Not me serafina...I don't even know where that is. The only supermarket shopping we do during our rare visits to the capital is at Dia around the corner from the small apartment the family has in Ave Uruguay. Funnily enough she left to go there at 05.30 this morning to make sure all is okay.

    As regards toilet paper quality varies a heck of a lot and my wife is extremely fussy.

    My newly discovered Golden Virginia tobacco went up by 25% overnight. It's now $250 for 40g, with the only consolation being that that's the price I was previously paying for 30g Belgian tobacco which is nowhere near as good.

    Naturally I commented to the girl at the tobacconist about the price increase and all I got in return was a look that said "Wtf? Why are you even bothering to ask? What planet are you from?"

    It's amazing how much can be packed into one withering look, it really is.

    Strangely enough my Gold Leaf fags which used to be 90 pesos a packet went up by 15 pesos last Saturday!! So there was a price hike even before the election.

    Must say I don't think I ever met an Argentine during all my years of travelling and living in Scotland. I think that's part of the problem's a bit isolated to the rest of the world.

    Anyone here I know who travels has a few bob and either goes to Spain or Miami.

    Jan seen as you're here...I owe you an apology.

    In Vea yesterday I tried your recommended way of detaching a plastic fruit/veg bag from the roll. It worked a treat. :thumbup: The wife wasn't quite as successful though . ^^