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    In simplistic terms can someone explain to me why it happens at such a fast rate?

    And in practical terms what devaluation actually mean to the currency and those that earn in pesos.

    In simple terms the country's fucked and has been for many years. As the peso is so unstable and more or less a worthless currency transactions of any value are done in US$ which just makes the peso even more worthless.

    There's obviously much more to it than that. Working practices that belong in the 1960's, corruption, high profit margins, etc etc.

    It's more than just par for the course. The peso is sliding into oblivion. Doesn't that bother you at all?

    I'd say during my 13 years living here and many years visiting before that it is par for the course.

    Does it bother me? Simple and honest answer to that is no, it doesn't.

    I'm not talking about fluctuating prices, but the serious situation regarding devaluation, hence the title of the thread.

    The peso is in freefall against the dollar and probably every other currency in the world. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion and the knock on effects are already being felt with suppliers not being able to price up work and goods, thus trickling down to many other sectors in general.

    You sound surprised that this is happening. In Argentina it's par for the course surely?

    I don’t think he is saying a KIt Kat is serious, more that it is a measure to see fluctuating prices. It could be any product.


    Nothing new UK Man ? Are you serious?

    The peso devalued 11% during the week and is now at historically low levels. This is much more serious than the price of fags or Kit Kats.

    I am aware of the's happened most weeks for the 13 yeast I've been here. :D

    However if you earn in dollars the price of a KitKat has remained relatively stable.

    That is mostly right, or at least it was until this year. Things are moving so fast that the difference in price re pesos and pounds or dollars has changed. Just take any normal product, like a 2-liter of Coca Cola, which I think I saw in Carrefour this week for 124 pesos. That's barley 50p, which is much cheaper than what that product costs in the UK. Throw in the 50% of the second unit offer this week and you are getting two bottles for less that you would pay for one in other countries. No wonder major brands are jumping ship.

    But then you are correct about the people who earn outside. All I am really worried about is now whether I have to pay what Coca Cola is really worth one day or whether I can keep getting it cheap.

    Yes there are exceptions to the rule....some can be cheaper, some more expensive. A 4 bar KitKat being one that springs to mind. The normal price here is laughably expensive compared to the UK whereas the discounted 2 for 1 offer price is closer to the price a UK newsagent would sell it for.

    Not sure I understand, UK Man . ‘Splain, please?

    Neither do I Rice. ^^

    When buying something here I roughly work out what it costs in £'s. It stays more or less the same despite inflation here being rampant. I suppose that's why those who earn in dollars don't have the same worries about inflation others have.

    Solving the inflation problem is the biggest problem they have it impossible? I'm no expert but it would seem to be without causing even more damage further down the line.

    It's nothing new packet of fags do cost many times more today in pesos than they did years ago but in £'s they don't really cost that much more.....similar story to beer and I suspect many more poducts.

    The answer? There doesn't seem to be one due the massive reliance this country has on the US$.

    So it doesn't affect you? That's not the point if you look at the bigger picture of a president flouting every piece of medical advice available.

    As the title of the thread shows, he really does live in his own reality show and it's showmanship like this that makes him look like an irresponsible clown.

    Hardly a surprise though.

    I say again I don't get my knickers in a twist over what he does...he's a showman. I'm more concerned about things which affect me directly, especially financially and we get enough of that here.

    Is there a quarantine law in the US? If he's broken the law then something should be done about it.....that goes without saying.

    The whole point is that he is either trying to play down the virus and show everyone how tough and macho he is or he is being thoroughly irresponsible and/or both.

    I couldn't care less what he's trying to prove.

    I personally think it's about time the world got back to normal and stopped overeacting to a virus which has dire consequences on a very small percentage of the worlds population. Isolate those most at risk and let the majority of us get back to normal living.

    The recovery rate is huge compared to the fatality rate. I suggest that is his point.

    I would say that right enough. I still think the world is making a mountain out of a molehill with this ruddy virus.

    I feel embarrassed for Americans having to put up with this circus and the very thought of another four years of this, beggars belief.

    I neither feel embarrassed or sorry for them. It's their own bloody fault for voting them in. The present one isn't the first 'personality' President.

    We braved the cold weather to take a walk just now, and - at a safe distance - stopped to talk with a neighbor who was appalled at trump’s mocking Biden for “wearing a mask everywhere,” as he said in the debate. Our neighbor told us there is a Hebrew expression meaning, essentially, bad actions will return on their doers.

    You really have to wear a mask 24/7 as you're most likely to catch the virus from one of your loved ones. Even at 64 years of age the wife and I like to have a snog.

    Boys do love their toys. And this one looks really impressive -

    This boy would still be happy to use his Ericsson T28...I have several however the networks no longer supports it.

    I make do with my wife's Samsung cast off. It's on a contact but rarely if ever use any of the humongous call and data monthly allowance the contract has. Communicating using smoke signals would do me to be honest.

    This sounds like an investigation for UK Man ?

    Might be best to keep my mouth shut...I may disappear if they find out I'm publishing their secrets. ^^

    The situation here is farcical. We all wear masks for 6 months and it seems not to have made a jot of difference. I suspect the Unions have had a major say in how the government have handled the lockdown.

    Homemade Scottish Square sausage doesn't freeze well.

    You make it , you eat it, Really simple

    I have to freeze them because the wife won't touch them. Honestly can't say I've noticed any deterioration in quality....can't imagine why there should be either to be honest.

    Definitely. To be followed by serafina ’s King Cake.

    My sausage isn't exactly hard to make. All you do is mix half a kilo of minced beef with half a kilo of minced pork. Both have to have some fat in them or it won't taste as don't be getting the expensive stuff nor the cheapest. Mix in a beaten egg, a handful of dried breadcrumb, salt and black pepper and that's you done. Bung it all in a loaf tin pressing it down as you go then let it chill before slicing into portions for the freezer.