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    Agree on Mrs Verygoodlooking — you three Brits definitely married beautiful Argentine women. And I know Mrs GlasgowJohn is in the same category.

    Even with family and friends around, most grooms seem to be out of their element on their wedding day. Still, once that is over, look at the prizes you all wound up with!

    You wanna see her when she's angry!! 8|

    Not with me of course...I'm perfect. :P

    I didn't have fun at my wedding I am sorry to say. Mrs Semigoodlooking was typically verygoodlooking, and I loved marrying her. However, I just didn't know anyone at our wedding that well, with no friend or family of mine present, I felt like a bit of an outsider at my own wedding. Actually gives me bad memories to look at the photos of that day.

    It was a very similar situation for me. No family or friends from my side were there either and my Spanish was non-existent . I still feel an outsider to be honest. Great picture! :thumbup:

    Mrs Verygoodlooking and Mrs UK Man just go to show why we Brits married Argentine women! Very attractive ladies indeed.

    Well said!! :thumbup:

    Do post the photo when you find it!

    I’m pretty surprised at the suggestion that wedding presents aren’t always given bay all who attend the wedding.

    Seemingly I was wrong. I asked the missus and she said all those invited to the reception did give us a gift. I got confused as not all those who attended the church were invited to the reception. Word had got around that a Scotsman was in town to marry a local so the chapel was crowded out. ^^

    Here's a pic.


    UK Man , your guests didn’t send wedding gifts? Is that a cultural thing? In the US, a guest wouldn’t appear without having sent the gift first, so as not to appear to be a freeloader.

    We did get some gifts but mostly from close relatives and friends. The freeloaders gave us sod all!! 😄 I'm not so sure it works the same way here though. The freeladers were mostly friends of her mothers it has to be said.

    Must look out a picture of us at our church wedding which was the big one.

    I like various kinds of pinchos, but the ones you describe sound absolutely fabulous. Nothing about your wedding and reception could have been more perfect. (Better to have saved the choris for another occasion!)

    Couldn't agree more. The mother in law spent a lotta money on our reception and I don't remember a thing about the food. I suspect the many guests (freeloaders), most of whom I have only rarely seen since, probably loved it. ^^

    Just been watching a BBC news item about the lack of people in the UK going to get their booster jag. One lazy arsed middle class lady blamed not being personally informed by her GP about going to get it. She obviously isn't capable of using a phone or browsing the internet to book a booster appointment. :rolleyes:

    She seemed to be able to attend her weekly pottery class where she was interviewed no problem.

    Hard to believe this happened 50 years ago. We lived just down the road at the time. I was returning from college and saw my mother standing outside the front door. She shouted ''I was worried about you, something terrible has happened at the shopping centre''. I went straight up to see what was going on. To see such devastation was a shock as I assumed my mother was exaggerating.

    Ah - I forgot about your air fryer. Since that last came up, I’ve tasted air-fried potatoes, which were tasty and had crunch that approximated the texture of oil-fried ones.

    Until very recently, I turned down any steak not grilled on a fire. But we tried dry-grilling a steak in a heavy iron skillet, similar to a plancha, and found it juicy and delicious.

    The longer you use a plancha the better they get.

    My mate here likes showing off his asado skills. He once made chips on the BBQ the traditional way using melted beef suet in a metal pan. They tasted okay but it's one hell of a faff.

    Is this only an Argie thing? - there's probably 5 or 6 very serious cases reported a year - So I would imagine there are quite a few that are not reported.

    Can't recall any similar stuff in Scotland.

    Only if you're a loud mouthed prat....which is fair game.