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    Not taking things seriously seems to be the way this country is run.

    The wife is just back from the Renault dealership where the car still sits in the same place waiting to be repaired....been there for days. When she asked when they would start they replied ''don't know it'll soon be Christmas''. :rolleyes:

    Well the missus contacted Renault head office in Buenos Aires and they were none too impressed with what she had to say about her dealings so far with the Renault dealership here. A couple of hours later they rang back to say our car is now being attended to. The chap did say I only have their word for it but as we are paying them a visit next week you can be sure it'll be getting done. :thumbup:

    We shall see but I suspect these dealerships have to toe the line or end up losing their franchise. This one in particular has a reputation for poor service.

    I also love how the one way streets here in my town don't have any signs or markings informing you which direction the traffic flows. If you're from out of town you either have to look and see which direction the parked cars are pointing or guess if there are none. Seemingly unsurfaced roads are never one way roads.

    Of course the biggest difference between the British one shown above compared to the one we have to cross on Ruta 5 most days are the give way markings painted on the road. Here they don't have them!! Not that it would make any difference if they did right enough.

    Just remembered that the missus and I had to give blood for testing when we got married here. Still haven't a clue why and what they do with the idea many years later if it's still compulsory or not.

    Does anyone know if other countries make you go through the same procedure when you get married? Not that I was bothered at the time as I have my blood tested once a year at least anyway seen as OSDE pays for it anyway.

    All the bikers I've known over the years back in the UK didn't have much good to say about Harleys or their riders. Not being a biker myself I always found it rather odd and just thought it was them that had a problem. Most of them had big Honda bikes.

    Thanks for that Rice. If he's been up to no good and is found to have broken the rules then he deserves to get what's coming to him.

    At this point in time I'll give him the benfit of doubt. We've seen it all here before with you know who and she's ended up being Vice President.

    Silly beggar...

    For a start everyone knew number 11 was never going to happen without some dodgy intervention. I'm sure the new man will sort something out....he knows someone who's good at fixing inflation figures. :rolleyes:

    What this country needs is a bloody miracle.


    I really think many people underestimate t-hunk........he is a bully, a clown, a cowboy and and and......but stupid he is not!

    I think he just rubs people up the wrong way because he speaks his mind rather than pussyfooting around being diplomatic. It's refreshing to see someone in his position doing that. I'm surprised he hasn't farted in public yet.

    I noticed the oranges were going cheap yesterday. 29 pesos a kilo.

    My greatest comfort food here in Argentina is a KitKat along with a cup of coffee....used to be the same in Glasgow.

    I've moaned before about the price of them here compared to the UK but yesterady it got even more ridiculous. A pack of four 4 bar Kit Kat in the UK can be had for the equivalent of 77 pesos. In La Anonima yesterday the price for just one four bar Kit Kat was 91 pesos!!!!! :cursing:

    Mentioned this to Nazarena the MIL's carer and she said she saw them for sale at a non chain outlet for 42 pesos. So off we went and picked up a box of them. Crazy....when a large supermarket chain refuses to compete with a independently owned shop. Worth noting La Anonima was empty when we were in.

    Must admit I actually quite like the guy.....and not because of his Scottish ancestry. ^^ Anyway...he's not exactly the first President to be impeached is he? Might be wrong but I can't remember anything happening to those who were.

    Does it matter what he's like anyway? Even Mickey Mouse could run the US. 8)