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    looking at different options at the moment . One is buying it in Uruguay and the other is taking advantage of a European work trip next month

    The latter seems the easier option. What make/model of car is the back light for? Might be able to get it here for you. Fiat 500? ^^

    They wanted me to travel to BA to collect a small order of tea I'd got sent from the UK many months previously. The charges were a joke considering they'd held on to it for months without telling me. During which time, the amount I had to pay for its release had trebled.

    That put me off ever ordering anything from the UK again.

    I have to say I have only happy memories of Retiro. I was fascinated by the place on my first visit and even more fascinted by the wonderful seat service I received once on the coach......even better than British Airways. 👍👍👍 It was only a three hour journey as well.

    Not used it for years as we take a taxi whenever we have to go to the capital now.

    This so called super power seems to be getting desperate. He'll be calling up the Boy Scouts next. I think a party rebellion might be on the cards. Putin's days could be numbered.

    Having waited in vain for years for the unhealthy, crazed Putin-light in the US to kick the bucket, I can assure you there are some people who are just too hate-filled to die.

    I'm amazed in this day and age the Russian people, especially the young, don't rebel. Maybe they're happy to accept that way of governing?

    I was thinking the same thing. The part you didn’t tell us was whether the admirer is a contender or an old crone!

    Old crone? She's more than young enough to be my a lovely figure as well. :love:

    Joking aside, she's a great girl and helps the missus out a lot doing various things....sort of a girl Friday. I asked her the other week if she knew how to make tuna empanadas as I had planned on making some.

    The cases are new brand which she says are very good. So I suppose that's why she gave me them. Once asked her if she knew where I could get real beeswax.....several weeks later she gave me some. :thumbup:

    Was given two packets of empanada cases by a female admirer....she also gave me four chicken milanese. My wife witnessed the hand over so I have to assume there was no ulterior motive for the strange but kind gesture.

    Anyway....always wanted to try to make my own tuna empanadas so going to give it a bash. Grated cheese will have some part to play in it.


    At least we can save 12.400 pesos for repairing... If only there were parking spots in the area! Sometimes we have to park 5 or more blocks away! One Saturday night it was so crowded that my husband had to park over 1 km away. He took the bus to come home :wt-hell:

    How often does your husband use the car serafina? Seems a heck of a lot of hassle nevermind expense.

    The missus was wanting to have her homemade beefburgers with a salad. I told her as it's a bit chilly I'll be having buttery mash with she's agreed to have it as well. I'm also going to have Heinz style baked beans with mine. I bet she has some!!


    Is The Globe a UK or US scandal rag? I’m thinking it’s yours, not ours? In any case, tabloids care only about selling papers, not about any semblance of truth. So it’s probably not photoshopped, but the real item. Despicable.

    I suspect it's a spoof. Can't believe they'd get away with publishing that.