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    Tourists love all the Royal pomp & circumstance. Changing of the Guard. Royal Jewels in the Tower. Queen Mary’s doll house at Windsor Castle. The chance to be part of the crowd and catch a glimpse, at the Queen’s birthday, Royal weddings, Jubilees, etc.

    Someone good at digging can find the £ figure, but Royalty-inspired tourism must be worth billions every year.

    Yes it's a big tourist draw and always will be even without the Royal family.

    Almost certainly not. Because while Argentina is getting the kick up the arse, it moves deeper into the same old problems that have stopped progress for decades.

    That was my first thought...and the odds are overwhelming against it. However I have noticed some change in attitue amongst the business fraternity....not as cocky as it used to be.

    Yet out here in the sticks new businesses seem to be springing up every week. The ones that have closed are mostly those that have been around for years and haven't been able to adapt. Could be the pandemic will be a good thing for the country? It's needed a good kick up the arse for years.

    If a lockdown occurs, Will people comply?

    Here where I am I suspect most will. There will always be some who won't of course. :rolleyes:

    Good news is, Graciela the MIL's carer got her Covid test result this morning and it proved to be negative. She's been allowed to go home to recover from what is now believed to be a bad flu.

    Because he's black and he knows what happens to blacks when stopped by the cops, therefore he probably reasoned that he was safer in his car.

    They apparently stopped him because he had a new car with delivery plates on the rear window.

    Now he knows what happens when you constantly disobey an order from the police.

    I for one hope that the army officer wins his case against the cops due to their needless aggression.

    From what I saw I'm inclined to agree. However I don't know what information the officers had been given which led them stopping the bloke in the first place. Must admit my first thought was why didn't he just do as he was told and get out the car? He was asked several times.

    Still some wankers walking about in busy public areas without a mask on. Not to mention groups of maskless teenagers larking about. Going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Not helped by a Government of halfwits.

    The missus this morning found out her notary has been put into isolation as well as her accountants secretary...both are awaiting Covid test results. She also learned from those in the know there's a flu bug going about after the recent wet spell. First time a flu bug is good news!!

    I hope the caregiver recovers very soon, and that your MIL’s vaccination keeps her fully protected.

    Thanks Rice. No panic yet unless the test result proves to be positive.

    This mornings local news doesn't bode well though. Figures show a very large increase in cases....the largest since it all started, especially amongst the young. The youngest being only 1 year of age. If it's like that here I dread to think what it must be like in Buenos Aires.

    Oh dear, I certainly hope she doesn’t have the virus, but if she had to be transferred via ambulance, she must have had serious symptoms?

    UK Man , your MIL has been vaccinated, right?

    MIL had her first vaccination in early March so she at least has some protection.

    Hopefully she'll hear the result of the test today. She contacted my wife on Sunday to say she might be late coming in on Monday as she was going to the doctor due to having a sore back. The wife was surprised they took her in so she might have been feeling worse than she said.

    Should we be totally reverent to him just because he was married to the Queen – a person who he met by accident when he was a naval officer?

    I don't give a stuff about the Royal Family to be honest. Then again I can't be arsed with most of the worlds 'celebrities' including the Pope. However, millions of others do which is okay by me. I've got other far more important things to flippin' worry here doesn't exactly help!! ^^

    The virtue signallers on Twitter are unbelievable, they brand him a Nazi simply for attending the funeral of his sister. Had he not attended, he would have been a "misogynistic sister beater, who hated women"

    Social media is full of silly arses.....Philip probably said that to Jack Dorsey if he ever met him!! ^^

    Must admit I really didn't know that much about him.....I was never really interested to be honest. However since his death was announced I've been watching the BBC footage about him. He had an extraordinary early life.
    As for his clumsy humour....good for him I say. We're all guilty of doing it at times so at least it shows he was human!!

    I'd hate to be a 'royal'.