A millennial on millennials

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  • Couldn't have put it better myself


    I am a millennial and born in the year 2000. Social media (at least for us kids) is a competition, nothing more--a place where people can show off how glamorous their lives are, or how good their bodies look. Every instagram post or snapchat story is fueled by the need to feel superior, cool or the center of attention. Not one person uses that shit without personal gain as the driving force behind their actions, and if they tell you otherwise, they're lying. You'll never be the "coolest" because there will always be someone, even for just a moment of their lives, that will be doing something better than you. You'll never be on the top because there is no top, just an endless circle of narcissism, and vanity that leaves the poor, or not so well-off feeling like crap about themselves. This is what social media is, and always will be: a psychological nightmare.

  • When I went to visit my female friends in Italy we had a night out. The other girls were all singles and basically the night was about shuffling between guys profiles and pictures and commenting about each one of them. Some had gone out with the same guy so they were making comparison and very detailed judgements.

    Then we had a selfie full of smiles, which was soon published on Instagram and reposted on Facebook with several hashtags such as #friendsforever #crazygirls #italiangirls etc. They were disappointed that I didn't have an instagram handle because they so wanted to tag me and to write somewhere that I live in Argentina, just to add a little twist to their otherwise plain night. Conversation at the table was actually stalling, but judging from the selfie and hashtags and following comments we were having a hell of a night. Mine was more hellish.

  • My Instagram and Facebook are a true reflection of my life . I have only blocked my ex wife to stop her bitching about what a great life I have ...

    Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms for rewriting one’s pedestrian life into a fantasy, aren’t they?