Air conditioning makes you fat

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  • Since I don't leave the shop till the end of the month, I may have had the aircon taken out a tad early. It's not much fun trying to work in a sauna-type environment.

    Still, the bedroom is nice and cool now and we can sleep properly.

    Have you considered repairing computers while in bed? Bedding stores are experiencing a strong preference among millennials for the luxury version of a hospital bed, with mattresses that can be raised from a sleeping position to a sitting position. Why? They can lounge in bed to work on their computers.

    Granted, the nature of your work on computers might be a tad different, but maybe you can adapt their attitude to your own situation, and stay in air conditioned comfort all day.

    Problem solved.

  • What's nerdier than Stephen Hawking? Just buy this reclining chair where you can sleep, work, play... and maybe even take a dump (not sure about the hole, however, as skilled as you you can simply make a hole in the seat!)