Rabbani claims Nisman was murdered to cover 'empty hands' against Iran

  • Mohsen Rabbani is the Iranian consular officer who was serving in Buenos Aires at the time of the AMIA bombing who has been thought to be the mind (and the hand) behind said bombing.

    Nisman's investigation always pointed against the supposed cover that Cristina Kirchner gave to Iran during the investigation of the AMIA case.

    In this radio interview, Rabbani says everybody just assumed Iran was behind the AMIA bombing, but there is no proof of that, and that he is sure Nisman was murdered (or forced to commit suicide) to avoid him going to court and making a fool of himself.

    He also added that Nisman was funded by the US and Israel to pinpoint Iran as the AMIA attacker.

    If you have been watching Nisman' series on Netflix and you are unsure whether Iran or the government killed Nisman, according to Rabbani you should look elsewhere (US and Israel). To be honest, the investigation has been very confusing with mixed results and I never thought that Iranian or Argentinian intelligence could set up the murder scene that well...


  • the first that caught my mind immediately after the murder was the absolute no interest in investigating it seriously!!!! The troups arriving at the murder scene could have been police officer Wiggum and his team!!!! So clearly the government played some kind of role!

  • I agree that the CIA undoubtedly was not to blame. But their previous bad acts in Argentina give Iran a convenient culprit to blame, and history guarantees that there will be plenty who are all too ready to believe it. Who could blame them?

  • It cannot be cia behind..... everyone knows Macri was behind the murder..... according to a (in)famous lawyer.....jajajaja

  • You mean the one with the retroactive law degree?

    did bajo also back date his diploma?????

    Which I seriously doubt he has honestly hahaha

    I think it was the Falkland Islands secret police that did it......

    nono nono, they were behind the sub marine disaster......

    The submarine was spying on the coast and got hit by a Falkland missile......that's what my peroncho friend Nestor told me.....

  • The Govern wants a review of the Gendarmeria's report on the case. For those who didn't follow the story, it was opposite from the PFA report.

    Gendarmeria said that it was clearly a homicide, mostly because there is no way Nisman's hands would be free of trace of firearm powder on his arms if he shot himself as 'we have observed it 100% of the times', commented the officer from Gendarmeria interviewed in the documentary.

    Former national security ministerMrs. Patricia Bullrich says the Government want to poke at the Gendarmeria's report as they are not happy with the outcome and says 'this is yet another proof they cannot conceive independency of powers'

    Bullrich, en contra de revisar la pericia sobre la muerte de Nisman

    POLÍTICA04 Enero 2020

    La exministra de Seguridad cuestionó la intención del Gobierno de hacer una "revisión técnica" de la pericia que hizo Gendarmería en la causa por la muerte del fiscal y afirmó que "quieren reescribir la investigación"

    "Ahora el nuevo relato: quieren reescribir la investigación Nisman. Es su naturaleza: no puede entender la independencia de poderes", concluyó Patricia Bullrich, una de las últimas personas en hablar con el fallecido ex titular de la Unidad Fiscal AMIA.