Trump imposes metal tariffs on Brazil and Argentina

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  • Where does Worm Brain In Chief get the idea that American farmers are being hurt by steel and aluminium imports?

    Do these metals grown on trees north of the border and are they then harvested?

    And is he seriously suggesting that Argentina has intentionally wrecked its economy just to get an edge on exports, whilst more than 30% of the population lives in dire poverty?

    Clearly, the lunatics took over the asylum when we were busy being distracted doing something else.

    Twitter: an instrument of the Devil.

  • And his peeps, applauding his macho tariffs, don’t stop clapping long enough to think about who is paying those taxes. Unbefreakinlievable.

  • Good for Donald I say. Argentina and Brasil needs a good kick up the arse now and again. They aren't as smart or important as they think they are.