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    I have owned at least one gun for the past 60 years; I now have three.
    I sure as hell will not let some wing-nut politician take them away.

    Politicians are driven by power and greed. Politicians hate guns because it deprives them of their "fixes". Those bastards are not to be trusted. I fear them more than an attack from any outside source.

    Civilian-owned guns are the great equalizer.

    Richard Pedersen , for an idea of order of magnitude, you can divide by 500. So about $12 - $13 US, of which about $4 was for beer.

    Time to make a flight reservation?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
    Those are very good prices; I couldn't dine out for that price here even if I was alone.
    I could pay for the flight with the money saved on food! :)
    I bought a Guinness yesterday at a very not fancy bar (read "dive"); it cost $4 (US) for a 12-ounce bottle. If I took it home, a 6-pack would have been $10. I guess we have to pay for the "atmosphere" of the not fancy bar.

    Well any phone actually, because the hover effect is just that, so as far as I know, you can't hover a mobile phone cursor.

    Someone prove me wrong please.

    On my phone, I can touch and hold an item and in some cases, a menu will open. Isn't that something like hovering?

    Second para. be a little gay...

    Can someone explain , please.....

    That was back when "gay" meant light-hearted, pleasant, happy, etc. It had nothing to do with one's sexual orientation.

    Ahhh, those were the days. I was too young to appreciate it back then. Now, I can only dream...

    Come to think of it, I don't remember my mother following any of those suggestions.

    It has been my experience that most people don't whitelist sites they like. According to metrics, 80% of users are blocking sites' ads. That is a huge amount of lost potential revenue. I work for Dave's Computer Tips and Dave has been paying out of pocket to keep the site going for nearly 20 years now.

    The solution is basically this: if you like a site, then whitelist that site in your Adblocker to help keep those sites available for free to the user.

    Nobody likes ads, but not all ads are intrusive. Many are simple banner ads or side panel ads that don't flash and annoy. After a while, you won't even see them -- it's called being banner blind. And you don't have to click on them for the site to gain a bit of revenue. They only have to be visible on your screen.

    The only recourse in many cases is for the SysAdmins to put up a paywall to cover the costs and this only serves to punish the 20% who are whitelisting sites.

    Do it now. While you're thinking about it.

    There were a notable three:

    • George Membrez - History - As an insecure 10th grader, he gave me confidence in myself and allowed me to laugh
    • Mrs. Ford - 10th-grade algebra - She made me feel good about myself-- I mattered and felt love and kindness from her
    • Buddy Lake - Not a teacher in the public sense, but one who made a drastic difference in my feelings of self-worth. What a wonderful and brilliant man... and a friend, indeed

    These folks gave me a positive sense of self that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. (Certainly not from my family.)

    May God bless all these people. They changed my life. I hope they know how grateful I am.

    There were others who have helped me along the way but not to this extent,