Battalions of mosquitoes

  • What is with the marauding armies of mosquitoes invading the city this year?

    Until the temperature is over 80, we prefer to leave the air conditioning off and keep all the windows thrown open to the breezes (The apartment is high and has no buildings in front or back, so the air flow is uninterrupted and brisk.).

    In the past, we have had maybe 1 or 2 mosquitoes per month in springtime months. But this past week, we have had an invasion.

    Are we especially tasty, or are you all becoming midnight snacks for these Amazonian witches? If so, have you found any way to combat them besides keeping the windows closed?

  • Didn't experience any during our time there although when I ventured out on to the balcony the wife shouted shut that door. I replied we're on the 6th floor and they don't fly that high.....she wasn't convinced. ;)

    What I did see when coming home last night in the dark were thousands of fireflies beside the amazing sight. The moon was rather nice too.

  • I think a mosquito net around your bed is your best option.

    We use a combination of electrical thingy that have a repellent scent (2nd picture below) and electrical thingy that has a blue light (should repel insects) and kills them if they come inside of it (220 V). See 1st picture below.

    Since we have a cat, the latter cannot stay at ground level, near the terrace door, where I'd like to see it (if the cat whiskers' touch inside of it, the 220 V are on the cat!). The scent is not 100% effective, I still get bitten in the small body surfaces I have to leave uncovered (face, fingers, the occasional foot slipping outside the sheet looking for some fresh air).

    I'd love to have a mosquito net but I don't see it lasting very long with a cat who wants to sleep with us and wakes up during the night.



  • We had one in the bedroom here earlier this week. We have mesh wire screens on the two windows we keep open during warmer weather. I suspect one of the dogs brought it in. The wife sprayed with Raid and for the first time we plugged the Raid tablet thing in the socket next to the bed.

    Been heavy thunderstorms here today so with the warm humid weather their numbers will be on the increase.

  • its funny how I have the feeling moskitos are a lot less here by me in tigre last years........until now not had any nearly.......last year the same.....very little!

    I remember 10 years back, it's was impossible to step outside without using a repellent before! I think I heard someone saying that the municipality spray something in the idea if it's true....

  • Last night we had one especially vengeful one that eluded our murder attempts all night long, repeatedly waiting until we quit hunting it, then biting our fingers and faces after we settled back in.

    long night.