What's your delight in Buenos Aires?

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  • Coming from the country with the shortest coffee serve in the world, going to cafés has never been a pastime of mine. However, since moving here and acquiring a taste for long 'americano' coffee, I can see why people lounge for hours in cafes in Buenos Aires.

    Besides bar notables, there are many shades of cafés in BsAs and there is plenty to choose from. From elegant to modern, to traditional to chains.

    I personally dislike those with pleather seats and sets, and enjoy the older fashioned ones with lots of woods, both elegant and 'rusty' like some in San Telmo. I would have never guessed I would be lounging for an appointment in a café, but tomorrow I will be visiting the Petit Colón on Libertad 505


    Strolling at the Rosedal rose garden is also one of my favorite activities in Buenos Aires, though it is quite far from where we live.


  • I can't stand the various Martinéz, Bonafide and Havanna. There is really no need to make coffee chain store!

    I still have to visit Bar Britanico, but I read highly of it. Have you ever been to Las Violetas in Almagro?

    Skip lunch and go there for merienda and order a Callas: you will skip dinner, as well!las-violetas-1.jpg

  • Great photo of Las Violetas, which is at its best with the windows brilliantly lit. ( I wish they didn't have that %$#^&* tv, but because that is the bar area, I guess it must be tolerated.) I do love the traditional places, with real wood and an emphasis on service. In fact, I've often said that I'd rather have a choripan at a place with authentic atmosphere -- even if it is an authentic dive -- than a gourmet meal in a huge, sterile room.

    My greatest delight is simply the entire city, and walking endless blocks from barrio to barrio, enjoying the non-chain stores and stopping at a small pizzeria or bodegon for lunch.

    The Rosedal is impressive and relaxing, as is a stroll through the Botanical Garden, with its great variety of plants from all over the world.

    Buenos Aires also stands out with its wide variety of concerts offered every night of every week. And of course there is absolutely nothing like Teatro Colon's majesty, beauty, tradition, acoustics.

  • Las Violetas looks too formal for me and is akin to a hotel lobby. I prefer my cafes to have loads of old stained wood, well used tables and chairs and a patina of the ages. Comfy bench seats against the walls are nice too and these are all the reasons why I will never, ever go to Starfucks.

    Completely concur on what constitutes pleasing atmosphere. Las Violetas is one of a kind, and as such, incomparable. Other than that, give me the gnarled old pubs and cafes any day. The darker, the better.

  • We have a brick-floored, old-stained-glass-windowed, dark pub on the lower level of our house, with various antique wooden tables, stools and chairs, including one English pub table from the 1920's that looks exactly like the ones in this photo. I am now thirsty, and it is nice and cool downstairs.

    Thanks for the power of suggestion.

  • Last time we went for a coffee in Buenos Aires we just went into Café Martinez as I wanted to buy a bag of their ground coffee.

    The café con leche and medialunas were nice. The atmosphere was non existent though.