Is Macri leading the country to economic disaster?

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  • Is Macri leading the country to economic disaster? 4

    1. Yes (2) 50%
    2. No (2) 50%
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    With the economy showing very few signs of improving and if anything, getting worse, we have the following scenario before us:

    Inflation is projected at 30% this years

    Fuel prices are as high as $45 in some provinces and rising

    A sinking peso

    An economy possibly controlled by the much reviled and badly remembered IMF

    A government that appears to be making it up as they go along

    The withdrawal of utility subsidies resulting in 1000% increases in some people's household bills

    The list goes on...and by the way, inflation was said to have been about 25% even in 2012, so what's going on?

  • I had great hopes that Macri would be turning things around, but, so far, it looks like he has not.

    Is this because he doesn't care or because the mess was too big to sort out, anyway? Nevertheless, the results is before our eyes.

    We have somehow reduced our spending and adjusted our lifestyle compared to when we arrived in 2014. That said, I am so glad we arrived when the dollar was still going to great lengths because we were able to furnish our house with just a few hundred dollars (for the bed frame, the mattress, the refrigerator, etc.)

    Our expenses have now reached 5,000 pesos per month, and we just have one elevator and a cleaning lady coming twice a week. No doorman.

    The car insurance is about 60 USD every two months, while the same thing in Italy would be thrice as much per year. We don't want to 'expand' our lifestyle right now, it would just add up.