Caffeine may be counterproductive

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  • Article from the NYT

    So caffeine can make you more alert or stay awake longer, but this doesn't translate into better performances. For some people, caffeine is counterproductive altogether.

    I drink long coffee all day, made with a moka, and I really need at least two cups to start awakening. But to be honest, I keep drinking it throughout the day most for the company of the cup than for its effects. Also, I have tried several substitutes: tea, maca, herbs infusion but none where always pleasant as coffee.

    How much caffeine do you drink? Has the amount increased over the time? Do you have a caffeine substitute?

  • I start the day with a huge mug of strong, milky and sweet tea, then go on to a couple of coffees till midday, have lunch and don't drink any more coffee till the next day.

    Adri had a kidney infection recently from drinking too much milky coffee and not enough water. The doc told her to drink tea instead.

    In fact, you may have noticed that if you drink tea you go to the loo more often to wee. The opposite is true for coffee, which must say something.

  • I remember that when I was on a diet, I was told to avoid drinking coffee. I was not given an explanation (nor I asked, it was just listed in the column 'food to avoid').

    I will keep it in mind. Recently I also caught an article where it called good hydration a source to boost performances in athletes. I don't mind drinking water, I guess it is just a habit of drinking water instead of sipping it (like I would do with a hot beverage).

  • I drink tea all day, as you said, serafina , more for the company of the cup, because I drink mostly decaffeinated tea. I know that dehydration strains the heart, and that drinking water is a great habit, but I've just never liked drinking water. Tea, yes. Wine, yes. Water? Nix.