Sebastián Piñera

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  • Former president of Chile has died in a helicopter crash, but the other passengers survived, including his daughter, apparently.

    The ex-president was piloting the helicopter at the time.

    A very wealthy businessman in his own right, he was twice president of Chile and greatly improved the economic situation, but his second term was not quite so popular.

    When I heard this news, I asked Adri, "Why does this happen to the good people?"

    As one might expect, the BBC hasn't even mentioned his death, being obsessed with Trump, King Charles (understandable to a point) and anything else to compete with the tabloids.

  • That’s very tragic. And I’m certainly not trying to blame the victim, but I so wish people who are accomplished and successful in other areas wouldn’t decide to pilot their own aircraft as well.

    Perhaps it is in the very nature of highly successful businessmen that they are risk takers - mountain climbers - deep sea divers, etc.

    In Alaska, a very large percentage of the population flies, as distances are great. We were en route with a friend piloting his small plane, when weather conditions suddenly changed and we put down on a tiny gravel airstrip. Our friend, a lawyer, commented that lawyers are good pilots because they’re willing to cancel plans when the weather changes, but doctors are reluctant to cancel surgeries, etc, and take chances they shouldn’t . I think about that often.

  • There are flights from Moron to Island Martín Garcia. However, too many accidents happened on private small aircraft and I don’t feel comfortable flying. I contemplated the idea for 2’ as a birthday gift to myself. I am sure that the delta of Paraná is beautiful from the sky, but I will enjoy other people’s videos. Not worth taking the chances.

    I am more comfortable on commercial airlines.

    not to mention that I just saw the (partially) happy end of the Andes tragedy, thanks to my husband.