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Pandora Papers leak - no CFK??

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    I was hoping for an earthquake size bombshell in the form of CFK being exposed in this massive leak. Remember her trip/diversion to the Seychelles? Or is she so clever that she knows how to cover her tracks?

    Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed
    The offshore dealings of presidents, prime ministers and royalty feature in the Pandora Papers.

  • I'm sure there is something on CFK, just a matter of time to read all the documents and matter of interest to the UK press

    No doubt that Tory donors are in the news once again, regarding corruption, linked to the documents

  • Tony Blair (a minor player, having avoided parking $400k in taxes) is there, but I believe CFK and DJT are not exposed, so far. Perhaps they are so successful at blatantly grabbing what they want that they don’t have to bother with clandestine operations?

    Here is what we are learning in WashPost today:

    • The files in the Pandora Papers detail the activities of nearly 29,000 offshore accounts.
    • Among them are more than 130 people listed as billionaires by Forbes magazine. U.S. states have become central to the global offshore system.
    • Leaders of countries on five continents use the offshore system, as well as 14 current heads of state or government.

    “There are more Russians than any other nationality represented among the nearly 30,000 beneficial owners of shell companies exposed in the trove.  The number included 46 Russian oligarchs and 19 Russian politicians.