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    A shocker for Wales, they lost 2-0 to Iran. But before they conceded two goals late in the game, they had their goalie sent off

    For me, it was the very early kick off that wasn't in Wales' favour, where Iran are more acclimatised to the heat than what we or Wales would be used to

    Sorry you weren’t able to evade covid, SpaceNut . Hope you can soon shake the symptoms, no matter how mild.

    We’re scheduled for 3rd boosters later this month, and hope we won’t be sorry we volunteered to serve as US election workers a month from now.

    Please let us know as you are starting to shake the virus.

    One of them things, some people aren't able to have a conscience what they might do to others, but I'm getting better

    Ours was the same. That was back in the days when if it went on the blink you'd give it a hefty bang on the side. :huh:

    I guess that watching the spot on the screen is much better than watching the crap on TV these days ^^

    I've got to agree with Charles there that some of the new architecture look really terrible, they make the landscape of any city look terrible

    Sad news. I'll be very surprised if Charlie takes the job on for long though.

    I would say a max 20 years reign

    Charles III said sometime ago, that he will not express any opinions of politics when he is King

    Shocked that the Queen has died, thought she would last another 2-3 years. But she'd has a good long life. Not jealous one bit

    It can get up to 45c and we did have a day of 46c some years ago. The big difference is that the heat stays for much longer. December, Jan, Feb and some of March are just hot all the time. It's also a very humid climate.

    That's similar to Southern Spain in mid June July