From Monday provincial and municipal buses wont run at night

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  • According to Cronica provincial and municipal buses will no longer run between the hours of 10PM and 6AM because of salary costs, safety and more importantly, the non payment of subsidies by the provincial government.

    But there's a backstory to this, which I find entirely credible and involves, guess what? Corruption on a grand scale.

    This is a Google translated post, in reply to this article, from someone who apparently knows the score.


    More than a decade ago the public transport companies, mostly, bought more than 40 cars financed by the company Agrale -or DOTA- to then register them, store them in warehouses, and collect the subsidy from the State without spending money on fuel, salaries and maintenance. But then, the government discovered the grand theft and ordered the production of posnet's to control subsidized buses . But then these companies were hit again, and sent units with 50 posnet's to Cañuelas, back and forth for hours, so that the system counts the kilometers of subsidies. But the Government again discovered the fraud, and through the SUBE, controlled that the subsidy is paid for. Then, the dollar increased, Agrale made debit notes to transport companies, they could not pay ... and they had to sell the company, or DOTA earned them legally. Most of the transport companies always took hundreds of thousands of pesos to their pocket, without improving the conditions of the cars, and without renewing the fleets to provide an efficient service. But when the shit hits the fan, they scream to the sky claiming salary and police improvements for their improvement in service.

    It's pathetic.

    They are not interested in improving human, work, psychological or safety conditions for their drivers ... they just want to call attention to bring water to their mill, and continue to pressure the State to give them the huge tit.

    The salaries are higher than those of a nurse and an administrative technician who burned his retina for four years studying. But they want to negotiate a salary from an Industrial Engineer. The drivers deserve that salary, but you do it so that they contribute more money to the unions, and take your commission to the end of the month.

  • Discouraging but an old story. How long ago did this start? Is the city government or Macri admin doing anything to stop this?

  • Nothing surprises me in this country to be honest. Corruption and extra marital affairs top the hobbies list exploration comes third.