Outstanding military figures

  • What you may not know about David Niven, who enjoyed an exciting and very fulfilling life. I still need to get my hands on his two books, The Moon's A Balloon and Bring On The Empty Horses.

  • I assume Germans are not allowed to post on this thread..... hahaha

    If we had any Germans on the forum, I would recommend they watch Fawlty Towers first :)

    David Niven was known as a thoroughly good man.

    Am I remembering correctly that his wife was killed by a bomb during the war?

    She died in an unfortunate party accident, apparently.


  • Splinter I think we grew up around same time......Fawlty towers, allo allo, Benny hill and those series was the ones that was showed in Denmark also at that time.....miss them a lot!!!!

    And btw I'm German by heart! =O

    Allo allo was great, it was taking the piss on the Germans 99% of the time......