An unusual restaurant app

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  • An interesting tidbit from The Bubble -

    It is estimated that over 16 million tons of food are wasted every year in Argentina. With that in mind, childhood friends Santiago Guglielmetti, Santiago López Silveyra, and Federico Broggi created Winim, an app that offers restaurant food that’s about to be thrown away, at a discount. In essence, restaurants upload and sell their daily surplus of food after their peak times have passed (after 3 PM at lunch and 10:30 PM for dinner). Most places, according to the app’s creators, can anticipate what’s going to be left over in any given day which means they understand what they are not going to sell and they preload it to the platform. In a way, it can be seen as insurance for people in the culinary industry.

    As for users, the system is completely free and only requires that they download the app to their smartphones. The system then displays offers nearby, by means of GPS. Each restaurant indicates the withdrawal slots, the purchase is confirmed, and you can pay online or opt for the cash payment on the premises. As of now, 110 restaurants have been included to the project and 600 are expected to join in by year’s end. The idea was adapted from different project from around the globe, most notably Too good to go (Muy bueno para irse), Karma y Food for all.”