Dinner in a glass slipper

  • Will Argentine chefs follow the international trend of serving food on anything but plates? Recent sightings mentioned in the Wall Street Journal include:

    New Zealand - an oyster & caviar amuse-bouche served on a bed of rocks,

    California - caviar served on wood shaped like a hand,

    Isle of Man - “fireman’s breakfast” served on a shovel,

    Israel - mushroom linguini served on a tree stump,

    Switzerland - soup in a glass nestled in a stiletto.

    Other unusual presentations include ashtrays, stumps, tea pots, axes, tennis rackets, clipboards, flower pots, hubcaps and ping pong paddles.

    Restaurants see creative plating as a way to attract customers who are seeking an unusual dining experience. These presentations must also present social media photo ops.

    Will La Cabrera be serving beef consommé in a cow’s horn? Will Freddo or Fratello offer a selection of colorful sorbets on a painter’s palette?