Rappi promises to deliver anything to your door

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  • The Colombian-Mexican app Rappi has now launched in Argentina. It is a delivery service for those stores who do not have their own. You can see many Rappitenderos (Rappi-bikers) in Palermo, these days. From grocery to food to money*, Rappi brings it to your door.

    You have to download the app on your phone, and then browse the available stores nearby. Pick the item(s) you'd like to purchase, and place your order. You can pay by card or cash-on-delivery, the Rappitender goes shopping for you and deliver the goods to your door.

    In an effort to launch Rappi, some businesses have a get-it-in-35'-or-it-is-free policy. Other discounts and promotions are available in-app.

    Alcohol is sold in combo with sodas and ice, because one never knows when they will need a Fernet & Cola party started.

    *Money delivery is not yet available in Argentina, but it should provide the interesting option to use your card to get cash without having to go to an ATM, a cueva or a bank. It is an app that should definitely be under our radar!

    I haven't yet used Rappi, so I am just reporting the news (you can see giant Rappi posters in Capital). My referral code is sma448458, if you feel like joining Rappi and give it a try. You will get a $150 discount, and I will get a $100 bonus (only if you pay by card).


  • A major pizza chain in the USA ran into trouble with deliveries guaranteed in 30 minutes, because delivery people under pressure were having, and causing, car crashes. Will we all need to be more careful about crazed rappitenderos on runaway bicycles?