Anti-semitism on the rise in the US?

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  • As part of the traditional Sunday reviews of the NYT, today's review spoke about the rise of anti-semitism in the US. I have to admit I am not informed about the subject, and that I had never met a Jewish person before moving to BA (yes, I had seen them, but never engaged in conversation and never had any feeling toward Jewish people).

    I am quite surprised, as I have always believed that in the US they are overly-sensitive toward Jews for the many that arrived to escape the Holocaust. There are also many shades of Judaism and many lifestyles, and I guess different levels of integration in the society, so I am not sure what Jews the articles is about.

    How are the Jews treated, effectively? Are distinction made according to the 'fundamentalism' degree they live according to?

    Anti-Semitism Is Rising. Why Aren’t American Jews Speaking Up?

  • I have read that antisemitism in the USA is at its worst level in the more than 40 years that people have been studying it. Racial, national, and religious name calling against people who don't share one's own faith, patrimony, or race seems to be cropping up everywhere.

    It is unclear if the country is truly in a deepened period of hatred and intolerance, or if the current uncivil discourse is simply making it more socially acceptable for bigots to speak what has always been in their hearts.