The search for parchment paper

  • As an avid baker, I go through a lot of parchment paper. For the men on the board, it is a roll of paper that prevent food from sticking during baking. You simply cut a sheet of the desired size, put the food on top, and bake (this seems a given, but wait to read below).

    When I arrived in Argentina, I asked to my husband's uncle about the 'non-sticking paper to bake food' and he knew none. But I though he was just an old bachelor, so I persisted and asked at the super market, where I was pointed at a roll of papel manteca.

    The first batch of bread I cooked, it took me longer to remove the brad from the sheet than to bake it.

    The second bake was a cake, which crumbled when I tried to remove it from the paper.

    So I gave up, and instead I decided to bring parchment paper with me from every time I traveled abroad.

    But covid changed my plans, I run out of Italian non-sticky parchment paper and hence I turned to Mercadolibre for papel manteca profesional, thinking the supermarket one was consumer-grade.


    Today, after half a cake remained glued to the sheet, I decided to ask for help on a local online FB group and the first reply I got was '¿Lo enmantecaste?'. WTF... I bought it because I don't want the hassle to grease the surface before baking! And what's with the name papel mateca if it calls for manteca?! And not just that, I should grease it on both sides.

    So, papel manteca requires more butter than with no baking sheet at all.

    I looked on ML for 'parchment paper' in English and I only found one for 10+ USD. The price is outrageous, but let me have another baking fail and I'll buy it regardless! However, it is 'for growers' and I am afraid I'll be getting the wrong stuff.


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