Partidas Digital (digital vital records)

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  • We needed a recent vital record from the municipality of Vicente López.

    After reading Splinter 's stellar review of his experience with the DMV of Vicente López, I suggested my husband to save a trip 'up north' and instead use the online service. I had to translate some of those online records so I know they are issued and accepted, so why not?

    I paid with my credit card about 5-6 USD - the stated wait time is 5 to 10 working days. Since the document is two years old and we provided all the details to retrieve it (we have a copy, just not an official copy), I was pretty confident this would come in 5 rather than 10 days.

    34 days passed, and nothing has arrived.

    Contacting the Registro Civil was painful because since they moved to digital, they have a unique number (148) for anything related to your civic life. Except that you cannot call 148 from outside Vicente López. I started googling for phone numbers, and the people were always elusive and the wrong ones to call.

    Finally, my husband got ahold of someone telling the truth: they had been on strike for over a month, and people worked one week per month, at most. And anyway the service never took 5 to 10 days, but that was a reasonable amount of time that would keep people happy reading it. :cursing:

    My husband got mad at me.... really?! I suggested it with the best intentions... which was not to chase a phone number to get an answer, we attempted that on three different days. I told him to forget the 5 USD and go there in person, but on the phone we were told that it is not clear where that specific registry is, whether in Munro o in Olivos, and anyway they don't release records on the spot, you have to come back again in a few days (how many?) to check (!!!).

    Yesterday, my husband went there with all the printout of our online transaction. He said there are 35 teller booths but only 4 employees (all very nice, he added) serving a multitude of people.

    He patiently waited and he was told that 1) you cannot use that payment to solicit a paper one 2) you cannot get the online transaction reimbursed (not even if you aren't getting the service you paid for! :cursing:)... then the poor man got pity of my husband when he told him he was the one who married us in 2008 :love:, and did it for free on the spot 'even if it is not allowed', trying not be seen by other people waiting to be attended. 8o

    He left home at 9 AM and got back at 2PM. So much for the online vital records! :rolleyes:

  • A lot of time invested, but he must have come home with a smile on his face for accomplishing his mission! What a happy coincidence that the man who held your fate in his hands was the same one who married you 11 years ago -- and that he was so flattered that your husband remembered him, that he decided to bend the previously unbendable rules!