Why is the dollar so low and other questions

  • Specialists have changed their forecasts for the dollar and predicted it will reach 50 by the end of the year and 61 by the end of 2020.

    It is currently around 41 and swinging a little below or a little above that. It was about 44 a few months ago. What is happening?

    I can't see prices in pesos adjusted downward and things are still expensive, even local products.

    I would also be expecting different predictions according to the elections outcome. Why isn't it so? I think that the vote can change drastically for the worse the country.

    En relación con el tipo de cambio, los especialistas de LatinFocus esperan un dólar de $50,33 para fin de año. El mes pasado, en cambio, se esperaba un tipo de cambio 28 centavos más alto.

    Para fines del año próximo, los analistas indican que el dólar valdrá $61,03, por debajo de los $61,36 que se esperaban en junio.

  • I share your confusion, serafina. The dollar's high this year was above 44 pesos, and we are heading to the end of the year, when the experts think the rate will be over 50? If so, someone should point out that it is going in the wrong direction.

    It always seems to us that there is a dollar-peso peak in mid-September, that quickly reverts to a gradual slide between September and December. Am I wrong? Or if right, is there a logical explanation related to crop exports or the maturation of bonds or ??