Argentina’s unique pitchers: pingüinos

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  • OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a complete pushover when it comes to pingüinos, at least pottery ones. When we are at a restaurant that has them, if I can’t face the vino de la casa (a rare occurrence), I will ask if the bottle we order can be served in a pingüino. Just because they are so irresistible.

    Today we ate in a wonderful little local place that had not only a shelf full of pingüinos, but a raft of different colored ones, allowing us to choose el pingüino amarillo! Heaven.

    Every year, we notice that fewer restaurants bother with them. If you know of restaurants that maintain a waddle of pingüinos, please bring them to our attention ?

  • I’m going there tomorrow! Thanks, serafina ! I’ve seen the metallic gold ones only as a window display at various locations of The Winery, though they don’t sell them. Our own pingüinos are the homely sort: I’d be over the moon if I could score a golden one!

  • We went to an absolutely terrific little restaurant tonight: good food, attentive, friendly service, soft lights, unique, funky old fashioned atmosphere and PINGÜINOS.

    Enfundá la Mandolina:

    Salguero 1440


    Dinner only, M-Sat. It has been right under our noses for 12 years, but we’ve never gone before.