The Other Place

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  • I don't post on the other forum because I forgot my password, but I do browse it. I am sure most do the same even if they don't post. Has anyone noticed how the most active discussions on the board have become a CFK propaganda mission. The most hateful character (I guess all here know who I mean) has really come into his own since many good posters left. I am more convinced that the "Doctor" is a paid shill.

    Also, I have noticed it is not a very nice environment now. I have been around my fair share of internet forums so know the drill, but there seems to be an undercurrent of spite on that board.

  • I have been peeking in Morodor and I admit that I take inspirations for new topics and news. I am tempted to participate in some discussions over there, but I am currently half-banned, meaning that my posts are forever 'pending approval' and potentially never approved, so I don't see why I should waste my time trying to contribute.

    I have seen the evil trio take the forum by storm, and they are like a chorus of stray dogs in each and every thread 'X is always right'/ 'Bro' you should listen to Dr. Y - he is really capable' and other rants/babbles in pseudo-English that have no interested to Buenos Aires expats. I am really baffled about people keeping posting over there. The environment has become toxic. Some contributors are valid and I would like to read/interact with them, I wish they came here to have a honest discussion about things.

    I haven't participated in any expat events lately and I am also not interested in people defending the right of a forum admin to read my PMs or to delete posts linking to other expats outlets. It is very childish and a violation of privacy. I can already imagine the Peronist-esque conversation 'so you are okay with people reading your PMs' / 'yes, it is their forum, their rules' / 'but there is no rule that explicitly says that your PMs are not private' / 'there is no need, everyone knows so'. Duh! :/

    Maybe money is involved, Semigoodlooking ... people posting for free have long stopped replying to that CFK propaganda. On a side note, many Italian expats have strong Peronist feelings, whereas I have met very little 'other'-expats enthusiastically supporting CFK and friends. This has been something I have been speculating about for quite a few months. As I met Italian expats very late in my permanence here, I assumed they would be on the same wavelength as expats from North America and the Rest of Europe, but I was wrong. ?( I still cannot wrap my head around this.