Imported British, US and European beer

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  • Lately we are drinking St. Wendeler, German Pils.

    It costs just 22 pesos a half a liter can at Día.

    It is not a treat but it is the best one in the lower range and we can consume it daily. Very light and nothing special about it. However, it is definitely better than Quilmes and the likes, in my opinion.

    This blog offers a review of it (in Spanish) and about 40 comments, mostly from happy Argentinians.

    Apparently, it is a big seller at Dias:

    La cerveza comenzó a comercializarse en las sucursales del supermercado Día% y tuvo una rápida aceptación por parte de sus clientes. Se vende a casi la mitad del precio de lo que salen las latas Quilmes o Brahma, las más vendidas a nivel nacional. ¿Más calidad a mejor precio o destrucción del mercado interno? El debate desató cientos de opiniones en las redes sociales.


  • I haven't drunk Quilmes in donkey's years and I can't see myself starting again since there are so many new beers available now, especially imported. Besides, Quilmes is like drinking piss water.

    I'm a dark beer drinker by choice, but if there's nothing else (which has been the case for years) it's Stella or Lowenbrau imported and ni only drink on weekend so it's a real treat.

  • I am a dark beer type, myself. However the choice here is quite limited.

    At my local wine store they have special offers on beers if you pay cash (-20% or -30%, I can't remember), but the selection is very small, especially compared to that place in Caballito you went to.

    The cheapest option at the wine store was Otro Mundo and I didn't like it (red label). Maybe the 'export quality' they mention on the label is for exports to Paraguay.