W10 Preview Build v18312

  • Signed into Windows Insider using the fast ring and downloaded and installed Preview Build v18312.

    This was not installed on my main machine but was installed on my "do what I want to with" machine.

    The only real problem I had with the install, it did not install

    drivers for the Universal Host Controllers, so no USB ports.

    The work around was to use a PS2 keyboard and mouse, that I happened to have, to access Device Manager

    and to uninstall the updated UHC driver, I had installed, and then manually install the Windows UHC drivers.

    This would not have happened if I had did a clean install. Everything is working well now.

    This is the "This PC" property screenshot.

    This is the "Disk Management" screenshot.

    If I had did a clean install Windows would

    have put a boot partition in front of C Drive,

    I do not like that and will not allow that on my PC.

    Since I will not be doing a System image of this Preview,

    then I will keep the Recovery Partition. Whether one likes

    W10 or not, I am afraid it is here to stay. Waiting for the next

    W10 Preview?