Doctor Foster



A woman suspects her husband of having an affair. After following several lines of enquiries far more unravels including a streak of violence below the surface. Read more


  • Drama


  • Dr Foster (but she didn't go to Gloucester) If anyone has ever been to war with an ex wife or husband you'll be able to relate to this. Maybe not to the same extreme as this show, where we sense this is not going to end well at all. An excellent series from BBC where you can really feel the brimstone flowing between the good Doctor and her ex, and everyone else gets caught up the skirmishes. Wife finds blonde hair on husband's know the rest.
  • Suranne Jones

    Suranne Jones
    Dr Gemma Foster

  • Bertie Carvel

    Bertie Carvel
    Simon Foster

  • Clare-Hope Ashitey

    Clare-Hope Ashitey

  • Isabelle Estelle Corbusier
    Kiki Farren

  • Jodie Comer

    Jodie Comer
    Kate Parks

  • Thusitha Jayasundera

    Thusitha Jayasundera
    Ros Mahendra

  • Martha Howe-Douglas

    Martha Howe-Douglas

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