Molinos Salta Jorge Frasca

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  • I think we were right there. Spent the night in Molinos! In a lovely hotel built around a courtyard with an enormous tree. The church across the road looked very much like that one.
  • That's lovely and as I said back in the old forum, I'm pretty sure Molinos is on the old R40 Cachi to Cafayate road which is as yet unpaved, as I know to my cost.,-66.1453801,11.5z
    • Sometimes it is good that some roads are unpaved. It prevents the arrival of ugly, unwanted tourists who leaves rubbish at the side of the road, after the "asado". Many good places in Cordoba are now crowded with this kind of people, just because there are paved roads.
    • The march of "progress" can be discouraging. We humans are too often self-absorbed. I'm glad Salta still has so many unpaved roads.
    • I regret to say that we lack Scandinavian behaviour towards the landscape.I think you already know my thoughts about this issue.