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  • "The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far‐ reaching consequence of submission to authority." Stanley Milgram

  • Lou Gossett Jr. was hospitalized with COVID. He went home with little hope for recovery and somebody suggested to him to contact FLCCC.NET, which he did. They put him on ivermectin. This is his story and an interview of the MD who treated him.

    I normally ignore celebrity endorsements, but I know some people are influenced by a familiar personality. I am not anti-vax. I've had lots of vaccines. I was a pre-med student and took 4 courses in molecular biology (got A's, but switched to electrical engineering) and I am now retired. I had time and enough background to read many journal articles to get some clarity on COVID, and I had been infected with COVID and treated with ivermectin.

    The panic atmosphere in which the vaccines were developed, in months instead of the typical 5-10 years, is a red flag. When a vaccine becomes a political football, that's another red flag. I have no aspirations to be a lab rat. I have natural COVID immunity, ivermectin and the treatment protocols from FLCCC.NET. I'm not worried about COVID. Many people who are fully vaccinated are getting COVID. The vaccine does not cure COVID. Ivermectin does.

    Currently, ivermectin is banned for treating COVID in some places. In Spain, you can be committed to an insane asylum for using ivermectin to treat COVID, according to Dr. Robert Malone, MD, inventor of the mRNA technology, who strongly endorses ivermectin.

    Near the end of this video, Malone, who holds an expired early mRNA patent you can easily examine, states that in some countries, it is a criminal act to use ivermectin for COVID.

    Ivermectin is safer than aspirin. It has been in use by humans for more than 40 years. It is not a recreational drug. They give it to newborns. It is nearly impossible to overdose. It was over the counter in many tropical places. It is an extremely cheap drug and is manufactured in countless pharmacies.

    This video is an interview of one doctor by another doctor. Malone was deleted from LinkedIn because he made some comment online that did not perfectly align with WHO dogma. Fortunately, Malone is well connected and he received a personal apology from LinkedIn and had his account restored.