The Perseus Survivor



The Perseus Survivor documents the story of British Navy stoker John Capes, the lone survivor of a sunken submarine who hid from enemy forces for 18 months before his rescue. The Perseus, a British Parthian-class vessel built in 1929, was sunk by depth charges dropped from an Italian ship during a mission. On the submarine was a crew of 59 plus two passengers, one of whom was 31-year-old Navy stoker John Hawtrey Capes. When the sub sank, Capes washed up on the shore of Kefalonia, and for 18 months he hid… Read more


  • Documentary
  • Drama


  • On this day

    The rum clearly saved John Capes in this remarkable tale of survival. On This Day. 1941 Perseus (N36) HMS Perseus sunk 7 miles north of Zante (Zakinthos) Island, west coast of Greece in Ionian Sea - by Italian mines. Originally attributed to contact with Royal Italian Naval forces, probably a submarine was based on Mediterranean Fleet intelligence estimates. However, these estimates came into question in 1943 when the then 33 year old John Capes showed up at Alexandria via the British consulate …
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