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  • (Quote from Semigoodlooking) I imagine you will have to quarantine as you are coming from a red listed country. The vaccine is not recognised. I have written to the NHS with similar questions but had no response. if we do decide to travel to the UK we will probably look for a country on the green list and spend 2 weeks there so we are not travelling directly from Argentina and can skip two weeks quarantine in an overpriced dingy hotel in a UK airport. I went for my second vaccine assuming it wou…
  • (Quote from Semigoodlooking) I am assuming you can take a test, show you don't have the virus, enter the country and go about as normal. Some places, pubs, restaurants, theatres etc. may require proof of vaccination and I doubt your Vacunate certificate would suffice. However I read recently that travellers to France with Sputnik vaccinations were given admittance to places requiring proof of vaccination as they wanted the business. Maybe this would be the case in the UK.