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  • The dicks at the ministry of health are about to buy 10,000 wooden penises and condoms at a cost of AR$13,000,000 to be used in sex education, according to TN. The wooden penises should be 6.7", semi rigid and have a diameter of 2" and a shiny end, according to the specifications. I kid you not and I have plenty of suggestions as to where they can put their diversionary tactics. Examples: (Hidden Content)
  • (Quote from serafina) Believe it or not, AR$650 https://articulo.mercadolibre.…36-4489-878a-e40fdaabd592
  • Clearly, size matters, but not to this thieving government!
  • Talking of dicks, here's the boss giving orders to her team of top dicks.
  • Luis Juez, an MP for the opposition says that the wooden toys should be used on all the VIPs vaccinated, which of course has caused an uproar and some red faces.…ra-con-los-vacunados-vip/
  • The purchase order tender for government sponsored dicks has apparently fallen through due to overpricing and suppliers having debts with the taxman. I expect the dept. of health is pissed off now that they won't be able to get their filthy mitts on the cash.…os-10000-penes-de-madera/