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  • The forum hosting, SSL (https) and domain (.org) fees are up for renewal with Godaddy at the end of November and these are normally paid 12 months in advance. The amount is approximately US$245 which will see us through until late November 2020. This is simply a reminder that any contributions to the forum costs will be most welcome by using the PayPalMe link at the right hand side of the main page. Many thanks!
  • Many thanks to Rice and serafina for their very helpful support. Every contribution helps.
  • The forum domain name ( has just been renewed for another 12 months and the hosting plan with GoDaddy has been renewed until June 2021.The cost is US$100, so if members feel like contributing, please use the PayPalMe link on the front page.Many thanks for your continued support.
  • The annual cost is still $250, fyi.
  • Website hosting with GoDaddy is paid up until September 4th 2021 and the domain is paid up until 4th December 2021.SSL is now being renewed through a free service every three months.Every contribution to the running costs of this site are most welcome, thanks.
  • Hosting with GoDaddy renewed until 4th December 2021.