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  • Fatal crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max were a “horrific culmination” of engineering flaws, mismanagement and oversight lapses, a congressional report says.Wednesday, September 16, 2020 5:03 AM ESTThe report, which condemns both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration for safety failures, concludes an 18-month investigation based on interviews with two dozen Boeing and agency employees and an estimated 600,000 pages of records.Two crashes, in Indonesia in October 2018 and in Ethiopia in March 2…
  • Apparently It IS. I just read an article about how far the USA has fallen in the eyes of other countries, and it makes me want to cry. Lowest point in the 20 years the pew research center has measured.…andled-coronavirus-badly/Does Argentina do a similar measurement of whether the country’s esteem is rising or falling in the eyes of people in other countries? I’d love to know if the numbers rise or decline in a similar fashion.
  • This kind doesn’t care, richietog .