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  • If it's for the sole purpose to find an excuse to enter Argentina, I guess establishing a company in the UK doesn't help at all.However, setting up a business in Argentina is a nightmare and I would avoid it at all costs.As for entering Argentina, today they announced the quarantine is going on until August 31. Definitely letting people travel for leisure doesn't seem in their plans, either domestically or internationally.
  • (Quote from GlasgowJohn)Taxes, plus a 30% you'll loose by converting foreign currency to pesos at the official exchange rate... that alone puts Argentina over the taxation of most 1st world countries.
  • (Quote from hairyscotsman)What I would do is establishing the business in the UK (or wherever you are) and take advantage of your time here to survey the area and the facilities, networking and spotting like-minded local business folk. Finding people eager to make money is hard in this country, even if everybody complaint hey are poor and short of money.I know it may sound odd or biased, but Argentinians are NOT after the money and don't reason the same way most people living in western society …