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  • All my rockets go straight up and then fall back to Earth?
  • Doesn't look like a lot of us will be around to see the end.
  • A very proud moment indeed, not only for the USA, but the entire human race. A testament to what humans can do if they can quit fighting long enough. and work together, Sadly though, at that moment in time 50 years ago, I was stationed in a faraway place called Phu Loi, Vietnam, making daily flights, on a H Model Huey, with a M60 pinned between my legs, and dangling out of the door saying "clear left" to the pilot. Did not even know of the Apollo 11 launch until I was back in-country. Loved the …
  • (Quote from Splinter)Did not have time to be scared, just did my job.
  • (Quote from Rice)Thank you Rice!!!
  • (Quote from Splinter)@Splinter....Now that explains what "large" really is!!!!!