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  • As of a few days ago, if your Steam account was localised in Argentina and hence in AR$, you could buy games and software with the usual Visa/Mastercard options, but also through Rapipago and at least half a dozen other local options. (see image above) However, since the dollar fiasco on the Monday following the primary elections, these options have now been withdrawn, presumably because Steam is going to lose money. It's also worth noting that digital purchases in Argentina, regardless of paym…
  • Here's the full article. Steam Loses Patience With The Argentine Economy
  • On this subject and for those who don't know what Steam is, it's a digital games platform where you buy a game or software and then immediately download it, ready to use. I've been a Steam client for about 15 years and have bought loads of games and software for video editing etc. They also sell games and software for Mac and Linux and it's the most successful games platform in the world. Over the last few years Steam has been localising its purchasing model, so that prices are quoted in local …
  • That's half price! Mind you, I've been getting games half price or even less on Steam with their local pricing, so I'm not complaining. I'm just curious about their model.
  • With the new 30% tourist rate tax and the 21% VAT on digital purchase, games and other software will now be very expensive.