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  • According to Mercopress, Goose green is now clear of the mines laid by Argentine forces in 1982 and the entire archipelago should be completely free of mines by the end of the decade. The cost has been enormous - £16m so far- and one has to wonder whether the Argentine state should have been forced to clear these minefields themselves.
  • The Falkland Islands are now completely free of Argentine mines, with the last one at Yorke Bay being detonated last week.Residents can now move around the islands without fear of being blown to pieces by these evil contraptions.…leared-of-argentine-minesAnd then you have this idiot.Argentina criticizes Falklands' mines-free achievement, but is willing to share the humanitarian success
  • This article is a must-read, especially when you consider that this country has little regard for its dead.A new low for Argentine sovereignty claim propagandists