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  • Is it a turtle or a tortoise? We've had a tortoise for 12 years now. It recognises my voice when it is feeding time which is nice. We only bought it because the shop looked kinda dodgy and we were worried about its wellbeing. She stays in a gated patio area with plenty of plants and bushes to hide in and get some coolness when it's hot. I don't like the idea of having one as a pet but we'll continue to give her the best life we can possibly give her.
  • Must admit I'm not happy having her but as long as we do we'll do our best to give her a comfortable life...which she might not have had if someone else bought her. We have to keep the dogs away hence why we keep her in a gated off patio area with the cat. She stays in her hibernation box during winter/early spring inside an unheated utility room so she's only really active for 3/4 of the year. Tried getting her to eat other things but she'll only eat zapallito for some reason.
  • (Quote from serafina)Yes I've tried feeding her various things and she doesn't like any of them. Just loves zapallito for some reason. I call her torti by the way and she seems to respond when it suits her....typical woman!!!