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  • I'm on Forza Horizon 3
  • I might have a go at racing tonight to give me a break from the forum building for a while
  • (Quote from serafina)Don't tell anyone, but I secretly enjoy it
  • The scariest game I've ever played. Alien Isolation: Progress Update 2
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is one of my favourite racing games. It's manic!
  • I found a remastered version of Forsaken (1998) by Nightdive Studios on sale at Steam:…8980/Forsaken_Remastered/ It's pretty frantic stuff if you like 360 degree movement and very narrow corridors. Gameplay short clip
  • Any good Richard Pedersen ? I'm on Resident Evil 2 (remake) and it's scary. Watch these players getting scared sh**less.
  • (Quote from Semigoodlooking)Yeah, it's the 2019 remake and it's pretty classy, though not as scary as Alien Isolation.
  • I just modded Tomb Raider 1 with the Tomb ATI fix and HD Texture Pack, without the need for Glidos or DOSBox.It's silky smooth and looks great. Even the FMVs have been given the HD treatment, so kudos to the modders.As far as I can tell, the fix only works on Steam and GOG versions. Mine is the GOG version.