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  • I wonder how far all this will go whilst political musical chairs is being played out. Will the PJ party wash their hands of her and agree to vote on her being stripped of immunity? (desafueros) Why is Macri supposedly hoping that she does indeed become his rival in the 2019 presidential elections? Whilst this may be good news for those of us who believe she is rotten to the core, it's still a long road left to travel. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: Argentina ex-president faces trial
  • (Quote from UK Man)Not only Latin America. Why were Bush and Blair not prosecuted for illegally invading Iraq? To be fair to Argentina, they have prosecuted many of the military, but corruption crimes don't seem to figure in people's perception as quite as heinous as war crimes/crimes against humanity. I think corruption here is considered the norm and that has to change.