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  • Near Olivos train station is a small shop selling imported stuff - you know how Argentines are drawn to anything imported - and so I popped in to see if they had any English ale. They didn't, but as I was leaving, the owner said "I have some English Cheddar." That stopped me in my tracks, so he offered me a small taster and I asked him to cut off a chunk, forgetting to ask him the price (big mistake) and when he presented it to me, bearing in mind that the slice was no more than 3/4" thick and …
  • More like 1/16th of a kilo, actually. Any self respecting rodent would have sniffed and turned his nose up at the paltry morsel.
  • There's certainly a huge variety of cheeses to choose from and I've just noticed that Philadelphia cream cheese is now a bit thin on the ground, except for the Lite version. All of a sudden, Kraft cream cheese (US import) is on the shelves, so I can only assume that the dealers got a better deal on the exchange rate. There always seems to be Philly about and when there isn't, I'll really start worrying.
  • This is what Argentines think is Cheddar. It's not.
  • Inconsistency is a hallmark of shopping in Argentina.
  • The quality of meat has declined because of feed lots, when before the cattle were fed on grass and grazed the fields. It's that simple really.
  • It's bad informacion...